How to Poop in the Woods || REI

How to Poop in the Woods || REI

hello its pooped I’ve had my morning coffee feeling the call taking the opportunity it’s time to talk about poop everybody does it and learn the woods we want to try to leave no trace so here’s the deal on how to poop in the woods so I’m going to walk away from my camp to go poop I’m not actually going to poop I’m just gonna talk about how you would do it and I’m walking about 200 feet or roughly 70 steps away from my camp you also want to be about that same distance away from any water source and I’m looking for ya area like this can see there’s a little bit of privacy got trees here things to squat behind also having a tree like this or having branches like this you can hold on to them just squat and give yourself a little bit more stability and then most importantly looking for loose dark soil yeah this is perfect that loose dark soil is best for digging the hole it’s easier to dig in loose soil and the dark soil means that it’s probably gonna help your poop decompose faster all right let’s dig a hole okay so I have my poop kit here and in this bag I have my trowel there’s a lot of different types of trowel there’s ones that are a lot lighter than this but what I like about this one is that it has measurements on it when I dig my hole I’m gonna want to dig six inches deep by roughly four inches wide so I have my trouble in my poop kit and then I also have a little plastic bag that has some toilet paper in it and then I have blue bags as well we’ll talk about these in a second so now that I found a good spot to poop what I’m gonna do is clear away sticks and things and I’m gonna dig my hole when you’re looking for a good spot to poop I would recommend finding a spot to dig your hole before you’re desperate to go it can be a lot harder and more time-consuming to dig a hole than you might expect and it’s a good idea to not wait until you really really have to go so you can take time to make sure you’re doing it correctly so let’s take a look at this hole all right so I’m gonna travel you can see this holes that’s six inches deep by four inches wide so now that I have that hole dug I am going to squat over it and go to the bathroom in the hole and I have my little roll of toilet paper here and that’s what I’m gonna use and after I go to the bathroom I’ll basically use a little bit of toilet paper and then just drop it into the hole this might not seem like a ton of toilet paper especially for a long trip but the lower you squat your body the easier your cleanup is gonna be just something to note if you’re choosing not to use toilet paper you can also gather natural material things like flat leaves or absorbent leaves make sure you know what they are the last thing you want is to grab something poisonous if you decide to use wipes instead of toilet paper you have to pack those out in a plastic bag it doesn’t matter if they say that they’re biodegradable they cannot go into the hole you have to pack them out in a plastic bag with you check the regulations for wherever you’re going because there are some areas and parks that will not allow you to dig a cat hole and bury your waste and in those cases you’ll have to use a blue bag so the way that blue bags work is that you’ll go to the bathroom and then pick up your poop doggy bag style the same way you would with your dog and then wrap it up and put it in an extra bag for protection and you’ll carry it out with you while digging a cat hole is a totally acceptable means for pooping in the woods this is definitely the most effective Leave No Trace option so consider that and again check regulations a rubber you’re backpacking alright so now that I’ve gone to about if I was to go to the bathroom in my hole I want to ribéry the hole so I’m gonna use my trowel being careful not to touch any of the waste that’s in there yeah someone bury it right like that you can also just use your foot and just kick back over and then we’ll stop it down put some sticks over it essentially what I’m trying to do is just make it look like I was never here that way people and animals are and that’s likely to find it looks good to me so now that I’m done going to the bathroom I’m gonna use hand sanitizer and rub my hands together really vigorously to stay hygienic you can also use a biodegradable soap but you’ll again want to rub your hands together really vigorously as that’s gonna do the best job of getting germs and things off of your hands all right guys that’s the deal on how to poop in the woods if you want some more information check out our videos here or anything on the ARIA expert advice page see ya you

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  • I'm confused show me how you poop. I poop in a Walmart bag . sometimes I get really drunk and try to return it .they still ask for a receipt . lmfao.

  • I lived in remote Nepal for 18 years and pooped all over the jungles with all natural kit. Plants with those giant leaves that almost always had rainwater inside them were readily available. I used to run that water over my butt and give it a good wipe with the leaves; sometimes drier leaves were employed for better cleaning. Poop was left covered with a whole bunch of giant leaves. That's it. Organic manure for the place. Sometimes we dug up loose soil by the river and used rocks to clean. Other times, we got creative and managed some other way with whatever was available. Since I moved to the US (been here for over a decade now), I find myself super conscious about something as simple and easy as this. The way we all get conditioned into thinking a certain way in this country is something i find truly interesting and more often than not, very sad.

  • suzannehendersonemer says:

    I would have expected a quick mention that of course, feminine hygiene products should always be packed out, blue-bag style.

  • No, No, No. You are doing it all wrong. What you need to pee or poop in the woods is a "Cheek Spreader". What a Cheek Spreader is; is two branches about 5+ feet long. You put those two branches parallel, about 4 inches apart. Stick one end on the ground and the other end is propped up on a log or large rock. The two parallel branches form about a 30-40 degree angle from the ground to the top of the log. Now you sit comfortably on the two branches as a seat, back to the log, and facing towards the lower end of the branches. You poop in between the two branches. It is called a cheek spreader because, when you sit on the parallel branches, your weight causes your cheeks to spread out. That's mountain engineering.

  • If a bear craps in the woods I'm gonna also…I don't care what the law is! Never seen a bear with a blue bag in his paw……

  • Thanks for the entertainment and naturally not one of the girls was raised in the country side. So much over emphasis on having a poo. The poor girls have led a very sheltered life

  • Are you/ we in the woods or wilderness type place? Whoever is going to see a bit of flesh? And so what if flesh is flashed to see anything in detail will need the onlooker to have a tripod and high power lens on camera or binoculars the chance of I reckon is slim that someone will be carrying the expensive gear needed. I sorry that I cannot get excited or into the video craze for women to talk about toilet matters in the woods little school girls grow up as same as school boys do the average person who has to use the bathroom has nearindental bits as the next girl or man younger or older bits are near the same

  • Well if u need an instruction to poop in the woods, then u shouldnt be in one. Ahh life is so much simpler when hiking or trail running isnt a hype thing

  • Very nice job, nobody ever covers the one thing we all do. They will show you how to build a a two story bush craft shelter, but not tell you how to properly poop in the woods, it's kinda like tv. Those things just don't happen, so don't talk about it

  • First…….way too small of a hole, for myself at least (lol). Secondly……. In my, lets say advanced age, I don't always have the luxury of time. Thirdly, and most importantly……..I find that a smear of Vaseline, (don't judge me) on the…..area……provides a quick easy clean up using very minimal paper as well as reducing chafing. Cheers!………………………G

  • Vishvan Bhairosingh says:

    First you dig a hole. And then you go to the bathroom in the hole. Then you flush, wash your hands, and come back out. And finally you cover up the hole. Its like a room of requirements, but only accessible through digging a hole.

  • I wasted time watching this. I was looking for a how to tutorial about pooping in my hand and throwing it at the liberals.

  • I have Crohn’s disease. Haven’t pooped solid since I was 7. There’s a crime scene when I’m done. Back against the tree baby

  • The leave no trace and pack the poop out I dont get. 1. Humans have pooped in the wild for thousands of years without any problem. 2. How is anyone to know if it is your poop or not?

  • No point in digging a hole flys blue bottles horse flys will have it gone with in a few days quicker than in the ground

  • OO7 Naughtyus Maximus says:

    Another very important thing, if you are with other people …….please don't forget to poop "DOWNWIND" . Especially during dinnertime. I went camping with some mates and one guy went to poop……and went upwind. Needless to say we didn't feel that hungry after.

  • Gerald Spessard says:

    How to pop in the woods; one should become one with the environment. The animals don't carry shovels. When I was a boyscout I would just duck out of sight and go. Chuckling to my self how funny it was going to be when someone stepped in it. I'm all grown up now, so it's even funnier. ..this is just a joke. Hahaha.

  • Grate video. Generally I build my cat hole right after I set up my tent or while my food is re-hydrating and heating up in my cozy. That way when nature calls I don't have to try and put it on hold 🙂 I also mark my used cat holes with sticks that will end up becoming part of the mulch later. That way someone that may come later before the poop has been absorbed will not re-excavate my latrine.
    Now, the next chapter is how to poop in the woods in the rain.

  • In Northern forests: Dig hole. Walk away – slowly- bringing your cloud of mosquitoes with you. Do not forget where the hole is. Then run back to the hole as fast as you can. Do what you have to do as rapidly as possible before the mosquitoes catch up..hurry, they can smell the co2 in your breath so they will find you!

  • I've spent a lot of time in the bush. What I've always done is find a decent sized rock, and use it to cover the poop. But what she did was very ladylike.

  • This I had to watch because having to bury, or even worse, carry your poop with you on a hike through nature is about the stupidest thing that I have ever heard of. What moron came up with this idea? It's crap people. Every animal does it and we're the only ones that pick it up or bury it. This is a sign of the end times, i swear. Shit and go. Welcome to nature.

  • In the Rockies it can be hard to dig a deep enough hole. I turn over a large rock, dig a little hole. I burn the TP, then pour water to be sure it’s extinguished. Then put the rock back on it.

  • I convinced my hiking buddy to dig the hole the night before. He's sold on the idea.. Have you tried the bidets? Not sure I'm ready for that.

  • First, this is a good video. And I give her credit for doing it. Second, the comments are ridiculously funny. Why? Because I am juvenile.

  • Very good information. I haven't checked but does someone make a folding toilet to sit on? It would be more comfortable. Plus you could build a curtain for a little more privacy. The portable toilet could be moved around a bit for a longer stay.

  • Lord of the flyes says:

    Wow that is complicated dump depth diamiture complete instructions, don't wipe your bum with poison ivy. Give it a proper burial say a few parting word's , he was a good kind terd I didennt know him well but I felt our relationship was deep and meaningful goodbye old friend I will remember you always as a great big piece of shit gods speed.

  • heartsdeprived says:

    Okay, I’ve always been afraid to go hiking because I get eaten alive by mosquitoes. Won’t they bite me like crazy when my pants are down?!?

  • this would not work for me- I have health problems and I weigh more than my arms can sustain by just holding onto little branches- I would have to hang my backside over a log or a huge tree branch that had fallen over, and I don't think digging a hole is something that I would be able to do, while having to go to the bathroom so bad, lol

  • I never fear being rescued if lost in the woods. I have found that attempting to go to the loo #2 is the best, most foolproof way to ensure people will walk up and find you.
    ……… and best to wear a kilt.

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