How to Have an Out of Body Experience (Episode on Astral Travel) – Teal Swan

How to Have an Out of Body Experience (Episode on Astral Travel) – Teal Swan

“HOW TO HAVE AN OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE” Seeing how Iʼve harped on the idea of out-of-body experience being a key ingredient to spirituality, I
thought that I had to address out-of-body experience today. Except that within the last week, I’ve decided to completely change my mind! Out-of-body experience is not
important at all!! I am kidding, I just wanted to see if you were paying attention 😉 😀 Out-of-body experiences are incredibly important as you know, because I harp on it all the time.
Itʼs important in the spiritual path, I think, as meditation. It is something we can talk about all day long, but really it’s something that you have to experience for
And, as Iʼve said, the energy in the universe is primed for it at this time, as we go through this energetic
shift where the dimensions are thinning in terms of their separation. All matter in the physical reality, that we call a reality is energy
It’s only the density of that vibration which really obscures us from this understanding. It was an intentional decision for it to be that way, obviously, because the collective expansion is being
served so much by the perspectives that that creates within the universe.
We exist on, in and of multiple dimensions simultaneously. So it’s really important that we are talking about our body experience to get rid of our notion of distance
here or there.
Physical objects have no attribute that is separate from the observer. I’m gonna go into that separately for this conversation.
We exist on these multiple dimensions simultaneously.
What separates these dimensions? The frequency and density of the energy of each dimension. Frequency is an expression, so each dimension is a different expression of universal energy.
To experience a specific dimension, we must change our own frequency to match the corresponding
dimension. You can think of this like a radio dial. If you’re gonna think of this like a radio dial, the way that you receive
the radio in the morning, let’s say you want to tune into 98 FM, is to tune your dial to that channel and then
receive what is being broadcast on that channel. And how does one tune oneʼs own frequency? How does one tune the dial, so to speak? A thought!
All energy in this universe is molded and directed by thought.
Thought itself is a vibration that is the most powerful vibration within this universe. Thoughts hold different vibrations and so different thoughts correspond to different dimensions.
Physical objects have absolutely no attributes separate of the observer, which in his observation is creating
their form, like I mentioned earlier. Physical matter is not the center of the universe.
The further out-of-body that you explore, you will see this in varying degrees of truth. It’s been sort of a Newtonian model and human model frankly that physicality is the center of the universe,
but really, it is the furthest extension an expression and projection of non physical energy. Because of this we could see that thought and focus of thought is not only what’s creating these different
dimensions, it is also your vehicle of travel through the different dimensions. All dimensions are thought responsive, because consciousness creates the reality of all dimensions.
In the physical, there is like a time delay I think you could say in terms of how you perceive thought
and then manifestation. This is not the case in other dimensions. Most dimensions are immediately thought responsive, that means
once you get out of the body, if you think India you are there. Itʼs that fast! The brain is like a biological interface, between the physical and the non physical.
It’s a tool a lot like a computer.
It’s not you and that’s not what it is that thinks. Itʼs what is translating thought to the rest of the body. Your brain interprets your out of body experiences based on its current concepts and images.
This is why when you are out of body, the forms that you encounter are less important than what those
forms represent. The same goes for dreams, which is essentially uncontrolled on and off unconscious out-of-body
I will explain why this is. As you go to sleep your consciousness pulls back from the physical, back through
all the levels and all the dimensions to what we could call the ultimate dimension. Some people like to put a label like the eleventh or twelfth or thirteenth dimension on this. And as it pulls back through that, you pass through thought form, which would be the fourth and fifth
dimensions right outside the physical dimension, and that is where the representations of all of your
thoughts exist. So, you would pullback out through that and you would experience it in split seconds.
Same when it comes to dreaming. When you come out of a dream, back to reality, the dream is being
downloaded in split seconds as you pass through the thought form, the fourth and fifth dimension of reality. And those energy forms, thought forms, which you are experiencing traveling through, are downloaded in
split seconds and then your brain then assigns images and representations of what those thought forms
are. So, good example is: I will just use a personal example.
For a long time I was really really afraid of whales and I couldn’t really figure out why that was until I went out of body, and I had this experience where I asked myself “to show me” the representation of my fears. And I was instantly transported to this the aquarium where I was in the water with this whale who kept
ramming against the side of the pool it was enclosed in. And I had a thought form, I asked for understanding, which is yet again that’s a good way that you can
direct your out-of-body experiences, is by asking for things in terms of intention.
So, I said: “I now experience understanding as to what I’m looking at.” And this thought form then, a spirit guide basically, came up behind me and explained that what I had
created, in my mind, as the the symbolic representation of my shadow side, all those things that I was
running away from my childhood, turned out, was a whale. So the whale itself, which I had run into, in out-of-body, was the representation of my childhood fears that
had amassed and that I was avoiding.
And the size, as you can imagine, a whale is very huge in size, had related to just how big my mind thought
all that was. All kinds of factors influence your belief to have an out-of-body experience.
Such as fears, intentions, self concepts, your beliefs about out-of-body experience, your religious beliefs
and your expectations. Your firm intention, your commitment your openness and practice, coupled with shifting your thoughts to
reflect the most beneficial beliefs relative to out-of-body experience, is really the key to doing this
successfully. How do you induce an out-of-body experience?
Some like to take advantage of that time period right before you are exiting your body into dream state at
night. In my experience, the window of opportunity is incredibly small and so people who are beginning, it’s better
to pick a time when you are not going to transition into sleep really quick, when you are not tired and
instead when you can focus without being disturbed into a very deep state of stillness, a lot like meditation. I tend to chose early morning quite a bit.
So first, we are going to talk about the vibrational stage in an out-of-body experience.
In general, people agree that there are four basic stages to an out-of-body experience. The 1st is called the vibrational stage. The 2nd is called the separation stage.
The 3rd is called the exploration stage. And the 4th is called either the reentry or the returning phase.
So first the vibrational stage, you want to focus on your breathing a lot like you do in meditation. Just keep drawing your mind, as it wanders off to different thoughts, back to the breath.
You want to just watch yourself breath in and breathe out. For those of you whoʼs thoughts are very pervasive, it may help you to visualize a sky and watch your
thoughts against the sky like clouds. So as the thought comes up you let it just keep going by you like a cloud drifting in the sky.
Gradually, there will be less and less of them. And the spaces between clouds is going to become more and more, meaning that your mind is reaching a
state of stillness.
Once the space between the clouds is mostly all that there is, you want to set your intention, such as: “I am
consciously aware during the entire out-of-body experience.” “I am now out-of-body.” So you want to repeat this almost like a mantra.
You want to pick something that you feel yourself emotionally believing. So for all of us, these mantras and
these intentions or affirmations are going to be very individual. And then you want to watch for the feeling of heaviness or numbness or tingling or buzzing or internal
movement like some people will feel like they are atop, spinning within their own body. This is the vibrational stage. So you want to stay calm and you want to visualize or focus on that sensation.
So you may start feeling it in your extremities like your fingers and your toes.
What you want to do is calm your emotional state and really accept that feeling. You want to visualize it spreading to engulf your entire body and letting go and surrendering to it.
And from that point, the first few times you do this, most likely that is where you are going to get to. You’ll be in the vibrational stage within your body.
The next stage after that is the separation stage. Once you’ve achieved that feeling of the vibrational stage spreading throughout your entire body,
you want to pick a thought of somewhere very familiar to you. Something you can visualize very very accurately. And you want to visualize yourself moving to this
location or object. For some people this means visualizing floating to the ceiling. That’s really easy if you are already having
floating sensations or rolling out of bed or sitting up and walking over to an object in another room. There’s no wrong way to do this I should add.
What you want to really focus on, is keeping your mind away from the body because ,as I explained before,
energy is thought responsive, meaning if you think of your body, you are most likely to be sucked back in. Itʼs sort of precious, but in the beginning of an out-of-body experience, it’s almost like watching a baby
animal get up and learn how to walk the first twenty times. They get somewhat up and then they fall back in, they get somewhat up and then they fall back in.
And it’s this progressive training yourself, to have more control out of the body and more control of not
snapping back into your physical expression. So keep your mind directed away from the body!
Now you want to create another intention like: “I now separate or I now move to the door.”
You can also ask for assistance from your guide to help you separate. There are hundreds of techniques that detail this process that I have now explained to you.
So what I am giving you today is just the sort of fastest, the most abridged version of how to go about
getting out of body, the one I think is the most successful for beginners. You will feel yourself most likely floating or some sort of movement.
And it takes some time for you to train yourself to not panic when you feel that movement, because the
movement can be extremely intense sometimes. And to just let yourself go with it. You may also realize that your sounds and your environment and your sensations of your immediate
physical environment are diminishing.
And now weʼve arrived at the exploration phase. This is really the heart of the out-of-body experience.
You may, when you are in the exploration phase, see this thing which we have called the silver cord. It’s like a glittery light spiderweb or filament that is your mind perceiving the connection between your
physical body and your thought form body. Most likely your thought form body, that which you experience in the lower dimensions right outside the
physical dimension, are going to be sort of energy duplicates of your physical self. They are the energetic
concept you have of you in this life. This duplicate is really why outside of this dimension, the fourth and fifth dimensions, though it will seem
like a blueprint, there are certain differences because it’s the concept you have of your physical reality and
not the way that the physical reality actually is. So your concept of the physical reality of the blanket in the physical reality maybe a different color than it is
in the fourth and fifth dimension. So you’ll notice subtle differences. It’s just because what you are experiencing, even the experience of your
body in the fourth dimension, is your concept of your body. So, this silver cord is really what your mind is assigning an image to, in terms of your connection between
the settle etheric body and your physical body. You’ll see it quite often. You’ll see it even when you experience other people in the fourth dimension.
I think it’s quite beautiful. Itʼs a lot like seeing an umbilical cord for the first time. You are kind of unprepared
for how beautiful the colors and textures and translucent of it is. So decide what you wish to experience at this point and visualize that .So you can do this maybe by
saying: “I now experience the living room.” You’ll potentially have the sensation, now again, of seriously intense movement.
The trick is staying calm and an attitude of trust not only for yourself but for the totality of the universe.
In carrying out your request immediately, there’s no limit to the stage of an OBE. Once your explorations has satisfied what you are looking for, you’re ready for the returning phase.
A lot of times this is not really a conscious thing. It’s almost like your energy self , your true eternal higher
self decides when the out-of-body experience is done. But, if not, you can focus back on the body.
Or else if you get into the much higher dimensions, you can set the intention to return to physical
experience. So just say: “That I now return to physical experience.” And after a while, this will be a sensation which is not super jarring.
But in the first, I would say potentially, a year for most people, that experience of coming back to the body
is quite jarring. You’ll feel potentially like you are falling straight into yourself.
It’s a real jolt, because the frequency at which you are shifting is so quick that your body hasn’t really
learned to land the plane. In my opinion the most difficult part of an OBE for people is to learn how to control one’s thoughts and
release resistance to fear, to the degree that this doesn’t happen automatically all the time. Like I was explaining before, it’s quite common when people are first experiencing OBEs, to feel like you
have almost no control over snapping back into the body. So now I guess we can talk about at this point the fact that there is no limit to what you can experience out
of body. Itʼs sort of laughable to say that there is one reason why you would want to do an out-of-body experience.
Because out-of-body experiences is really exploring the totality of our universe and our reality, the objective
reality, the subject of reality, all of it, in such an extreme first-person experience kind of way. You are transcending all of these dimensions. Your are transcending space-time, lifetimes, all of it.
I’m sure that many of you sitting at home can see the benefits of doing that, in terms of following a spiritual
path, in terms of living a happy life, all of it. You’ve got the truth downloaded. As you can imagine, being unrestricted by the perception of space and time and physicality could greatly
help your expansion throughout lifetimes, in this lifetime, all of it. So to give you an example of some intentions that you can experiment with, that being said the sky is really
the limit here: You could visit the deceased loved ones.
Understand the dimensions of the universe.
You could experience your eternal self, your true self.
You could explore your own fears and limitations.
You could learn how to decrease and increase your density with focus. You could experience the truth of the role that thoughts play in regard to reality.
You could shape shift.
You could explore past lives.
You can meet your spirit guides. You can communicate with animals.
You can interact with other races and locations within this universe which we’re living in currently.
You can create entire alternate reality scapes, this is really fun to those of you that like cartoons. We could understand how to resolve a current life conflict.
You can do healing on others in these multiple dimensions.
You can visit those who live at a distance from you. You could observe pass events.
You could find your pre birth intention which really brings you closer to your purpose in life. And basically the list goes on and on….. So, if you have any other questions regarding our body experience, there are books written on this subject.
There are people who devote their entire life to the idea and the concept of out-of-body experience. So, you are going to find a lot of different opinions and a lot of suggestions and some of them will work and
some of them wonʼt. So go do your homework! And if you would like to offer me some more questions I would be glad to help you out.
Have a fabulous week. 🙂

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