How to get mains power into your tent | Know Before You GO

How to get mains power into your tent | Know Before You GO

>>Ian: This is the Crusader Mobile Mains
kit, and this is what you need to run mains power into your tent. Its got surge protection, a circuit breaker
just like you have at home. And most importantly 3 sockets just like you’ve got in your house
There’s a 20metre lead which will run out of your tent to the site post where you will
find something like this where you plug that into it and off you go You’ll definitely got to have one of these,
because at the campsite they check that you’ve got on of those. You can’t bodge itself,
because you’ll end blowing the electricity on the campsite and being very unpopular.
So we will go have a look at how you feed it into your tent. Most tents at GO Outdoors will have access
a point for the power lead to head out to the campsite site post. If you have a look
at the outside of the tent you will see a logo like this. What you will find is a zip,
unzip that, and simply feed the lead through. Little bit of safety advice, where possible
try to keep them of the floor. So hang them up (its got a hanging bit) or put them on
a table. That’s pretty much it. If you need to know
anything else visit the website or pop into one of our stores. Cheers We will have a look at how you put it into
a tent.. wheerr heeey!!

9 thoughts on “How to get mains power into your tent | Know Before You GO”

  • Electricity in a tent, Why ?
    Proper camping involves nothing electric,
    These modern "Campers" that need electricity tut tut lol lol

  • GO Outdoors TV says:

    Haha! We agree to a certain extent.

    I think it depends what sort of holiday you're looking for, not everyone likes the back to basics feel. Especially if they're taking little ones on holiday with them. Some people like to make their tent a home away from home; which is seeming all the more realistic with how big some tents are these days!

  • Simon is right – this is a fundamentally flawed design, and I didn't realise this when I bought one. Although it is well-made and doubtless electrically safe, it needs for the sockets to be further apart, or facing in different directions, so that each socket is usable. We now use a four-gang trailing socket, plugged into one of the outlets on the unit, and it, too, has RCD protection. I believe that is safe, but feel free to argue…

  • I'd prefer a back to basics approach, but having an electric heater that can be left on is a god send in colder weather. Leave the gas for cooking.,

  • charlie271210 says:

    might aswell just pay for B & B. after ya bought all these gadgets and take tents that are just as big as an house and have table, chairs kitchen setup. it would be cheaper to get B & B. this is not camping. camping is back to min basics not all this crap.

  • "This isn't real camping"

    Don't be daft, there's places people want to stay, that don't have hotels or B&B's, that have a campsite with electric hookups, and the people have a tent, electric goods to power, but no camper van.

    Which part of that was beyond your imagination?

    If you want to go back to basics, crack on, you still don't get to define what is and what isn't camping.

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