How To Get Free Access To My Premium WordPress Training Courses

How To Get Free Access To My Premium WordPress Training Courses

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from were I make videos for non-techies and I’m to tell you that I want
to give you free axis to be paid courses on my website now nothing in life is free if
you come to my website and click on courses right here it’s gonna take you to the page
and I have a in-depth course library here my courses range from $50 up to $200 each
so the more in-depth courses argued to be $200 now I wanted to create a program that
is all-inclusive that anyone can take advantage of that is trying to learn WordPress but maybe
you don’t have the budget to purchase one of these paid courses but you want the knowledge
that comes with it and it’s it’s a tough balancing act I put up plenty of high quality videos
I pour my heart and soul into my put them on YouTube their freak I don’t even run advertisements
like everybody else I don’t even force you to watch an advertisement in the beginning
of the video to earn money from YouTube so I do have to kind of have some content there
and some content here these are more focused and in-depth training courses that I have
here and you can purchase them there’s lots of ways were if you maybe purchase something
through an affiliate link I’ll give you a course for free but I wanted to have a program
where anyone that doesn’t really have any money can get access to these courses if they
want you might be a little hesitant to soap I’m opening up a program to get free access
to these courses and like I said in the beginning of the video nothing is free so what you can
do is head over to my website and if you scroll all the way down I’ll probably put a link
right here to page that was a free course access and this is how you can get access
to my courses for free I am a one-man operation and I need help with a lot of things and there’s
a lot of things lacking because I don’t have the time I don’t have the resources to get
it done so I’m been a list on that page the things that you could do in order to earn
free access to some of my courses so here are two things that I really need help with
right now if you watch any of my YouTube videos if you’re familiar YouTube you can go into
the description box and I can enter any kind of description in there but what all of my
videos are lacking is a table of contents I don’t know if you seen that before another
videos and this is what a table of contents would kind of look like it gets a table of
contents and then you list out different segments in the video and you put a timecode so right
here it says change PHP setting and it has the timecode two minutes and 31 seconds but
it has to be formatted exactly like this I would love to have table of contents for every
single one of my videos so here’s my offer if you’re willing to create a table of contents
for three videos I’m going to give you $50 that you can use towards my courses so if
you wanted one of these page builder courses or hundred and $50 all you have to do is create
a table of contents for nine videos and this could be videos that you’re watching are ready
to learn for yourself so right now that’s my offer to you so that’s one thing that you
can do to earn access to my paid courses is create a table of contents for some of my
videos and then send that to me and I will get that added to my video not only does it
help me it also helps anyone that’s watching that video and it will also help you because
you’re to get access to my courses so that’s one thing you can do another thing that you
can do is for example any of my blog posts this is what they look like I popped my video
in there and if you notice you scroll down and there’s usually nothing else there’s the
social share buttons there’s no real text usually there’s no images or any of that kind
of stuff so if you want to take one of my blog posts and you want to create some images
and build some content around it may be step-by-step of what I covered in the video and give that
to me so that I can put in the blog post I’m going to give you $50 in credit towards my
courses now here’s the best thing about that I don’t need you to do three because little
more work sooner going to this are going to have to take screenshot images you’re going
to have to write some content it doesn’t have to be lengthy or long but it does need to
be good and it does need to be quality and I realize that that’s gonna take more effort
so for each one of those I’m going to give you $50 towards a course so if you wanted
that same page builder course you just need to do this for three of my blog posts and
this is a huge opportunity because right now I have over 200 videos on YouTube and I have
over 200 blog posts on my website and they all need help that’s 400 opportunities to
get access to my paid courses completely for free now here’s one of the big challenges
with this is the whole language barrier although my content is in English and so if you want
to do this you have to be able to write proper English so if English is not your first language
I need all the punctuation the pronunciation everything to be spot on I don’t want you
to give me your work and it has to have all this time spent on it to correct things however
the table of contents task is actually kind of easier there is less writing involved with
that it’s more notating the times of things in the videos so there is also other opportunities
that I’m going to present in order to get access to this course is the best way to find
out all the details and information on this is the head over to my website and click on
free course acts as I’m going to have a link down here in the footer and also put a link
in this video also if you have any suggestions of things that you can do to contribute to
my website contribute to my blog maybe you might want to write an article for my blog
and as long as it’s a quality article maybe we can work with that as well or maybe you’re
a very high skilled graphic designer and you think there’s some graphic things that I can
improve on contact me and we can work something out so obviously I can going to hire someone
to do this and I can probably hire them for dramatically less than what I’m offering to
you but I want to make it so anyone can get access to my courses even if you don’t have
or don’t want to spend the money I want to open the opportunity to you my viewers the
people have been most loyal to me I want to be loyal right back to you and open up these
opportunities for you so I hope you would consider helping me and by helping me you’re
also helping everybody else and you’re getting course access at the same time because you
made it to the end of the video I have a free gift for you but before I talk about that
I want to ask you to do something for me if you can give this video a thumbs up down below
that would really help me out if you’re not subscribed to the channel go ahead and click
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YouTube to notify you when I upload new videos there’s a little bell next to that subscribe
button you can click on that and set that up as well if you have any questions or a
comment about this video I’d love to answer it there’s a comments section down below all
you have to do is put in your question or comment I respond to every scene the one I
made a course just for you and it’s called the three steps to WordPress success and I
want to give this to you if you’d like to enroll in this course there’s a button right
here off to the right you go ahead and click on that role as a student and that’s just
my way of saying thank you for supporting me and making it to the end of this video
I make them just for you

12 thoughts on “How To Get Free Access To My Premium WordPress Training Courses”

  • Amazing offer i am also wasting lot's of my work also due to lake of time. Thanks Adam i will contact you when i have some free time. I love to work with you for free. I am using YouTube from 2006 for learning and teaching purpose but really i like your method of teaching. Great work ever…

  • If you don't mind me asking, what do you use to record your videos, I really like how you appear in a little bubble overlayed on your content!

  • Hi Adam, this is a great offer. this is a wonderful way of engaging your fans and spreading the benefits to all. I would love to help. Do you have a system for ensuring that you do not get 20 table for contents for the same video?

  • Peter Cusumano says:

    Adam, I've got a site now that I paid someone else for but I have no control over. It collects data input from LEADS that feeds in to a "backoffice" website that only I, or anyone with my user name and password, can access. Would I or my assistant be able, with some training, to design that kind of site?

  • Nicholas Sanderson says:

    Adam, thank you. I can help our with social media. I use a tool that's helped me get 18,000 followers without paying for advertising and reaching my target audience. I also make movies and videos using after effects so i can help out with a cool intro and outro for you 🙂 PS I don't want anything in return, if i can help you out thats enough for all the help you've provided me!

  • Vitaliy Karpets says:

    Hi Adam, is this offer still valid? The page returns a 404 error message.

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