How to Cook Roast Beef Bush Style

How to Cook Roast Beef Bush Style

– Hi there. One thing I’ve been looking
forward to is the opportunity to test out this traditional tie machete that you may have seen in our recent video how blacksmiths make
machetes quenched in oil. Really nice piece of work. Complete in the actual handle. Leaf spring steel. Nice and soft, easy to sharpen. (banging) (fire crackling) (banging) Our rotisserie mount system
has multiple hang points on it as you can see there’s one,
two, three branches off that. So if the fire gets too hot, we can just raise the beef up above the flames. Big chunk of tenderloin beef. Maybe move some of woods will you? I think the fire’s getting too big. – It’s enough, it’s enough like that. – It’s good? I think another way of
stopping the meat from burning is to just continuously turn it if the fire does get a little bit too big. (fire crackling) one thing slightly different
about this camp site, I wanted to show you is you may know that we normally like to camp close to a running creek and this guys, we’re actually just camping
next to this tepid pool. So that water is definitely not drinkable in the state that it’s in. It’s also quite dirty, as obviously there’s a lot
of organisms living in there. I just wanted to show you over here our new water preparation system that we started using and
that we’re still testing. This is the MSR Guardian. So expect to see this coming out in a few of our videos. So what we do is I fill the orange bucket with water from the tepid pool and then I let it sit for about 20 minutes and then it’s safe to start purifying and pumping that water through the system. So over here inside my
MSR dromedary we have, that right there is water that’s
been purified from the pool we’ve used quite a thin
stick for this rotisserie and what’s happened is the beef is not really grabbing a hold of the wood. So we decided to turn it
with a knife at the moment. As you turn the stick, the
meat kinda slips around it. Ideally that stick would
be probably 50% thicker. So about half an inch. So it’s only about probably
a third of an inch. Whoo, the fire’s nice and hot. Probably dropped to about
minus one degrees tonight, but next to this fire,
we’ll be warm and toasty. (water trickling) And there’s that purified water. Crystal clear. Straight out of the dromedary. Well campers, that beef will be ready soon and sunset is coming very early tonight, that’s because winter’s coming. Tomorrow morning we’re
gonna move the camping site. And we look forward to showing
you the next destination. – [Woman] That’s only banana having there. – [Grayson] Random fire
burning over there. Often the government do the
logging and back burning around this time of year. Because winter’s about to come, there’s no risk of a fire
spreading into the bush. We often see this around this time of year. That fire could’ve been
smoldering for a month. See the smoke just gently
coming out of there, out of that log. Just found another smoldering fire here which I wanted to show you. So obviously, part of the back burning campaign. And this is what the government will only do their back burning in certain times of the year. So you definitely can’t
do this is the summer. Just another reminder of why you should always extinguish
your fire before vacating. So that hole down there, that’s where the fire’s coming from. Burning deep underground,
possibly for weeks and weeks. So today we’ve hiked about 15 kilometers and there is what I
wanted to show you today. That is dinner time on the second night. So that’s just the left over beef from last night being re-cooked. Because that big beef rice we cooked was 1.5 kilos last night, so that’s enough for two nights. You don’t need to
refrigerate food out here, it’s quite cold, there’s
a bit of vinegar going in. Similar recipe to pork adobo. That’s beef with onion, potato, carrot, vinegar and soy sauce being
one of the main ingredients. If you want to know more, I’d recommend checking
out our video titled how to cook pork adobo. Ideally this campfire would be a little bit higher off the ground. As you can see. It’s only probably about what? Five inches. Still. Enough space in there
for the flames to work. Good morning campers. Back out on the trail,
it’s a few weeks later. Just wanted to take this
opportunity to show you another campfire system that is, we didn’t have any rocks. So we just have the fire
straight on the ground. It’s a bit wet around here. I got the wood drawing rack on top, so the fire was burning last night. And in the future, I think I’ll only use the half fire rocks circle system that you’ve seen in our other videos. Because it’s much better smoke control. So we had a couple of sticks
’cause we cooked beef again. Different levels, and for
our rotisserie burning here, there’s the higher one and the lower one. Because we’re losing so much heat we had to have the rotisserie
very low in the end. Quick look around, there’s a tripod to hang all the gear on. It’s a system we always like to use. Here’s our training poles. Where our tent was set up. There’s a nice piece of flat
ground where we had our tent directly on the trail. Where’s your beautiful face? – Let’s go pack now.

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  • Алексей Какачан says:

    We have now 2 o'clock in the morning. I watched this video and went to check on the refrigerator. Hello from Ukraine.

  • All that glitters says:

    Hi guys, my husband and I have been really enjoying your videos. We pick up lots of great tips. You both have some serious bush skills. Well done!

  • homesteader downunder Australia. says:

    loks lovery the campsites, did you teach your wife to do camp cooking. as she is very good at it , thank you for shering your video.

  • reclusive owl says:

    The beef leftovers adobo meal looked tasty. Didn't know that you could convert such dodgy looking pond water to drinkable water.

  • Great video, generally like your stuff. The only thing I would have done different is large fire, let it die down and then cook over hot coals rather then flames. Your burning outside and raw center. Slow, steady heat.

  • Garundi P. McGrundy says:

    If you are in Borneo you might see the men from Borneo campsite. Headhunters all. The chiefs set fire to the forest to keep the White man out. They know the White man dislikes the smell of smoke.

  • ★★ATTENTION VIEWERS★★ We retract any endorsement of the MSR Guardian. This device has now completely failed us, an internal part inside the pumping mechanism has broken, this has rendered the unit totally useless. We’ll be sending it back to MSR & asking for a 100% refund.
    We may re-upload an edited version of this video in future which cuts out the Guardian. Considering another design flaw we’ve found in the unit we believe MSR should recall all of their Guardians. It is NOT reliable enough to be trusted for long term use.

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    هذا الى عايش صح ماله ومال الناس وزحمة العالم يا ليتني معاك واعيش عيشتك

  • Yimmiedwina Hanshaw says:

    you guys are awesome thanks for sharing your experience, it's beautiful wilderness there! much love from Amerika/Ohio

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