How to Choose a Recreational Kayak

How to Choose a Recreational Kayak

Hi, I’m Topher from Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe here to talk to you today about recreational kayaks. Recreational kayaks
are great for the casual paddler whoi are looking for low-impact experience They are great for anglers, photographers,
casual kayakers even excellent for kids. Recreational kayaks
are great for easy days exploring Hosmer Lake, Sparks Lake flat sections are the Deschutes River or
any other easy lake, pond or river for that matter. Dome features common to all recreational
kayaks include a hatch that you can store your equipment and
for short days trip. Yhey’re also about 10 to 12 feet in length and they have a very large cock pit
making it easy to get in and out of. Additionally they have a wide beam
or width, making them very stable and
user-friendly. Some examples of recreational kayaks include the Eddyline Skylark, the Wilderness
Systems Pungo and the hurricane Santee sport. The Eddyline Skylark is a recreational
boat both in size and fit however it does have many similar features
to a sea kayak. The bow is roomy and stable enough for
beginning paddlers but it’s also sleek enough in design
and it’s great for an experienced crew as well The Santee Sport by Hurricane is made out
a thermoformed plastic which is truly lightweight. Tt’s
highly durable and very UV resistant. Another best-seller in recreational
kayaks is the Pungo Series made by Wilderness
Systems. The Pungo comes in a one hundred 120 and 140 sizes mean 10 12 and 14 foot
lengths It is also one of the best-selling
recreational boats on the market. Its made a material called roto molded polyethylene which is very
durable and also less expensive than other options. Again I’m Topher from Tumalo Creek
Kayak & Canoe. Thank you for watching our short segment on recreational kayaks. These are only a few examples of the
recreational boats we have in stock so come down to our store and see our 2015

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  • This eddy line looks just like a sea Kayak. It would do well in class 1 rapids. If you have on a high quality Waterproof spray deck, you would be fine. Also, professional training in wet exits would be crucial in order to do something other than calm waters. Mother nature can kick up some aggressive waves despite how calm the water is initially. Ty for the info.

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