HOW ON EARTH We Afford to Travel FULL TIME

HOW ON EARTH We Afford to Travel FULL TIME

Hello from Puebla! Today we’re doing
something a little bit differently. Why is it just me right now? Well, I usually
get up an hour or two before Maddie does and right now I’m out taking Laska for a
walk. Laska, say hi. She’s not gonna say hi. But what are we
doing today? We’re going to give you some life updates, answer some of your questions, but most importantly something we haven’t done in
a while, is take you along on our daily life. So we’re getting some breakfast at this
local place in Puebla. It is actually, I think the restaurant part of a cooking or, culinary school, culinary university. And it’s called the Restaurante de Aplicación Universitario. Or RAU. Or RAU and the university is IEU. So there’s a lot of letters here. But they give you a crap ton of food for like 80 pesos. You get jugo verde, green juice, coffee, fruit with granola, bread, And your main plate. So I don’t think we’re going to be finishing this all but this is a darn good way to start the day! We found them for dinner last night and
had a three-course meal with agua fresca for a hundred pesos and everything was
amazing! So we came back here for breakfast. Tell you what, two meals there
and I’ve left so satisfied both times! It’s like you’re getting five-star
service for a two-star price. So we wanted to go to La Estrella de Puebla (The Star of Puebla) which is this huge observation Ferris wheel type thing. We have been to
a similar one in Vegas but they don’t open until 2:30, so right now we are in
alley of the frogs. Which apparently there is like restaurants, and shopping, and
stuff. But no frogs. And I think this might be the most gorgeous street facade in the entire city. Although the architecture in Puebla City is really pretty! This is especially gorgeous with all the bright colors and it’s newly painted! Jordan: Yeah. So we’ve been in Puebla for a couple
days now, what are your first impressions of it? I really love cleanliness of the
city! It’s pretty clean everywhere, it’s colorful in a lot of spots of the city. I’ve noticed there’s a lot of honking going on. It’s very similar to Guadalajara in that way. In a lot of ways actually. We were talking before about the
prices being higher than many other cities. What do you think? It seems like there might be a lot of business happening here. It’s very clean. It seems like a wealthier city
than most Mexican cities. And like you were saying, it’s also a little bit more
expensive than most. Not as high of prices as somewhere like Playa del Carmen or Puerto Vallarta. Yeah, yeah, not even close. It’s still
way way cheaper than where we came from in Phoenix. But I think it’s still higher
prices thnn another comparable city, Guadalajara. Uh-huh. Guadalajara. So what else? A lot of people seem to speak English here. There’s been times when we’ve been
given English menus even though we didn’t ask for it. Or without even saying a word to anyone in English. Exactly. And what else? Like Guadalajara as well, there seems to be a stark contrast between the new and
the old part of the city. There’s lots of history, but at the same time, there’s
very modern and new buildings, and I think we’re going to see some of that
when we go to La Estrella de Puebla right after this! Yeah, I mean I don’t have a whole lot of negative things to say about it. I mean, the people seem nice. Coming into the city,
driving in, it wasn’t crazy like – sometimes when we go into a new city, the way
people drive is really unexpected or hectic and it wasn’t really that
bad. This was the easiest big city driving we’ve done in Mexico. Yeah. So we are in the Uber now, on the way to
La Estrella, and it’s about a 15 to 20 minute drive, and 60? 62 pesos. 62 pesos. So, when we’re showing you just about everything we do in a single day, you also get to
see all the errors we make. Well we looked up on Google, it says this place
opens at 2:30. We took an Uber here for the sole
purpose of riding this guy, and they don’t open until 3:30, and we can’t hang
around because we have a car appointment to get to. Because I took my car in Guadalajara to get serviced and the guys wrote down kilometers from the odometer
instead of miles and my car is in miles. And gave the wrong service, and basically the
next day the service light went on. Yeah. So we’re getting it taken care of here
but we don’t have enough time to stick around unfortunately. But this does look
very cool! It cost 40 pesos and maybe we could pay another 60 pesos to come back
here [Laughter] another time. Or drive. Unlike the one in Vegas we did, that one
was about 25 dollars a person. This one is two dollars. So we are at a Toyota
dealership in Puebla City right now. We’re having to do all this in Spanish,
to the best of our ability, which we did not have to do in Guadalajara because
someone spoke English there, which is nice. But we don’t know very many
technical words regarding cars, so. It’s kind of tricky. So after this whole experience was said and done at the dealership, we
totally forgot to record anything saying how it went, because honestly, I was
really flustered afterwards trying to explain all that we needed to in Spanish. Even though we’re getting on our way to being fluent, it was still really
difficult! And fortunately, everything is great with the car, and they actually
didn’t do anything except for resetting the system, and it was completely free. Which I’m still astonished by. And by the way, why are we Ubering here when we have
a car? We get this question pretty frequently. Well, we try to drive as
little as possible in our own vehicle just because
the roads can be confusing, street – like laws and rules, and just the way that
people drive. So we try to avoid accidents by doing that. Especially when
Uber is reasonably affordable and we choose to walk most places. And then
another question we get asked so often, which we’ve never officially answered on
our channel but we’ve probably written it out like 95,000 times is why am I always the one driving the car and Jordan isn’t? Well, our good ole
tangerine mobile is actually my vehicle, so basically, I want to always be the one
driving it because if anything were to happen, like an accident or any type of
damage like bottoming out on all the topes, which happens pretty frequently.
I’d rather be the one to do it, so then I can’t blame Jordan for anything or get
mad at him for it. And I just – you know, that’s just the way that it is. Also he has to be in the. No, no, no. I have to be in the car if he is driving so. According to
Mexican law. According to Mexican law. So another question we get asked pretty frequently. Some of these times, it’s asked in a very
rude way – like “Well you guys must be rich, wouldn’t it be great if I could
travel because I had rich parents or a trust fund or something.” And then
other times, it’s asked in a nice way and we really appreciate it asking in a
nice way. Because I get it, like if we weren’t doing this, I’d be curious how
someone could do this. Uh-huh. But how do we make money? Well we answered this
about a hundred videos ago and our answer has significantly changed since
then, because our channel is a lot smaller. Now, almost all, well basically
all of our revenue comes from our YouTube channel. Some is advertising
revenue, some is from Patreon, and then others are from affiliate sales. So
basically those are our three main ways that we make money right now. We also get opportunities to do brand deals and stuff but we haven’t done any paid brand
deals yet. Maybe sometime in the future. Yeah, sometimes we do partnerships with
companies or things like that, that seem really cool. And just to clarify
for anyone who’s curious, you will never see any of these in a video if we don’t
actually like or enjoy the experience, Because if it ever came down to it, we
would more happily pay for whatever it was then lie about it just so they we
could get something for free, cuz that’s not what we’re about. Before we get into
exactly how much we’re making, I would just like to say that in any normal
social interaction, if you were to meet someone, or not know them VERY personally, you would never in a million years ask how much they’re making. “How much are you making?”
At least in the US. Or at least in the U.S. yeah It might be different in other cultures
but people ask this all the time. I think it’s so intrusive. And worse,
people think they are entitled to this information, so much that they would
consider unsubscribing if we didn’t tell them. Very ridiculous. But okay, so how
much are we making? From YouTube, we are legally not allowed to tell you.
Contractually, if we tell you this amount, we could be banned from YouTube entirely.
So, not gonna do that. If you want to know how much we’re making on Patreon, you can head right over to and we have it publicly
available for you to see there. Many creators do not do this, but in the
spirit of as much transparency as possible, we have that public for you
there. What else? One thing we forgot to mention is that we earn some money through PayPal.
We don’t advertise this publicly. Ever. We’ve never mentioned PayPal until right now. But quite a few people have left a comment or messaged us saying “Hey I would – I don’t want to sign up on Patreon, but I’d like to give you a little
something, how can I do that?” And we send them a link to our PayPal and we have it buried deep in the description of every one of our videos. So occasionally people
send us some cash on there. Which is very appreciated, so thank you if
you’re one of the individuals who has done that. It goes a long way to buying
treats for Laska. Places for us to stay at night. Medical care when Jordan gets
stung by a scorpion. Things like that. [Laughter] So it’s very much appreciated! What else, like a affiliate stuff, it’s pretty much. It varies depending on what people buy.
Like we get, you know 17 cents or something like that if you buy something
from one of our Amazon links. That goes a long way too! By the way, we’ve been
walking around this super gorgeous and fancy, outdoor mall, outdoor mall called Solesta in Puebla City. And by the way, I’m sorry to cut you off but the weather’s perfect here! Oh yeah! It’s
really nice walking around outside. But yes, to wrap up this whole what are we
making thing. We do feel like we’re pretty transparent, especially compared
to other youtubers out there who share absolutely none of this. Their Patreon
amount is private, they would never go into topics like
this. So we hope you at least appreciate that but also respect that we are
allowed to have a little bit of privacy in our lives. [Knocking at the door] Who’s that? Who’s at the door? Is that dad? So we just picked up the laundry. One example of the city being more expensive
than other cities – it was 22 pesos per kilo to get our laundry done. As compared
to other cities, we’ve seen that as low as 11 pesos a kilo. But in Guadalajara, for example, it was 15. But yeah, so we drop our clothes off, they
wash it, fold it, put it in a nice tight bundle. This is about a week’s worth of
clothes and it was six, six and a half dollars. So about the price of going to a
laundromat in the US, and you get it all done for you. What do you have to say about this, Laska? [Laughter] She’s always so camera shy! Laska! What you have to say? You say “give me belly rubs!” So we haven’t really done any
daily life vlog style videos like this since basically when we were in Guadalajara, so you guys have to let us know. What do you think? Do you like the style? Should
we do more? Should we scrap it? Yeah it didn’t quite turn out how I was hoping
or was expecting. We didn’t quite do as much as I thought we were going to. Also,
it took wildly longer at the dealership than we were expecting, and by the time
we were done it was completely dark. But anyway, if you like this let us know in
the comments. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel! [Laughter] And one more thing! GONG THAT BELL! So you get notified the next time we put out a new video here’s in Puebla City. And we will see
you here in Puebla City!

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  • Tangerine Travels says:

    My wise dad pointed out a few things that we never actually clarified in this video:
    1. We get no financial support from our families and never have.
    2. We have always lived a very frugal lifestyle and are savvy bargain shoppers… this allowed us to save some money prior to coming to Mexico.
    3. When we first came to Mexico we lived solely off of our savings.
    4. Now, after being in Mexico for approximately 10 months, our various income streams cover budget-conscious living/travel expenses.
    5. When people sign up for Airbnb through our link, we get some Airbnb credit which helps us pay for places to stay. Although it's not technically an income source, it does help to significantly reduce our expenses.

    And as a side note to the few who might be envious of what appears to be a nonstop vacationing lifestyle, we would like to point out to you that we spend between 30-40 hours of work (Filming, editing, driving, responding to comments/messages etc.) to make one 15-minute video. Typically we try to do at least two videos a week. This means we are working behind the scenes 60 to 80 hours worked per week. Some of this includes the 1-2 hours per day (seven days a week) answering questions and communicating with our subscribers/followers, aka Tangerineys. 🙂 We love doing this! But collectively Jordan and I are working harder than we ever did at our full-time jobs back in the US.

    THANK YOU to those of you who believe in us no matter what and thoroughly appreciate what we're doing for Mexico, fellow travelers, and awesome people such as yourself.

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  • Margarita Miller says:

    People shoud not be concerned with how much you make this is totally unacceptable. Its obvious to me you work hard for what you make and if you were millionaires you would not be doing these videos. You guys are truly beautiful people having one of the greatest experiences of your life. Keep doing what you want!!!!!. Live and love life. ♥️♥️🌞🌞

  • I recently found your channel and I’m loving it. I’m Mexican American and haven’t traveled a lot to Mexico but recently we’ve been making it over there. I’m loving all your tips, you both are very transparent and love your details and honesty. Thank you for all you do.

  • timtrottproductions says:

    We track our Prius maintenance and service with FIXD which is a plug I module and a phone app. It tells what is wrong and tracks the service schedule.

  • I genuinely enjoy all your videos, I came across your channel a couple days ago and I’ve spent a lot of my time watching your videos. I can tell right away both of you are great people, and you’ve gained another subscriber/supporter. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, don’t let others bring you down with their negativity. You’re both doing such an amazing job!

  • Don't care how much you make!! I just love watching your videos and get a lot information about other places! I got a lot of information about last Vegas the do and don't and different deal and reward card!

  • Jorge Crypto Life says:

    You have no kids and no high Bills and the cost of living in small towns in Mexico are pretty cheap and the obvious YouTube income 💯

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