House Probes Military Travel To Troubled Trump Resort: Politico | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “House Probes Military Travel To Troubled Trump Resort: Politico | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  • He can now, not just rip off the government for taxes, but as Pres can now extend that to ripping off the tax-payers on a much grander scale. He will leave the presidency with billions more than the con-man could ever have dreamed of….all ripped off from the people, like all other despots who rob the people and make the wealthy elite more-so, by cutting his and their taxes, permanently. Watch, as soon as he is no longer president, cash in on all the deals he's made with Putin and the Saudis and, if he possibly could, Kim Jong Un to further his personal fortune. He and his family are corrupted, morally bankrupt, con-artist, grubs who should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law; which he has also corrupted. You'll need a very strong person to fix up the hideous, corrupt mess he and his lackeys have created in only three years.

  • Even Air Fuel!!! The crews need to get hazdty pay, with the insects they have to fight… And then discharge their superiors who are helping to cover it up… Pentagon level down… the only way to be sure

  • Watching from Australia Rachel and Lawrence are the most credible journalists in this time of the Russian Asset fake potus
    crazy world.

    The only way to describe this time as the “IT clown “ rampage 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • 11 million on Fuel?!????? Just to save this dotards crumbled financial empire!! They can try not to cooperate with oversight committees, but I remember promotion orders saying something about “the full faith and confidence of”… so that means that somebody’s going to answer with a career or 2

  • But wow. The military has been corrupt too. This is horrible. The most dangerous part of America now cannot be trusted by the American people. Make that click.

    This is the worst U.S. Presidency ever.

  • Emoluments-BLATANT CORRUPTION of this ILLEGITIMATE administration!!!!! Making profits for his LOSING BUSINESS with U.S. taxpayers' MONIES!!!!!

  • Duncan Richardson says:

    money losing business – especially overseas cash losing – greatly helps russian money laundering through us président Trump. All in criminel grifting opération should be indicted, go to j..ail, Guantamino a preferred waterfront location.he could even build a golf course there and conduit talks withTaliban and Putin.

  • This presidency, if we can call it that, is a reminder to the American population that the upper class caucasian man is exempt from any and all rules that the American middle & lower class, non caucasian non Male, non-heterosexual human has to abide by. This is why no scandal will end his presidency via impeachment .

  • There have been 629 fuel purchase orders worth 11 million dollars by the US air force at Prestwick airport since October 2017 according to the Defence Logistics Agency (reported in today's Guardian).

  • It looks there is independent highly privileged state inside of our country can be called Military force of USA which answers to only DT and live on taxpayers money. Mueller was example- all this spectacle with his report became a joke.

  • Trump gets more and more brazen in his criminal activities because he's never been stopped or held accountable for previous greed grabs. He MUST be stopped soon or he'll be too powerful to ever stop.

  • Corruption in plain sight- where are the checks and balances? Somebody in the military should be court-martialled. How can the Pentagon think that it is not accountable to congress and the American people.

  • Don't worry the military will protect and support trump even if it's illegal, what's a few court martial s trump won't flinch he'll just laugh at all of the losing tax payers. He doesn't care one Jack sh/t. It's his playground. What does impeachment gonna do? Nothing. trump is just a 8 year old child.

  • I have always wondered about that resort. It is a very strange location to try to build a successful high end Golf Resort in the first place. I wonder who the investors were/are on that venture?

  • The Irish Government have repeatedly refused to meet Trump, Pence or any American delegation at Trump resorts, as it would be unethical & the Irish Constitution demands the Irish Government behaves ethically when acting within the Nation.

    Strange the Yanks don't insist demand & enforce the same ethics from their gross odious party politicians!

  • As long as the #RealDonaldtRump 11/2016 fanbase continue to cover for their savior and the GOP go along with the belief that anything but a Republican is a travesty, it does not matter how stupid tRump's decisions and actions get. They are willing to fall over the cliff.

  • Irish Government Officials purposely meet with POTUS and VPOTUS at Shannon rather than Doonbeg, so as not to promote the Trump property.

  • No one is going to do anything to the orange monster. I hear this everyday " their going to impeach him for this or that" and they do nothing. Just stop and admit this country is totally corrupt.

  • Deusdedid Plumey says:

    And Trump is stopping recovery funds to PR due to their "corrupt politicians"? ….not to mention an island full of US citizens, "brown", but still US citizens.

  • But does this matter to the Republican Party or his base? They have never spoken out about this con artist yet, he can do no wrong according to them.

  • "I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic"

  • Ms. Bertrand = a great guest and kudos on the reporting.
    When trump is gone those in the military that okayed this will need to be demoted and hopefully prosecuted and put in chains

  • AbortRetry Fail? says:

    You know, saw a comment below mentioning the infamous Sharpie, and it got me to thinking. Just the other day, while laughing hysterically at the infantile shitgibbon's weather map edit, they mentioned how much he loves Sharpies. Have you ever caught a whiff of a Sharpie? Pretty noxious smelling stuff in there, I think I know what's wrong with his brain. The phrase "mad as a hatter" comes to mind, and for the same reason, I think he's suffering from Sharpie fume over exposure.

  • Tax payer resources? This is short-sighted spin and not even fake news. So sad. Reporting Trump's shoe laces are untied, so indicating dementia. Dumb.

  • That’s right go through back door get him out👌 The government set him straight on this in beginning. Barr pushed this issue by having his 30000 party at his DC hotel regardless if our government rules Get ride of all the corruption clean out our government 👌

  • Well Everyone Knew he was a Crook before Y'all voted him .. Now Everyone is Shocked that he is Stealing from Everybody… That's what Crooks…..Do Dammit

  • Donald Trump's scam is like the Teapot Dome Scandal in reverse!
    Instead of selling US Military property to corporations for pennies on the dollar…. He is FORCING the US government and foreign dignitaries to stay at his properties and pay Over-Inflated Prices .

  • Trump is a criminal and a conman who is only interested in stealing as much of the tax payers money as possible. Mike Pence is his accomplice in committing his crimes against America.

  • The “ chosen one “ going full throttle. It was only a matter of time before this hypocritical experiment called the United States implodes from its own graft and duplicity.

  • If the military won't cooperate with the Democratic investigations, then the democrats need to cancel all military funding until they start to cooperate. The military works for the people and not the other way around.

  • How are they doing this with a straight face?
    And why are people still defending this bald faced corruption?
    "But her emails…" "But Democrats…"

  • so when are Dems going to grow a spine and just impeach this most corrupt, and lawless administration even more than Nixon? if this was a Democratic President, the Republikklans would have impeach him or her long time ago. it's not that hard Democrats, you can even impeach 45 even on constitutional basis without the Mueller's Report. here are the charges: violation of the emolument clause, conflict of interests, campaign finance violation, contempt of Congress, violation of the Eminent domain and obstruction of Justice. 45 is committing all these crimes in Public Dems. enough with the investigations, just start the impeachment inquiry. the House should put all these investigations into the impeachment inquiry. hold prime time hearings and the public will pay attention. Congress must enforce our great country constitution. if Dems not going to impeach 45, they must say so and stop dancing around. if Congress don't impeach 45, then we need to remove the impeachment clause from the constitution.

  • Those don't look like shower curtains more like sheer curtains which probably help the camera lights not to pick up reflections in windows…….not a mystery, and why did you cover the tops of the curtains where the rods were? I really like this show , I really hope you haven't reduced your selves to fox news tactics, please stay true and honest, and be the one station we can depend on for truth and accuracy.

  • Why do I have such a bad feeling for the future of America? Is Trump getting ready to takeover the World 🌎 with his Team? He’s just saying whatever he likes and doing whatever he wants to do like he just doesn’t care. I’m really scared right now and I hope for the best. Be safe everyone

  • I really want to know how his supporters still think to this day that he's not corrupt. He's the most corrupt president that we've ever had and buy so much that it's not even funny

  • Captain Muhammed No Go Zone Joker says:

    Trump should invade Scotland, Ireland and every other country where he´s got a Hotel,Golf course,Resort etc, then he could prop them up with soldiers for as long as their presence is necessary!!!!

  • I'd love for the Scottish gov to sell that airport to a private firm with money to burn for £1, who then shut it down as an airport and turn it into a cheap hotel. All so Dotard can't profit from it.

  • Goes to show how much ‘we the people’ will allow to let happen.
    Let’s all write a comment about it and push a button to show support.

  • Let's stop playing the "impeachment" game.
    Nancy pelosi is openly protecting Donald Trump.
    Don't forget, "Corporate" Democrats are exactly the same fecal matter as the RATpubliKKKunts, there's no difference.
    I'm sure the rat Trump has dirt on pelosi throughout her "corporate" connections,.

  • Trump should be impeached, then criminally prosecuted. The only good thing about all this is that it ought to ruin the Republican Party. We will then have to guard against the richest corporations and individuals buying the Democratic Party and ruining it the way they did with the Republican Party.

  • The bitterly funny thing about all this is what a disastrously bad businessman Trump. EVERYTHING about the man is fraudulent, and he ruins everything he owns.

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