Hidden Things About RVs

Hidden Things About RVs

how’s it going welcome to another all
about RVs I’m Jared Gillis and today we’re gonna be talking about some of
those secrets almost hidden things that there’s quite a few people out there
that don’t know about RVs these typical things that are on RVs so let’s dive
into the list we got I think like five of them so if you look at RV locks this
is going to be the first one you have two locks on your RV lock you have the
upper one that will lock the the handset and then you have the lower one that is
the deadbolt so here’s the scoop on that this top one often times you’ll see like
an M on it and so that’s like a master lock so these are V dealerships they’ll
have a master key that goes to like tons of these RVs and they’re able to get in
and out of them quickly and so there’s master keys that go to that lock now
your keys gonna work in that also but this bottom one that is the deadbolt
that one is going to be keyed specific to your RV so that top one being a
master key a lot of people don’t know about that so I usually like to rely
more on the deadbolt one on the bottom rather than the one that could have a
master key out there that’s to say I don’t think people are running around
with master keys trying to get into RVs but I’d prefer to use the deadbolt now
on to number two remember this is the one you’re supposed to impacted
surprised on that’s I should have probably made this number one because if
you have a digital lock like we do these RV locks if you hold down the number one
button that’s why I should have made it number one you’ll hear some beeps and
when you hear those couple of beeps is what has just happened is you’ve just
silenced the beeps on your RV lock so a lot of people don’t like being able to
announce with these loud beeps when they leave or when they get there they would
prefer to silence them so if you hold down the one button you get those couple
of beeps and now it is silent so if you press any buttons no more noise now for
number three which has to do with this little vent over here which is the vent
is right above our oven so if we’re cooking and we want to turn on the vent
this is where that air comes out what some people don’t know is there’s
actually some tabs on this vent so that the if you release those tabs there’s a
little door that will open when you turn that fan on so if you don’t release
those tabs and you turn the fan on inside you’re not actually moving any
air to the outside you just have a noisy fan inside so if you want to use this
fan inside to be able to get some of that air out while you’re cooking
make sure you release those tabs and that will allow it to function properly
now number four it has to do with compartment locks the storage Bay Area’s
so if you have like a cylinder type of a lock on those bays and you have this
type of key then a lot of times those are keyed alike to almost all our RVs so
anybody with this key can come into your your storage area so if you’re wanting
to make your storage areas more secure swapping out these locks really is
pretty simple and a great idea so that not just anybody with that key can come
and open your your storage bay area I’ll put a link in the description to those
kind of locks in case you want to swap those out so we got two more actually
yeah two more inside now this one is an interesting one so on a lot of RV
fridges they’ll have this button up to here that says climate control switch so
if you’re wondering what that switch does is because your fridge is trying to
cool everything on the inside there is a heat strip basically that goes around
like a heating element that goes around your doors so if there’s condensation it
will eliminate condensation so you don’t get water just building up all around
your fridge doors so if you have that problem you can flip that on and it’ll
help alleviate that but if you’re out there boondocking and you’re not having
issues with condensation turn that off because you don’t want to be wasting
energy wasting power when you don’t really need to you don’t need to put a
heating element next to your door if you don’t have any condensation so that is
what the climate control switch does on your fridge now I know I said five in
the beginning so I guess we’ll call this one a bonus and this one has to do with
the AC I think more people know about this one
but you have these louvers and if you were to open these it’s gonna dump all
the cold air right here so say your RV is extremely hot and you just want to be
able to get the core area cooled down first so that you can have something
that’s somewhat comfortable you open up these louvers here so that all that air
just dumps right here in the center and then when that comes to temperature you
you’re happy with it you’re able to close this if you have it ducted
throughout the rest of the the RV and now it’s going to push it through the
ducts and drop it into like the the bedroom or the different area where
those ducts go so that it can evenly cool the RV a little bit better so just
a little bonus one there well hopefully at least one of those things or maybe a
few of those things we’re new to you or you haven’t heard those before now your
your let in on some of those little secret hidden things about RVs so that’s
gonna do it for today so if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button if you
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hopefully we’ll see you in the next video

100 thoughts on “Hidden Things About RVs”

  • Thanks for acting surprised on silencing the RVLock! You did great. In case you missed the joke check out the last video https://youtu.be/y_y5PNyKjm8

  • @3mins, and people don't have to fool with a key and flat head screw driver and just a little strength and they will turn and yet still anyone can get in your bays.

  • Setting the deadbolt when you leave, just place key hole back to center so people in the coach can get out. The tabs are for traveling.

  • We are brand new to RVโ€™ing as we purchased our RV in Dec. Have not taken it out yet(winter) but am retiring in April and plan on getting out ALOT in our 24โ€™ Coachman Forest River. This video was totally informative, our RV dealership showed us a couple of these things. Thank you very much for your video …and, YES I did subscribe and will look into previous videos. If anyone out there has any other great resources please please share them, we are great full. I understand the RVโ€™ing community is very supportive so am looking forward to hitting the road. Only 18 working days till retirement.

  • This kind of video is very helpful to those of us who are not old hands at rv camping. I did have an older motorhome, a class c, but we sold it a few years ago. I did know about the refrigerator heat strip, but only because I took an appliance repair class years ago, and knew that many home refrigerators have them. So it makes sense that on rv's you can shut them off to conserve energy, while in a household model, it is not so important. Great video, once again, I am going to subscribe, just to learn more, until I decide to buy one. Thanks for showing just the simple things, that are not always obvious.

  • Patric Paramedic says:

    Terrific stuff, as always. The lock & key detail will help an awful lot of people out there. It seems there are a myriad of ways we RVers can get into pickles without trying. Thanks for what you remind us, and the fun way you present the little but important matters re: life on the road. (Patric Paramedic, Author, "The Paramedic Heretic")

  • About to purchase a 5th wheel and have been watching your videos. They are very informative and will keep me from having to learn through trial and error

  • Big Kahuna RV says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the outside stove vent cover. Really thought it just popped out on it's own when you turned the fan on. Also didn't know about the fridge switch. Great video!

  • The Canadian RV Repair Guy says:

    Excellent video I have been servicing RV since I was 19 and you assume this stuff is known but it is surprising how much of it is not. One thing to add to you range vent is to make sure the tabs are flipped back up before travel or the flap get ripped out.

  • I love your videos!! They have helped me so much.. I bought a 2004 forest river sierra 37ft and redid the inside as well.. .. Looks just like yours!! I love learning what to do! I cant wait to change out the toilet..

  • Spencer Sprowl says:

    important thing about number 3, if you don't lock the tabs on that flap before traveling, the flap will likely break at the hinge points. happened to me twice. The hinge points are simply plastic sticks and cannot take the beating from wind generated by traveling down the road.

  • KiS Kaleidoscope says:

    This was a great video. Thank you. I have a suggestion that you change the title to โ€œsecrets of 5th wheels..[year of your rig]โ€.
    Not all of these secrets are RV related. Especially older RVs. They are however secrets on every 5th Wheel Iโ€™ve ever seen ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I've had my 1998 Catalina Coachman RV for 10 years now and I didn't know until recently that the refridgerator has a temperature control thing in the back right corner that slides up and down! Anyway, FYI.

  • Chris Hamilton says:

    You definitely did the right thing….very nice of you to answer the people who questioned your decision. It wasn't their's to make but they sure do have an opinion on everything. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just glad you both are safe and back on the road.

  • canadian redneck garage says:

    Most compartment door locks share the same key. Slam locks use a master key, and even the new trailers that use the same key as your door lock . All you need is a master key to open. I even have a key that opens dead bolt locks on door. Rv tech has its privileges. Lol

  • Food Porn Chef says:

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  • Andy Wildwood says:

    Problem using deadbolt is that if you travel and forget, or lose your key even locksmith cannot help you. It's time to get the chisel out. That's why our dealership only recommends using deadbolt if you are inside the camper.

  • Standra Ivey Jones says:

    What happens if you forget to go back outside after cooking to close vent? Is there a way to open for venting from inside?

  • Thoughts In Passing says:

    I was manager of a hotel where the office safe was robbed, come to find out EVERY manager who had ever worked at that hotel of course had the combination, and no one ever changed the combination or the safe out even when the hotel changed owners – DUH !!! Now which person over the years is a suspect to robbery ? This is an awesome video, and you are right, most people are not aware of these particulars ! Thanks for sharing !

  • All great tips. I've decided to replace all my cylinder locks for storage compartments thanks to this video. Lots of stuff to keep in mind to maintain an RV. I recommend using a maintenance program that's easily configured for an RV . The one I use www.automotivewolf.com monitors all the maintenance and also tracks parts, expenses and even the trips I take so I can make notes of places I stayed along with contact numbers and websites etc. Thanks for the video!

  • I never use the top lock, the door can be opened from the inside without unlocking it, if someone is in the trailer and they go outside they will be locked out whereas the deadbolt lock has to be unlocked by flipping the lever before anyone can go outside.

    The upper lock can only be locked and unlocked from the outside, I don't know if every RV is this way but I've owned several trailers and a motorhome and they were all like this.



  • Kimberly Moll says:

    The cold air doesn't come out of those Duct's I did what you said to do does that mean my ductwork is not hooked up and if it's not how do I hook it up ?

  • WonderingAimlessly says:

    Tabs… also make sure you lock the tabs when not in use to stop bees and other bugs from using it to nest.

  • People with working brains already knew of all your tips… but I'm sure you informed those without working brains!

  • That was great. Our smoke alarm kept going off when we cooked in our new truck camper even with the fan above the oven on. As soon as i saw this I paused the video and ran outside to check. Sure enough it was closed. I couldnโ€™t reach it so I climbed on top of the roof and after almost sliding off, I flipped the tabs and voila, instantly air started coming out. I climbed back down and my wife said it now sounded different. I wonder if eventually youโ€™d burn out that fan motor?

  • @ 2:42…item #3 about the fan. You said oven but did you mean that is the vent for the entire stove? I just noticed those clips yesterday.

  • CH751 Key: Also used on many things. Golf carts, for instance, E-Z-Go, especially. Some lawn and garden equipment, also. A very common key!

  • The M key (master for dealers) I imagine is much like the ones in production home building in that after the trailer key is used it releases a tumbler inside the lock and turns the lock to not allow the master to work anymore.

  • Here's another tip for HVAC ducting in the ceiling that I only learned about last week (and it seems to work). For the ducts not at the end of the line go get you some of those "half-ball door stops" that have a sticky flat side for affixing to the wall. Remove the round vent cover and affix the door stop to the top of the ducting above the vent cover – and then replace the cover. Now instead of the air mostly just rushing ACROSS the vent cover a bit more of the air will be diverted down into the cover and out the vents. I've known about the CH751 locks for years now; it's been a pet peeve of mine that I bring up every time I'm looking at a new coach and before buying I either insist that all of the locks be changed out OR I insist that they credit me $20 per lock to do it myself. Usually they just credit what I'm asking for so they don't have to screw with it. Another thing on my check list for new rigs is the tires (because I will not leave the lot with the standard tires placed on the rig for dry weight delivery to the lot). I look up what the rig is rated for and insist that the next rated tire is installed before taking delivery. I don't mind paying the difference in cost BETWEEN the two rated tires but I refuse to drive on tires I know are barely good enough to get me down the road. I'd rather be able to say, "Give me a credit for all 4, or 6, tires that are currently on the rig and I'll pay for the better rated tires" just for the peace of mind. Over time you learn that most of these manufacturers do just like everybody else; they roll 'em out with crap that's "just good enough" to get the rig on the road.

  • King's Water Systems says:

    Great information, have you tried a natural product you can make yourself? info at kingswatersystems, do you do reviews?

  • Michael Friml Photography says:

    Who are those 227 people giving thumb down? Those never had a RV…never made any video on youtube and arr jealous of successful nice ppl.
    Great video I am sure lot of people will learn many new things from you!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Lilly Wiggles says:

    This was a MUST SEE video! Can't thank you enough for sharing!!! Just extremely glad we watched before buying any kind of travel trailer!

  • Thanks for all the great info all the time. Big QUESTION AND ISSUE. First of all how much do these slide out actually hold on weight??? Have my stepdad with me for a month he's heave and a MOVER all night, I'm having the feeling my slide out suffers. APPARENTLY A ARGUE POINT: Yes or No to slide out stabilizer?????? I want to buy them read horror stories about them and btw I life in my newly renovated and acquired RV, I want to keep it for a long time around. THANKS for any suggestions and HELP.

  • Mike Vaillancourt says:

    I was so happy when you showed the #1 long press to silence the locks. I ran out to my camper and tried but no luck. It looks like we have the same lock but it definitely doesn't work on mine. Happy turned sad so quickly ๐Ÿ™

  • O M G your like 10 years behind us all in the travel world, people doing the same stuff, its getting really old.

  • Leticia Hoskins says:

    Tab on vent and the switch on the fridge are new to me. Gonna go check my TT to see if mine has those things now.

  • Yes! I just saved $180. My father in law stores his ice maker in an outside compartment. I'm just going to go and get it. Thank you for the tip!

  • Wow. I didn't know any. Thank you. My exhaust vent flap outside was locked. Thank you. Is the refrigerator condensation you mention, INSIDE the fridge or OUTSIDE? I'm having trouble inside.

  • Guns Jeeps Outdoors says:

    I fix campers and Motorhomes for a living. They have master keys to get past the deadbolt locks, they just arent as common for most of the RV techs to have because they are almost $100 for one key. Also they have master keys for the replacement lock cylinders that will get into the 10 most common ones. Really the only locks on a camper I havent seen a master key for are the Cirrus truck campers that take a special uncommon style key and some of the higher end motor home deadbolts. Also pro tip with the locks: spray some WD-40 into them just before winter and the locks wont freeze. The WD-40 repels the water so theres nothing to freeze. Also at a fish distributor I used to work at, they used airbrake air line antifreeze in the locks to alleviate the same issue

  • Thanks Jared for these tips on the locks and, vent for stove! What do you do and how long have you been rving? You are so informative!!

  • Oh my goodness, I didn't know about the outer over fan tab. I stopped using the fan because I thought it was broken. Thank you so much

  • Click bait! What secrets? None of them are a secret. How about reading the owners paperwork and you will discover all these so called secrets. Thanks for wasting my time. This could be one of the worst videos on YouTube.

  • I wish you didn't tell the secret about the compartment locks ! When I'm hitching rides and having bad luck I climb into the large ones and get a free ride. If you've ever found cigarette butts peanuts, candy wrappers, or other snack wrappers in your compartments it was me . I've also used your outside showers…same ๐Ÿ”‘.

  • The storage area key with CH751 on it, is also the most common key for lawn sprinkler controllers. So if you lose yours, you can go to an Irrigation supply house and get another one very cheap. Also the CH751 key will also open alot of honor bars in hotels.

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