So, you’re wearing a Christmas hat… That’s because I’m a gnome… Does that mean you believe in Santa Claus? Of course. He’s my boss. Otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense to be a gnome. That’s true. – And you’re a librarian? Yes, that’s right… I work at the Washington Public Library… Watch-ington… And what about you? Do you make toys for all the nice children? Well, yeah… I have to go to the restroom. You’re not leaving while I’m gone, right? Nope. I’ll be waiting right here! Are you ready to order? I’ll just have a salad then. And for the gnome? Why am I so fat?! I have fucking rice pudding-titties! I shouldn’t have chosen this sweater… Does the gnome want
the same drink again? Yes. Thank you. That would great. Three gnome beers! Thank you very much! Have you been drinking my beer? I just had to check what you were drinking… Just so you know, I’m not an alcoholic. Of course not. I drank lots of gnome beer as a child. What?! As a child?! Yeah…? Don’t you know it’s an extremely strong alcohol? No it’s not. It’s less then 2% Okay then. Maybe we should order some food. Hallo waiter! Actually he’s just been here. What? He’s just been here. But of course. Just as soon as the little fat gnome
goes out to take a dump – – the waiter comes running! Typical! Did you just make an order for yourself, then? Actually I’ve ordered rice pudding for you,
because I thought– –You thought WHAT?! I thought your ‘kind’ loves rice pudding. So because I’m a gnome,
I only eat rice pudding? You’ve been drinking nothing but gnome beer! Can we make one thing clear. First of all it’s not called GNOME beer. It’s WHITE beer. And second of all – – have you ever heard of anyone living
on a diet solely of rice pudding? But that’s just typical you humans. You just wanna see the fat little gnome
shovel rice pudding into his yap! Of course we don’t! The fuck you will! Do I look like an idiot?! That’s enough! From the moment I saw you with that stupid hat – – I’ve done nothing but trying to accommodate
your STRANGE behaviors! Then comes the truth! By all means – don’t wrap it in for my sake! You’re the probably most unsympathetic
human I’ve EVER met! I’M A GNOME FOR FUCK SAKE! And you know what I’m not going to wrap this year?! Your presents! Have a Merry Christmas! And then she leaves. Typically! Just because I’m a gnome. FUCK OFF! Is it because I’m fat?! Just give me the rice pudding! GIVE ME THE FUCKING RICE PUDDING! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel – – Copenhagen Shorts Or CphShorts… Is that what it’s called? CphShorts? If you like what you saw
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