4 thoughts on “Groups push to stop recreational pot proposals early in Arkansas”

  • #Legealizit #Arkansas You should be able to grow within a locked area such as a bed room or place where it can be secured…you still see these that do not want it to be legalized lie and say it will be given to children this is false. Prohibition is the main cause of the black market in Arkansas
    The natural state can make taxes from the sales of local shops that must follow the 21 and over rule. Any one giving it to children under 21 will face stiff fines and even jail time could be possible if you where warned and then continue to give it to children. The best way is to legalize it Sign on the line Arkansas and VOTE in November lets get this passed. #Marijuwana #Cannabis #Growers #NoProhibition We want to follow the laws but they must be changed and not hampered with by the good old boy network it is unlawful to remove something from a ballot after the people have done there work to place it there as a constitutional amendment. #Timeforachange Arkansas #Vote #ArkansasMarijuwana Less harmful then sugar aspirin caffeine Tobacco Alcohol and prescription drugs No one as ever overdosed or died from the use of cannabis thats a Known FACT! If they had the death toll would be in the millions and it has not and does not happen #Get the facts #MPP #MPA #Norml there is no physios that has ever been proven under the facts from use of the plant any mental illness before the use can not be blamed on a harmless plant….#Regulate and Legalize The Sky has not fallen Chicken Little your lies have gone on long enough 70+ years of Reefer Madness time for it to end.

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