GoodLife USA Unboxing The VIP Club Card  Booster postcard Tool.

GoodLife USA Unboxing The VIP Club Card Booster postcard Tool.

his communication is produced by an Independent Business Owner (IBO) with GOODLIFE USA. GOODLIFE USA cannot and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. Hello a good life nation and good life IPOs and all possible independent business owners folks today. We’re going to do an unboxing Okay with one of our new secret weapons that we’re gonna use with a VIP club parts now folks, I’m 99.9% sure of what this is these are all postcards and that Woodside And we have just received them, and we’re really excited, and we just wanted to share it with you There’s our receipt and We ordered 100 oven and we have some really good Packers and good life that looks like Break these open Exciting this is a new addition yeah, these are these are the glue dots that will go on the card and Here is the star of the show There we go how awesome is that so what’s going to happen is? We are going to apply our glue dots on the card And it’s going to go like this and we’re gonna pop those babies out and as you can see the current kind of speaks for itself they have front end duct, and they have perforated where we can get follow-up information and We’re gonna have to do another video on how to use your VIP cards with the best part Yeah, it’s really awesome guys with some really beautiful cards, it’s gonna help to take the recruiting and the selling out and because the chlorin actually explains What? The customer needs to though and without you even saying a whole Lot so we’re gonna do a test run and let you know how these work out. Yeah. Yeah, it’ll be fun I’m excited. Okay. Well don’t can bear number one Pro trainers of Team legacy good like you they Give us a call if you have any questions if you want your own $200 VIP club card we can get one to you Yeah, just text us on our phone number seven two seven four zero three four one six seven take a test-drive good life USA which Includes hotels luxury condo resorts and now online shopping go online shopping with this little guy That’s and that’s even before you’re a good life member now when you come in as a good life IBO Yeah, gold or platinum Then the sky’s the limit because you have access to everything but not only making money with our VIP cards and using these but Everything else our company has to offer now folks remember Our goal is to get you in a legacy 3 and it only takes to Two people folks so when you join our group our main focus is Getting you theirs first two people by getting you on the phone with us Whatever it takes whatever you need us to do because we understand one thing guys When you first come into a new business it may take you a month it may take you two months I’m a slow learner. Okay. It took me a while She kept us all a little quicker and I do sometimes, but I’m you don’t always know what to say But if you get me on the phone or Pamela on the phone We know what to say and we’ll help get your people in for you, so we want you to all utilize us. This is our full-time business, so we’re here for you and It’s not about me in a family. It’s about you. It’s about our group because we want our whole group to be as successful as we are and As successful as you know some of the other groups out there I mean we got the good life teams just amazing, but we’re here for you Get in touch with us, please subscribe to our youtube channel, and it’s a good life USA our Email is it’s a good life USA a gmail phone number seven two seven Four zero three four one six seven give us a call anytime We’d love to answer any questions you may have and on our systems on What we do what good life really is and we can explain that to you type like Hey you have you got someone great day yeah, what’s for the upcoming video on these cards Yeah, weren’t more info on the way. We’re gonna be doing a fester on here yes, let you see something really amazing and for all IPOs make sure you’re on the president’s calls on Tuesdays, and the founders calls on Thursdays for independent business owners only and All the information you need is in your back office night And we also have our Atlanta meeting coming up yep this Saturday I’m not gonna Saturday, so um make sure you’re there. It’s all over YouTube So check that out then after that we have our Vegas big Vegas Convention So uh, let’s see you all there Dell Pam Barrett signing off. God bless enjoy your day

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