Golf Swing Made Simple

Golf Swing Made Simple

Hey everybody my name is Danny Maude I’m here the beautiful 13 at the Canterbury golf club in Kent and this week I’d like to answer a question from one of my clients who asked me Danny with all the conflicting advice that you find on youtube on the best way to swing a golf club what is it is there a right way to swing a club you know is there a simple way to swing a golf club and the reality is is that there is no right way if you have a look at the professionals on television you’ll see that many of them swing very differently proving the fact that there is no right way but I believe that there’s possibly best practice okay things that the best players in the world they do have certain things that they do on a regular basis that are quite similar okay so in this video what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you what those things are I’m going to show you some of the pitfalls I see when people are trying to learn the golf swing and try to help you avoid them and at the end give you a couple of exercises that you can take away today to platts on the driving range or even practice at home to improve your golf swing so let’s get started so the first thing to realize about a golf swing is it’s an arc it works around the body okay here back to square and then around again now often when I find I’m coaching people then the real obviously a lot of players they want to hit a ball straight so intuitively they often feel like an ordinary the ball straight we want to go straight back and straight through and intuitive that cast seems correct but unfortunately that’s not the case in golf when we move it when we swing a golf club what we want to do is we want to work the club away immediately around the body back here and then gradually it comes back into impact and then turns around here the second thing okay when we look at the golf club obviously is they face possibly the most important bit so the same thing happens again when people are trying to learn the gossip in the often keep the clubface going very straight back like this and then when they’re coming through the shot okay they then try to keep it straight going through and unfortunately that’s not how any of the best players swing the golf swing is a rotational action if you look at this when i move back when i stir my body away you’ll notice the face look and the toe of the club is actually pointing up to the sky here and when we come back into impact it’s square but then immediately starts to turn to point to the sky on the way through so what’s the easiest way that you can go about achieving this movement so it’s nice and simple and reasonably quick to learn well the first thing I would do is I’d actually probably just show a club down for the time being and do an exercise actually without hitting any golf balls whatsoever and I’ll show you this from both angles but the first thing I want you to do is first of all get your posture sits nicely bent over the ball and then put your palms together okay so that we look at this your wrist here is directly in line with your sternum okay and then what we’re going to do is keeping this completely in line would like to do is just practice turning so like if we look here my sternum on my wrists here like still completely in line and then as we come back we’re simply going to turn back to the golf ball and through again so you’re not see if I do this a little bit quicker with the whole body in the arms and nicely coordinated okay things to watch out for when we do in this drill a simple this got to have the body nice and over the golf ball when you turn back to your right you want to make sure that in a sense you your thumbs here i pointing reasonably to the sky if you do this okay and your thumbs are pointing this way and basically actually going straight back okay I also on the way through if your thumbs are pointing that way on the way through that’s you trying to go straight again on the way through so remember this is a rotational movement so we’re pounds together sternum there in the middle of recent we simply the practice turning to the right stopping here not going any further just just stay here for now and turning back to to the follow-through so I’m shoot from this angle see what it looks like so from here look here we go I’m turn to the right turn to the left only go from there to there it’s a common problem so consistency a word that is right when people come for gobblers how do I become more consistent well with this swing most people unfortunately got the tend to use more arms than they actually do body so what all this exercise is going to do is going to encourage you to use a little bit more body in the golf swing so that it coordinates and complements the movement of the arms so from this angle here as you can see most people miss that to do this they move their arms away and if you look now like where’s my sternum it’s here I’ve lost connection start to move back and now out of position same on the way through they make start to do this on the way through so the body’s still facing here and the arms have gone okay so what we’re doing here is this simple exercise is get the body turning with the arms to the sternum is going with the wrists here and here okay what does look like with a golf club well very very similar here we outlet that’s my sternum is it in line with a golf club we’re going to turn it to there with my sternum pointing at the shaft back into here and then through again to hear nice simple exercise now what I do here is on a driving range I’d actually started hitting a couple of shots and I wouldn’t go for any big shots I probably be only hitting it 15 20 30 yards and all I would do is simply move the body back to here so the toes pointing to the sky yep back through and again to here and it looks something like this okay nice and simple keeping everything very coordinated just watch out when you’re doing this Martian we don’t see this what’s happened here there’s the sternum the ABS have gone we want to keep everything as we can very core is not easy but as you can see if we do this you can imagine that this is very repeatable very repeatable with some practice if you have any questions on this please do put the comments in the comment box below and I will answer them over the coming weeks

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  • Danny thank you for all the simple great tips. Are there any for weight transfer on the downswing? That is the hardest part on my game. Thanks,

  • Danny love the way you teach golf. I do have a problem coming over the top and pulling the ball. I know it's a weight shift problem because I get anxious and I'm a arm swinger. My question does this turn take care of the shift?

  • Great video I feel like my left arm gets pulled behind in backswing like near end of your video do you advise on more rotation? I hit superb golf shots then shanks come from nowhere

  • Does this work with irons as well as woods?
    Your video on hitting irons using downwards pressure looks very different.
    Does this mean you need two different swings, one for woods and one for irons, or am I missing something here?

  • Sascha Grossmann says:

    Hi Danny. Is your left Arm ALWAYS straight and not bend in the Up- and Downswing? Let me ask it in a diffrent way: Should it feel for us No-Pros like our left Arm is always straight and never bend? 🙂

  • I've played golf every summer for 10 years. This season I've been struggling with pushing the ball quite a lot. This happens when I use the full swing, but not on the shorter shots, so I probably do something wrong at the top og the backswing and/or the followthrough.
    Great video though. Will try it out on the range the next time I'm there.

  • chubby chequer says:

    Hi Danny good video but doesn't this contradict your strike it pure video where the arm work straight down to create pressure on the golf ball??

  • I'm having 6 lessons with Danny and after 2 lessons I have to say it's made a tremendous difference to my game in just a couple weeks. Having recently returned to playing golf after a break of 10 years I couldn't break 100. This weekend I had two rounds under 90.In my first lesson Danny started by asking me about my game, what I saw as my bad shot and what I want to achieve which seems an obvious thing to ask but  I think it's very important. At the end of the lesson Danny always finishes with a summary of the key points of the lesson, once again obvious but never-the-less so important.Rather than discussing what I'm doing wrong Danny's approach focuses on SIMPLE instructions of 2 or maybe 3 things work on giving simple analogies like "spiral staircase", "coiled spring" and "skimming stones" which are very SIMPLE to visualise and have really helped me. (I've heard nightmare stories of golfers who have had lessons and then can't hit a ball afterwards because their mind is so muddled)It's still a work-in- progress but I'm very happy with the improvements in my swing so far and finishing the round with the same ball I teed-off with has got to be a good thing ! :-)Thanks Danny ….. keep up the good work

  • Patrick Anlauf says:

    Excellent demonstration. I have a problem as to "where" that back swing slot really is. I spray my balls to the right often.

  • Wish I found your videos a long time ago. Although I was born in England, I have been living in Canada since 1958.I have found your instruction extremely helpful.

  • The Quiet Center says:

    I like this video because it approaches something simpler than the full swing and gives the beginner a workable first goal that they can get to in a very short time. Instead of trying to blast the ball with full effort and full takeaway. My questions are (1) In this video, centrifugal force has no effect on the player or the club. In a complete swing, does the cocked position of the wrist and resulting release due to centrifugal force build on this simple swing? (2) Also I notice that the upper and lower body are moving in unison. Is this acceptable for now and do you advocate separating and leading with the lower body in a full swing?

  • Hello Danny! I,ve practice your drill that you are showing in this video! Somehow, i would have appreciated that you've complete the sequence, meaning after this practice drill, finishing the move to the top, and the downswing! Thank you Danny! ps: i've been to japan, and a top japanese teacher asked me to keep my right elbow close to my body in the back swing, and it works pretty good for me!

  • i'd really like to see the completion of that video Danny!! I've practice very much this abriviated swing with the driver, but i'm a bit confused with the hinge of the wrists in the full back swing, and the downswing as well!!!!

  • Excellent video content! Apologies for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you thought about – Paneevelyn Swinging Clubsman (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is a great one of a kind guide for revealing an effortless golf swing technique minus the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my friend at very last got astronomical results with it.

  • I've been playing this game for only 4 years, every time I have a not so good round, I always watch this lessen… I know I would need quite a lot of time to get rid of my unfriendly muscles "memory" and yet I have found a solution to my issues! I've been playing a better game already! Many thanks Danny!

  • Doesn’t this conflict a bit with your video about creating lag. In other words, shouldn’t the lower body lead the upper body?

  • Watched to learn from many on YouTube. Lately found Danny. He makes things so easy to understand . eg for the first time I understood chipping after 20 years of misconception. All beginners and high handicappers must follow him. Cut strokes instantly. Tks Danny!

  • Awesome Dan , would i be correct to focus on keeping my hands in line with my sternum while cocking my wrists ,do i have that rite ? thanks for the vid !

  • Kosher Co-operative says:

    Hi Danny Jim Hardy advocates that there are two different types of swings and the confusion over the years is that people and coaches have been mixing up the two totally different swing fundamentals. He states that the two types of swings are a one plane and a two plane swing. In a nutshell the one plane is more of a baseball type swing standing more bent over and using more of your body as the engine. So as you take the club head back it is slightly closed just because you are standing more bent and slightly more further away from the ball. On the two plane which is more of a hands and arms swing you stand slightly nearer the ball and as you take the club head back it is more vertical. This swing relies more on rhythm, timing and tempo , can you tell me your take on the two different type of swings and should I be taking note of this? I have been playing golf for nearly 30 years and have been down to low single figures but I am still confused about what swing fundamentals I should be concentrating on as there is so much conflicting information out there!

  • Club de Tennis Dolbeau-Mistassini says:

    I wish it was as simple as you describe it in your vid. Golf is probably the most difficult sport I've ever tried, and I've tried quite a few: swimming, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, hockey, volleyball, badminton, judo, baseball, fastball and tennis. No wonder so many people quit after a few years…

  • Hi Danny,
    I noticed in this video you mentioned that the thumbs should be up half way through the backswing, in other videos you say the club head should match the spine angle which puts the thumbs close to a 45 degree angle and a more closed position. I am a big fan of your videos and want to make sure I understand them, thanks

  • Antonakis Demetriou says:

    Dear Danny I reall enjoy your videos they are easy to understand and I also like your enthusiasm
    I bet your star sign is Gemini.Anyway I've been out of action for three weeks with a very painful shoulder
    Even more so since I've had a cortisone injection it made it worse.As soon I'm fit enough I will go on the range and practice all your tips and if they sort my problems and loss of distance especially now that I'm becoming an old codger.If they put me right I'll be coming up there to take you out for a lovely meal as a thank you.If not I'll be booking a lesson with you face to face.All the best mate Tony

  • I must admit that this drill kind of confused me a little. When I tried it felt as if my hands where to far from my body, not a good feel. Can you explain why this gave me a wrong swing thought

  • Hi Danny, when establishing a good setup with correct spine angle over the ball, where should the weight / center of balance be from heel to toe? I have seen so many teachers say the weight should be forward of centre towards the balls of the feet for an athletic stance, but both Hogan and Norman (two of the best / most athletic swingers of all time) say the weight should definitely be behind centre towards the heels. Which is the right way and why? Thanks.

  • This dude is excellent always very clear instructions that make so much sense I would love to get some lessons from Danny cos I know he would dramatically improve my game

  • When do you raise the right arm into the triangular position for the top of the back swing? When you see classic form of the back-swing from a rear view of the golfer, the left arm and the bent right arm form a triangle.

  • Danny, this is a great drill as I am all arms and am not using my body. Have been doing this drill for the last few days. What is the next step in terms of getting the swing to the top?

  • I read the golf swing secrets “Jοmtοnο Naha” (Google it) immediately after I received it and the following day I was at the golf field trying out the driving tactics for longer range. I was instantly taking appropriate divots with my irons, appropriately after strong impact. I hit ten to fifteen yards more range than the usual distance I have with my irons. Get your own today! .

  • Aart van der Molen says:

    Great channel Danny ! Interesting progress in teaching: compare tthis to the video with the same title 2,5 years later ! 🙂

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