Go Horseback Riding in St. Croix – Let’s Roam U.S. Virgin Islands

Go Horseback Riding in St. Croix – Let’s Roam U.S. Virgin Islands

Travel is about moments. Big, small and everything
in between. I’m Courtney Scott, come on, Let’s Roam. If you find yourself in the Caribbean,
I highly recommend exploring the island by horseback. On St. Croix, the place to do it
is Paul and Jill’s Equestrian Stables. First, you’ve gotta make friends with your horse.
I named him Butterball because he’s nice an fat and juicy like a Butterball turkey, and
he’s a snacker so I call him Snacker. There’s nothing wrong with that Butterball. One two
three and up! Oopa! Hold the reign in one hand like this, if you want to go to the right
you bend right, and if you wanna go left you bend left. Let’s do it! Butterball knows this riding trail like the
back of his, well, hoof! And he guided me past giant rain trees, orchards and jungle
vines to his favorite spots, all of which had something to do with food! Stopping for
a little sweet snack on the ground. He loves these molasses pods. By far the hungriest
horse I’ve ever met. All of this snacking made me hungry, luckily you can just grab
a passion fruit from the tree above. Tear off the end, suck out all the seeds. He doesn’t
want it. Butterball saved the best for last, we emerged from the dark forest and onto the
pristine shores of this white sand beach. And of course, one more snack for the road.

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  • Of all the things to do in #StCroix, #horseback riding is at the top of our list. From jungle trails to white sand beaches, host Courtney Scott heads to Paul and Jill's Equestrian Stables for an island riding adventure!   #LetsRoam  

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