Getting Started Garmin Forerunner 35  – Your First Run

Getting Started Garmin Forerunner 35 – Your First Run

in this video we’ll show you how to get
started with the Garmin Forerunner 35 first thing that comes out of the box is
the device and the charging cable recommend that you clip it in and plug
it into your USB to charge it fully before you get started during this time
you may want to download the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone or Garmin
Express for your desktop computer once you’re charged you can now take a look
at the buttons this is your power button or your backlight so you can press to
turn it on you also have your Run button which will make your selections choose
your running profile start and stop the timer this is your down button also
controls your music and over here we have our back menu or lap button so
doing start up we can scroll down and choose our language here we’re going to
choose English one pair of smart phone right now we’ll cover this in another
video but here we’ll just choose no you know will tell you where to go look for
it our units we’re gonna choose kilometers our clock and then we can
choose our user profile now once you’ve synced with your Garmin
Connect this might change but you leave it to the defaults for now or you can
send it up click on run and we’ll choose run out door what we want to do here is
to get the GPS signal and this time it’s also checking for our heart rate if we
head out on our wrist we would have our heart rate but before you go out for
your first run definitely want to make sure that you want to go outside make
sure your satellites this will also reset your clock if you haven’t paired
with your smartphone

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