Gay Travel : Los Angeles, California

Gay Travel : Los Angeles, California

Hey, it’s Josh Rimer and today I’m in LA on
another trip around the Gayosphere. Where you can visit a gay beach and what’s known
as the gayest city in the country… talk about your ultimate gaycation. is your gateway to the best
gay and lesbian travel destinations, like Los Angeles California – where you’ll find
gorgeous beaches and maybe even spot a celebrity or two in the entertainment capital and second
most populous city in the US. Only New York is bigger, but they don’t have sunny weather
for almost 300 days of the year. The City of Angels as it’s called is not known
for being easy to get around. Transit can be very slow and a difficult way to try to
get from one place to another and driving congestion can make even short trips turn
into long ones. It’s best to plan to have a vehicle here and always give yourself extra
time to get around. Plan your hookups accordingly. LA is of course especially known for one area
in particular – Hollywood. It’s the neighborhood that represents the motion picture industry
and has the Hollywood Walk of Fame with 2400 stars within the sidewalks stretching out
over 18 blocks. The famous Hollywood sign that overlooks the area was first erected
in 1929 and has remained erect ever since… even without the help of prescription medication. Venice is the recreational beachfront neighborhood
known for its two and a half mile pedestrian area along the beach. Here you’ll find the
outdoor gym known as Muscle Beach, a variety of shops and vendors, and all sorts of interesting
characters. And look, for only $40 you can get a medical marijuana card! Only in LA. Next to Venice is Santa Monica, which is also
known for its beautiful beach area and especially its pier. Built in 1909 the large double-jointed
pier is home to a family amusement park, an indoor carousel that’s a national historic
landmark, and a variety of shops and restaurants. It’s also a popular spot for guys with big
rods… as in anglers for fishing… what did you think I meant? West Hollywood, or WeHo as it’s often referred
to, is the main area for the LGBT community with 40% of people living in it identifying
as gay. It’s filled with all kinds of cool shops, restaurants, and bars. It has been
rated the most walk-able place in California so whether you want to shop for stuff during
the day or men during the night, it’s not too hard to get around and find just what
you’re looking for. Oh hello. Silver Lake tends to be where the bears hang
out and Westside is where you’ll likely find a twink or two. LA in general is a really
diverse city with nearly half its population born outside of the US. It has the largest
Mexican population outside of Mexico and ethnic areas specific to about a dozen other large
immigrant groups. Today I went to little Tokyo, little Ethiopia and little Armania. *motorcycle
noise* And I’m guessing that guy has a little d**k. There is just too much to see and do in an
area like LA to be able to fit it into one video so the best thing to do is of course
to come check it out for yourself. Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, and beautiful landmarks…
it really is an incredible place for sightseeing and people watching. Speaking of which, I
think I see Lady Gaga over there… or is that just a clown with bad makeup. Same thing.
Just kidding little monsters! Thanks for watching and be sure to visit
to plan your next trip! And of course subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss the
next episode when I’ll be at another LGBT friendly destination somewhere in the Gayosphere!
Now since I’m here in Beverly Hills I might as well go do some shopping… hello Rodeo
Drive, goodbye life savings!

29 thoughts on “Gay Travel : Los Angeles, California”

  • Great travel log! Good balance of describing cultural districts, areas of commercial interest, Hollywood, beaches, as well gay-focused venues.

  • Josh , that was vcery clearing to me ! I´m freom outside the US and kind of helped me to figure out and decide what I want to do in LA.  I was lanning sth , but now  with your hep . I will replan  my vacation . Thank you once again !

  • Can anyone tell me what the gay scene and dating is like in L.A. right now? How is it for black men/mixed men/interracial couples?

  • were Is the best place to find a good looking guy in a gay bar please let me know from John McCabe I am hoping that I can come to Lost Angeles California next year summer to find love

  • I'm new to this Im dying to go to my first bareback or bathhouse I'm from los Angeles can some body were to go please me up

  • Veritas ForYeshua says:

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  • Wake up people ; stop with this gay and lesbian trans…story…! You people need repent : dont weit for another HURRICANE also in Los Angeles….! JESUS IS COMEING !

  • Ariel G: You dont need and any one to belive me YOU NEED BELIVE GOD ..! ALL SINS WILL ONLY BRING 1 way ticket to HELL.Its ok if you dont belive than continue People with this dirty life style..!

  • Sentimental Gurney says:

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  • Mark ledesma says:

    there isn't much info, mark's is a great restaurant just as yamashiro and fogo de chao, afloat sushi in pasadena, how about bars, bath houses, sex clubs, adult moviehouses, farmers market by 3rd and fairfax is a nice place to eat, beside it is the grove, fullhouse in chinatown is good, the buffet at hilton universal is very good, a cheaper version is osaka in glendale.

  • Hulk Bruce Banner says:

    According to LGBT tour operators, metros as well as smaller cities have emerged as destinations for pink travellers. These include Kerala, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer, towns in the Himalayan foothills, Delhi, Goa and Kolkata. 6 Days Golden Triangle Tour, Golden Triangle Tour with Khajuraho-Varanasi, Malabar escape etc are few destinations emerging as gay friendly vacation spots.

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