Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids | AD

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids | AD

90% of life is now spent indoors. I do not think it is right and I hope that
this video will inspire you to take your children outside, in the forest or in the garden and
spend more time there. Outdoor Classroom Day, in partnership with
Persil, is a global movement that sees millions of teachers celebrating the benefits of both
outdoor play and learning. If you are a parent, you can encourage your
school to sign up by visiting website And if you’re a teacher, you can sign up
too by visiting the same website.

15 thoughts on “Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids | AD”

  • Rita Rylikova says:

    классно!мы такое же маятниковое рисование делали. Только взяли за основу штатив от фотоаппарата и бутылку с насадкой. Очень красивые узоры получаются. И разными цветами

  • Thi Huong Thao Dinh says:

    thank you for suggesting me about #OutdoorClassroomDay! Your guys inspire me and give me a lot of ideas to enjoy everyday! <3

  • Nature Play Kids says:

    Hey Dadlab dad! We are so pleased to have found your channel. Your boys are absolutely lovely and very lucky to have such a cool dad who comes up with all these cool activities. How do you do it?! Our 2 boys are going to love them and the outdoor activity videos have given us some ideas for our own channel; we've just started a channel about nature play (because, as you say, it's not right that children spend 90% of their time indoors). We are the first channel about nature play and I don't think we've got the formula quite right yet, but we're getting there. We'd love to collaborate with you. We'll credit you if we do any of your outdoor activities and I've subscribed as well. Your channels is amazing and I think it's going to get very popular.

  • Mai's Adventures says:

    Amazing love it! Im always trying new forest school activities for outdoor learning with kids too! So much fun! 😀

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