Full Review | 2019 Carado Axion | A Short, Affordable Lithium-Powered Class B Camper Van

Full Review | 2019 Carado Axion | A Short, Affordable Lithium-Powered Class B Camper Van

A camper van that will get you into the RV
lifestyle for under $65k AND happens to be the shortest available here in North America? Yes! We’re reviewing a 2019 Carado Axion and we’re
starting right now! Hello everyone! Neil Balthaser here and welcome to Ultramobility
Reviews the channel where you vote for the RVs that you want me to review each week. Looking to vote? Head on over to my Community Tab and look
for the polls! There are very few reviews to be found on
YouTube about the Carado Axion and even fewer that aren’t dealer or manufacturer sponsored. But that’s not what you’re getting today. Let’s jump into this review starting with
the exterior where we’re also going to talk about chassis specs and hookups. The Axion is built on the Ram Promaster 1500
chassis which means this little guy is powered by the same engine that powers its larger
siblings: a 3.6L V6 gas engine with a 6 speed transmission capable of delivering 280HP and
260 lbs-ft of torque. The Promaster 1500 chassis is one of the shortest
available here in North America clocking in at just 17’9″. I love that size because it means this van
drives like a car and can easily park in any standard parking space. Like all vans from the Erwin Hymer Group this
is one very automotive looking van. There’s no loud branding or swoopy graphics
and nearly all rv-giveaways like access panels and exhausts have either been eliminated or
placed inconspicuously. This is a van that is designed to blend in
and is the most clean looking van that I’ve reviewed to date. I appreciate the automotive type glass and
the permanent, chrome step along the sliding door. Here I am sitting in the driver’s seat with
the seat pushed all the way back. I’m 5’10” and while my arms pretty much fully
extended there is no more room to tilt the seat back. My legs are pretty comfortable but if you’re
a taller driver you might find it challenging finding a comfortable seating position on
this coach – that’s partly due to the fact that Promaster’s offer telescoping but not
tilting steering wheels. Moving along the driver’s side: wow, this
is clean coach. There are absolutely no vents whatsoever except
for that tiny circular exhaust which is the vent for the standard Alde combined propane
furnace and water heater system. The only access panel you have here is the
one to the dump station which is hard to see (but that’s a good thing) and is located just
below the Alde furnace vent. Other hookups however are all located down
low and that includes shore power and water which are along the driver’s side just in
front of the dump station. The propane tank fill is along the passenger
side below and behind the step to get into the van. Okay let’s head inside and see how this van
is laid out and also go over dimensions and other specs. Here we are stepping into the van. Directly in front of us is your lounge/bedroom,
in the back is the bathroom and directly to our left is the galley. I really like this layout: It’s functional,
open and airy feeling and I have to keep reminding myself that I’m in a 17 foot van! This coach is 2 feet shorter than coaches
built on the shortest Mercedes sprinter chassis. 2 feet! A few things I want to point out: Carado offers
a 2 year warranty. Not the best but twice as long as some coaches
which are twice the price. And, they also offer 2 years of roadside assistance
which again isn’t offered on coaches more expensive than this. The dealer advertised price for this van as
configured for this review is $80k but that includes every available option. Alright let’s talk about this galley where
we’re also going to take a look at the electrical system. This is a very cleverly designed galley. The counter is deep which affords you plenty
of prep space and there’s a large flip up counter extension to the left of the 2-burner
stove. You have a stainless steel sink with a brushed
aluminum residential style faucet. I prefer the residential style faucet over
marine style sinks where the faucet folds down into the sink as those types of faucets
have a tendency to turn on when you fold them down. I also appreciate the brushed aluminum backsplash. Above is your 0.7 cu. ft. microwave – this
isn’t a convection microwave. To the right of the microwave is your control
center for controlling your electrical system and your dimmable rope lighting. We’ll come back to the electrical system in
a moment. Down below, under your stove is your 3.1 cu.
ft. compressor driven refrigerator. I kind of like the fact that it is easily
accessible from the outside when the sliding door’s open. And there’s that large pull out counter extension
directly above the refrigerator. Let’s take a look at storage. You’ve got a row of drawers below the sink. Below the stove is your refrigerator so no
storage there but I love this second flip up counter extension! You can use it as extra space OR as a workstation
when you’re sitting on the couch. Brilliant! On the opposite side of the aisle you basically
have a floor to ceiling pantry – so considering the fact that we’re in a 17 foot van there’s
pretty good galley storage. I do need to point out that neither the cabinet
doors nor the drawers are positive locking. While we’re in the galley let’s talk about
your aisle-way space. Take a look down. It’s okay. It’s not as tight as some coaches but that
wide compressor refrigerator does push out the counter a bit into the aisle-way. Okay let’s talk about this electrical system. Standard on this coach are 2 6v lead acid
batteries with 1200wh of capacity and a generous 2.0kw inverter. You get no generator and no solar – the batteries
are charged off the primary alternator for the engine so the standard setup is a bit
lacking. But the important thing to note here is that
you have an electrical system upgrade path that candidly isn’t available on most entry-level
coaches. You can also opt for 400ah of lithium (that’s
4800 watt-hrs) for $5000, a underhood generator for $3500 and up to 200W of solar for $1,365
ALL of which has been optioned on this coach that we’re reviewing. So this coach for $80k has a very capable
electrical system. Okay let’s head on into the lounge/bedroom
where we’re also going to talk about the bathroom and some standout features and options. I really like this lounge setup. The sofa is long enough for 3 people to sit
comfortably and when the cab seats are swiveled around 5 people can be in this lounge. A pedestal table can be setup both here and
between the two cab seats. That second table means someone can be working
up front while someone else is still in bed. That’s a surprising luxury for a 17 foot van. While sitting on the sofa I had plenty of
headroom and it was a good height as my feet weren’t dangling. I also had proper back support. The sofa does not electrically recline and
there are no ottomans for kicking up your feet but the windows in the cab help keep
things bright and airy and both side windows slide open for cross ventilation. These windows also feature privacy shades
and screens. There’s an optional 24″ LCD tv up here but
it’s in an unfortunate location for viewing when you’re sitting on the couch. On the positive side I appreciate that Carado
includes USB and an AC outlet conveniently located under the sofa and across from the
workstation. You’ve got plenty of overhead storage for
your bedding and as we’ll see in a moment a large wardrobe closet in the bathroom. You get one décor option with the Axion:
a cream colored faux leather on the sofa, vinyl wood-patterned flooring and faux walnut
wood cabinets. I do like the brushed aluminum trim on the
cabinets. Let’s have a look at how this area performs
as a bedroom. You can manually flip out a sofa extension
and have one 47″x72″ bed. Two people could sleep on this bed but it
would be tight and the person sleeping closest to the wall would have to climb over the other
person’s head to get to the bathroom. But if you’re a single person you don’t have
to flip out the sofa extension – you can sleep on the sofa as a single. Keeping in mind that I’m 5’10” you can see
that I just fit in with a couple inches to spare. Unfortunately this isn’t a bed for taller
folks. There’s plenty of width though even with the
back rests in place. I like the fact that there are no seams with
this bed. There are no parts that need to come together
to make the bed but the cushion isn’t the most comfortable and you’ll likely need to
use and store away a mattress topper. Let’s have a quick peek at some standout features
and options before taking a look at the bathroom. This is a basic coach and Carado’s philosophy
is to keep it simple so other than the electrical system upgrades you only have the 24 inch
LCD as a $840 option. I was surprised to find out that there are
no side or rear screen doors as an option. But I was equally surprised that Carado uses
the excellent Swedish made Alde combined furnace and heating system in this coach. Alde is a top notch brand component normally
reserved for higher end coaches and on the Axion we find that it’s standard. Also, the metallic exterior paint options
are also standard. On other makes and models this can be a $600
upgrade. Our final stop is the bathroom where we’ll
also see the tank sizes before I give you my final recommendation. This is a nice sized bathroom for a 17 foot
coach. You’ve got a normal toilet with a proper black
tank, a flip down sink which I’m a fan of because it just creates more space when you
don’t need or want it. I like the brushed aluminum residential style
faucet that also smartly doubles as your shower head. One of the benefits of a rear bathroom is
that if you or your kids or pets are dirty you can enter from the rear doors and wash
everything down before stepping into the coach. And can I point out that Carado has found
homes for the two table tops here in the doors. Take a look at all this storage here in the
bathroom! We have floor to ceiling drawers and cabinets
including this large wardrobe cabinet above. Here I am sitting on the toilet and I’ve got
nothing scrunching my shoulders and nothing behind my head – you can’t always say that
even in some larger class B+ coaches. And here I am standing and you can see that
there’s good head room. I’m 5’10” and there’s at least 4″ to 5″ inches
above the top of my head. While we’re looking up take note of the powered
rooftop vent – something else that’s often missing from a bathroom. One thing that I’m not a fan of is this bathroom
door. It doesn’t close completely for privacy. You have to open one of the cabinet doors
and use it to block an opening in order to get complete privacy. That’s cumbersome and it’s a design flaw that
Carado should address. As we swing the camera around let’s take a
look at the tank sizes. You have a kind of smallish fresh water capacity
and your grey and black water is combined into a single 22g tank – that means both your
grey and black water share a single tank. Your grey water tends to fill up faster than
your black water so you’re going to have to monitor and closely manage your combined grey
and black water. These smaller tank sizes means that this is
not an ideal coach for boondocking. It is good however to see that Carado includes
the macerator pump as standard. Before I give you my final recommendation
I have to talk about quality. When I looked at previous Axions I saw serious
quality issues including large gaps in cabinets, a shower door that fell off its tracks when
I tried to close it and the plastic sink in the bathroom coming apart. To be fair I didn’t see any of those kinds
of quality issues in this Axion so perhaps Carado has upped their quality control. But, there was still a quality issue in this
coach. If we go back to the bathroom, you’ll notice
the stripes on the wall behind the toilet. That’s sticky tape and it’s supposed to hold
the mirror up but unfortunately the mirror had fallen off and was laying on the floor. But that was the only serious quality issue
I found in this coach. I reached out to Carado to let them know about
these quality issues and also to give them an opportunity to tell their side of the story
but as of the date of the release of this video I haven’t heard back. If they do end up responding, I’ll pin their
response in the comments section below. So what’s my final recommendation? Should you avoid the Axion? Consider it? Short list it? Or buy it? I think you should… consider it. If you’re a single person and want a short,
affordable camper van that gives you a great upgrade path to lithium then the Axion is
for you. Not only do you get a 2 year warranty and
2 years of roadside assistance, you get it all on a fully loaded coach for under $80k. That’s a great price for anyone looking to
get into the RV lifestyle. Let me know if you agree in the comments section
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Reviews where you vote for the RVs that you want me to review. Watch out for the 360 degree video tour of
the Simplicity SRT dropping soon after this video releases and a live questions and answer
session following that! I’ll see you soon everyone! Take care! BBye!

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    I heard back from Carado about quality but after this video was cut. Here's what they had to say about the issue: "(We) have not heard any issues with the bathroom door. Mirror clips are now being added to permanently secure the mirrors."

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    This Axion seems to be getting so much closer to what we're considering for a full-timer who tends to feel overwhelmed w too many RV requirements. While nothing is challenge-free this Axion's length is an enormous plus for parking & stealth-parking options. The rear bath is preferable, as you mentioned its rear entrance to clean-off, is most advantageous. Also, the distance from the back door helps in keeping warm.
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    The LIP upgrade path is a must have option. But a $5k it’s a bit on the high end. More details please!

  • Piece of sh*t that is overpriced! Japan and Germany make better ones! Never buy USA made RV/camper vans. They are inferior and are OVERPRICED!

  • I'd like to see a video of you sleeping on that sofa with a counter adding up all the times you fall to the floor. And that bathroom? You might as well stick your ass out a window. That is some 80,000 dollar value.

  • This is a good choice for the money considering a new van will run you 30 to 40k anyway..and with all the work done here you couldn't do a custom van build like this without spending 20k plus…so here it is…I've seen them for as low as 50k $ for slightly used..most people dont keep these for more than a couple years so I'm sure there out there

  • Isnt there a curtain to close off the cab area ??..do you have to make your own ?..not a big issue..also cabinet s draws..should lock or have magnets..otherwise looks like a good road trip van..without being overkill *

  • I think if you bought a cargo postmaster for $30,000 and built it yourself for $20,000 you can bulid it much better with better electrical system total cost $50,000 or less….. On this van the bed doesn't even fit 2 people No generator… I don't like this set up

  • Hi Neil, I just saw a 2018 Carado Axion for sale with an extended 4 year bumper to bumper Service Contract from Campers Edge including roadside assistance. Are you familiar with Camper's Edge?

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