Fortune High Tech Marketing Shut Down | What Should You Do Next?

Fortune High Tech Marketing Shut Down | What Should You Do Next?

hehehe three bombing here and there’s
some uh… breaking news right now fortune hi-tech marking about lexington
kentucky has actually been and shut down as a pyramid scheme
excelled united’s women on the news for a amol and you know a lot of people call
these things pyramids and a lot of most of them are really not pyramids and you
know the definition of the pyramid is that people make the money only by recruiting arrests and that’s
how all the money is made uses a really really sad stories in a lot of people
hang dry but at the bottom line is most of the people involved in a fortune
actor marketing or making less than fifteen dollars eight-year ninety
percent of people and they were asked to spend fifty nine dollars a year in order to
you know be partisan company and not be part of the compensation plan so uh…
really big below for network marketing tan you know i i feel so sorry for other
people that that but their time and energy in into this so you know that the
problem with this company has that all the money was being paid on
recruiting okay and when that happens there’s
little there’s little to no uh… emphasis
placed on the products and antithesis really sat so what what to do
now now for genetic marking the check them if you have a downline you taken
somewhere you wanna do something quickly or actually end up reliance right now
with another company and it’s only ten dollars a month so
this has been ten dollars a month i need to turn right work and create a lunch is
really exciting you can make up to twenty five hundred dollars a month without sponsor ok without sponsoring
it’s matrix so basically you know everything from slows over on under
people so they can make money and even if they don’t want sponsor this is great
for a little bit this is also great for somebody who has a big
organizational and bring them or somewhere quickly and uh… he’ll not let this job for
genetic marking tina really dragged out okay so click the link below giving on the prixmoinscher this
companies can be huge there for a couple of reasons one is that the low barrier
to entry ten dollars is nothing uh… its impact so it’s a digital and
you don’t have to sponsor to make money again which is dis is very attractive to
a lot of people so click on the link below to bomb the
premature and take a look at it in your actually my backoffice should be on this
channel higher status in click that link and if you have already lost money for
genetic marking hey you know just just keep on talking

7 thoughts on “Fortune High Tech Marketing Shut Down | What Should You Do Next?”

  • Hello I am a 19 year old male in Michigan that is a representative for fortune Hi Tech Marketing. All of your information you provided in your video was completely false about fortune Hi Tech Marketing. It seems as though you have done almost no research on the company. It's a marketing company. Big companies like Dish Network, Verizon Wireless, and Xoom energy pay us for getting them customers. There is a compensation plan for recruiting new r But there is residual income to be made.

  • There is a compensation plan for recruiting new representatives. The big companies pay you to get them customers they pay you every month I already made my money back in 2 months. FHTM is not going out of business. It is a legitimate business that is not a pyramid scheme. It's just like any other MLM. Except you make money with this 1

  • And it doesn't cost 1500 dollars a year. you completely lied about that. Its a 1 time 500 dollar fee. And renewal fee of $100 per year. FHTM is truly a bad ass company though. I get paid every month on my own energy bill, cell phone bill, TV bill, and Home Security bill. FHTM made my $500 back in one month.

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