Food Trucks in St.  Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Food Trucks in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Croix is a melting pot of all kinds of
Caribbean cultures. And one of the best examples of that is its
food trucks. Today we’re hitting 3 with distinctly different
flavors. This is Corrine’s Food Service. Famous for
its veggie and fish platters and fresh fruit. And at lunch time, there’s always a line.
COURTNEY: Can’t go wrong here, yeah? Corinne, what’s your secret?
CORINE: I love to cook! This is the veggie meat, this is the lentil
loaf, we have a little bit of noodles and then we have all the different things there.
COURTNEY: You know, Corrine’s a vegetarian herself, so she knows a thing or two about
making delicious vegetarian meals herself. Top it off with her tropical fruit juice.
VO: Next stop, Ruki’s Rotis. Rotis are a traditional West Indian food that can be found across
the Caribbean and parts of South Africa. Here, they are handmade by Rukie and his wife.
COURTNEY: Miss Rukie, how many years have you been making Rotis?
Miss Rukie: since I was little girl. Every day we had to make one Roti every morning.
Mr. Rukie: When both of us got married, she was 15 years old, I was 18. From that day
we started working together and try to own what we have together. Next year coming will
be out 50 year anniversary. VO: The secret to good Rotis is all in the
dough. It’s a mix of ground chic pea and. The filling is usually potato and since we’re
in the islands we’re putting fish in ours. Rukie: When you’re cooking, if you don’t cook
with love, then the food doesn’t come out with love.
Courtney: My very own Roti, made with the Rukies, delicious conch potato and shrimp,
the conch is so fresh, straight from the sea. This dough is what everyone raves about, it’s
got that yellow split pea texture that really makes it unique.
Our last stop is here, and sometimes the best food trucks have no name at all.
Look at this, a delicious piping hot beef patty, served fresh from the food truck, 3
bucks. Wow, mmm, def taste a little Caribbean hot
seasoning in there. So, the takeaways.
Don’t pass up a chance to stop at St. Croix’s many diverse food trucks. And never cook without
lots of love.

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