Fly Fishing in the Maine Woods

There’s something very meditative about fly
fishing. There’s something special about the experience when you’re one with nature. You
sort of become part of the experience. And that is something that really drives you to
want to come back again and again. Trout fishing is so cool because they’re little
fish with big fights. Or big fish with even bigger fights. And they’re so beautiful, especially
in the fall. The male’s have orange bellies… and they’re just a lot of fun to catch. Maine Lodges are magical. You go into the
Maine Lodges for the first time and you really don’t want to leave. It’s wild, it’s beautiful,
and it’s away from everything else. It’s a place to really unwind and unplug. AMC’s fly fishing experience is unique because
the ponds aren’t crowded. You can be alone on a pond fishing, or you can have someone
help you, guide you, train you, teach you to fly fish – all the fundamentals. And it’s
quiet, there’s a chance to see moose and deer. What people need to bring with them when they
come to the lodges is a sense of adventure. They don’t need to bring a fly rod, they don’t
need to bring a boat, they don’t need to bring anything. We can provide almost everything
they need here. And if they have a sense of adventure then we can get them out there and
they can have a great time. Yeah, it’s really beautiful here. It feels
great, and I enjoyed every minute of being here. My cabin is wonderful. I just love it. They just aimed me at the place where there
were fish. And, honestly, I’m not that great a fisherman. I just happened to find a great
place to fish and it was marvelous up here, and we just caught fish like more than I’ve
caught in the last year. I was a little worried that I’d be able to
get anywhere near being able to master fly fishing. It was surprisingly enjoyable and
easy to accomplish learning how to fly fish. The Appalachian Mountain Club owns 66,000
acres-plus of land here in the heart of the 100-Mile Wilderness, and they’ve protected
it against development, and they set it up as a perfect recreation area for people who
want to come to Maine to get away, to get outdoors, and to do things that really make
you connected to the world itself. Once you’re connected to the world itself then you understand
why it’s important to take care of things, and that’s what we’re all about here. We’re
here to teach you, to give you that space, and to have you help us conserve this land
so that it’s there for our kids and for our grandkids.

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