Flight Deal ALERT!  Using Google Flights to Travel for Less  |  Cheap flights to Europe Scandanavia

Flight Deal ALERT! Using Google Flights to Travel for Less | Cheap flights to Europe Scandanavia

hi everyone so I wanted to do a quick
vlog today about how we get our flight deals so I know a lot of people want to
do international travel but usually the flight cost like could be up to a
thousand dollars or even more and that prevents a lot of people who want to
travel from doing so so the other day a friend of mine actually asked me how we
booked our flights now even though we booked a lot of our
flights with points and miles there are times when things don’t work out and we
have to pay for our flight so we’re gonna talk about our process of how we
go about doing that and how we find the best deals for our flights now there’s
actually an incredible deal going on right now from the u.s. to Scandinavian
countries from September to April of next year so if you’re looking to travel
to Europe and go into countries like Denmark Sweden Norway you’ll definitely
want to watch through this whole video so you can find out how you can get the
best deal right now but if you’re watching later on this video is still
going to help you because you’ll learn how to get the best flight deals when
planning for your next vacation so with that let’s talk about the flight deals
going on right now there are numerous City pairings from
the u.s. to Scandinavia cities that are on sale right now for example New York
City to Copenhagen is only 392 dollars Miami to Stockholm is also only 392
dollars again that’s round-trip Los Angeles to Copenhagen is a little bit
more at $413 dollars roundtrip now depending on the
dates you choose the price will vary a little bit but these are the really good
deals that you can get right now we find our flight deals by going to google.com/flights when you get to the page this is what it will look like for this
example we’ll be looking at a flight from Los Angeles to Copenhagen next go
back to the main screen and hit the little calendar icon which will pop up a
calendar that shows you by date what the price of this round-trip ticket is so as
you continue to scroll down you can see for this Los Angeles to Copenhagen
flight it actually starts to get cheaper around
the September timeframe when the sale is going on availability actually starts to
open up more in October so let’s see what happens when we select October 15th
through October 30th once you select that it takes you back to the main
screen where you can see all of your flight options down below now
automatically it will give you the best flights based on distance and price you
can scroll down further to see that there are many more options one thing
that I like to do in addition to the calendar view when you click on price
graph you can also see the prices by date and the graph form which kind of
helps you pick which dates are the cheapest if you have flexibility and
when to travel another thing that is really helpful is this little toggle
right here next to track prices if you toggle this on it’ll send you email
alerts when the prices changes for this pairing for the dates you’ve chosen
another way to get really good flight deals let’s say you know that you’ll be
able to take some days off for Labor Day but you’re not exactly sure where to go
and you want to go somewhere that has the cheapest flights one way to do that
is by going back to the main screen and putting in the dates that you would like
to travel so for example from early or end of August to early September is
Labor date this year when you put that in I’ll tell you city pairings with good
flight deals now most of these are within the US but there are places like
London Paris Cabo there are international pairing so by doing it
this way you can easily see what trip you might be able to afford over the
vacation time that you have during Labor Day New York actually looks to be a
really good option $152
round-trip to fly across the country to book this flight you would just click
on the flight and they’ll pop up a little blue bar at the bottom to tell
you where you can go to book this flight for this particular flight the deal is
coming from Spirit Airlines so you can click continue take into the site or you
can just go to spirit airline to book this so that’s all there is to it it’s
really not that difficult Google makes everything so easy so give it a try if
you have any questions leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you
thanks for watching!!

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