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Hello and welcome back! Today I will talk
about an itinerary for first-time visitors to Japan. This is going for 3 weeks. It basically goes from Tokyo to Osaka Kyoto, Hiroshima, Kintaikyo Bridge (or Kintai Bridge) and Kurashiki. It will leaves out the very southern tip of Japan, like Okinawa and Kyushu. And the very northern part of Japan, like Hokkaido or Tohoku. Of course it depends on anybody’s
preferences if they’d like to see more nature or more cities. But I just go for
first-time visitors itinerary. I would like to visit all the major
sightseeing spots in Japan. This is arguable if it’s the best of or the
major one or if there is another one which is more bigger or better. From my
point of view this is the perfect itinerary if you visit Japan for the first
time. So let me explain this in detail. So four days and three nights in Tokyo.
What I would do, I would book the hotel in Shibuya. I would book one of the
Japanese hotels. Not maybe a Ryokan but like an ANA or JAL hotel. Most of
time this hotels have Onsen. So when you check in you ask them for the onsen
and how to use the onsen and try the onsen for the first time. Eat at the hotel restaurant so this is the most convenient way. Maybe you ask the
receptionist what is the best to eat there in the hotel. Second Day! Go on a sightseeing bus tour. Choose the tour which is going to the fish market. So you can see the fish market. Have lunch at a Sushi restaurant around the fish market. After that you go back to Shibuya. In Shibuya you can see so
many things it’s like just too much. You go to Harajuku, Meiji Jingu (which is a Shinto Shrine) Then to Omotesando, which is high-end fashion. Which you must probably have in your own country. Explore the backstreets. And, of course, Shibuya junction. Which is well documented in so many travel videos about Japan. Ah ja! I don’t want to forget Yoyogi Park. Which is not just a park. It’s very
interesting if you sit down. You can see shamisen player, you can see Japanese
taking care of the dogs, … It’s just interesting to sit there and
see what the world around you is doing. Have dinner at the Yakiniku restaurant.
You will most probably love it The next day you would buy a Suica card at Shibuya station. Deposit three to five thousand yen on it.
Why so much? Because you can use this card also in Osaka and maybe in Kyoto.
But ask this at the station so you You go to Shinjuku after that and go to the Metropolitan towers. These are for free. You can see Tokyo from a bird view. In Shinjuku there is also the Shinjuku National Garden. The Hanazono Shrine. You can have some culture and nature at the same time. For lunch I suggest to eat Ramen. In the afternoon you go to Asakusa and Akihabara. In Asakusa there is a huge shrine. Everybody knows this shrine. In Akihabara there is everything electronics and Anime. For dinner go back to Shinjuku and have
dinner at the robot restaurant. And you can go to Golden Gai and explore. Maybe have another drink or so. On the fourth day is time to say
goodbye to Tokyo. You go to Tokyo Station and buy an Ekiben and a ticket for the Shinkansen to Osaka. Or, if you have the JR Ticket (Japan Railway Pass) – what you can buy only overseas for tourists at discounted price – use that. Eat your Obento (Ekiben) in the Shinkansen. Four days and three nights in Osaka. Your arrival is on the fourth day around midday (maybe). It depends what you want to do. Go to Dotonburi or Osaka Castle. Have dinner at Dotonburi. Eat street food, like Takoyaki or Butaman. We went to Osaka last year. I make videos about it (about food and where we went). I will link them up here (top right corner of the screen). On the fifth day you go with the
train to Nara and spent a day in Nara. For lunch I think Kakinoya Sushi is (maybe) interesting for you. Dinner you will have in Osaka and I think Okonomiyaki should be nice. On the 6th day, you are in Osaka and there are many sightseeing spots. Where you can go. For example, visit Umeda Sky Building or Abeno Harukas or Tsutenkaku Shitennoji (Temple) or or go back to Dotonburi Lunch! Have lunch at the Osaka train station. Like Soba. Unagi Hitsumabushi. In the afternoon you could go to Universal Studios Japan. If you could not make all the sightseeing
spots in the morning. Just take one (sightseeing spot you have not seen yet) of that. For dinner have Sushi or Udon. The seventh day will be very exciting
for you because finally you go to Kyoto. Check out (of your hotel) and take the Shinkansen to Kyoto. Usually check-in is 2 p.m.. I would recommend you to take a ryokan. A Japanese traditional hotel or Inn. Usually you can leave your luggage
before 2 p.m. at the reception. Go for Kyoto style sushi, for lunch, Try a Kimono or a Yukata. Make a tour with the Riksha from temple to temple or go to Inari Shrine. For dinner you should have Kaiseki. A traditional Japanese Meal. Day 8! I think a must see is Arashiyama Bamboo Forest and Kinkaku Ji, the Golden Temple. For lunch I suggest, Obanzai Ryori. In the afternoon go to Kiyomizu-dera. Dinner have Shogin Ryori. This is the 9th day! I recommend to go to Ryoanji Temple. For lunch have either try a Kaiseki meal or just go for 7/11 or something. The afternoon go to Nijo castle or Kyoto Imperial Palace. Or Gion (district) or Temple (surrounding area). For dinner have Nishin Soba. Day 10! Check out of your hotel and take
the Shinkansen to Hiroshima. You arrived in Hiroshima, most probably
have an Ekiben or something around the station for lunch. I would suggest to go through the Hiroshima Peace Museum Then to the atomic dome and peace
memorial and walk around that area. For dinner get Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki Today you will go to Itsukushima. This is
an island and this is very famous for the Tori in the water (sea). For lunch have Ramen Tsukemen. Spent the whole day at this island. There are dears and you can climb the mountain. It’s very interesting. For dinner eat Atago Sushi. For the next day take a bus sightseeing tour. For lunch eat oyster. Go to Hiroshima castle. For dinner try some (new) food and have Momojimangu as dessert. Today you will go to Kingtai Bridge. You can take the Shinkansen but later to have the train. You will spend your day around Kintai Bridge. It will be very exciting. What I heard there are different kinds of soft cream, so you should try that. I would say get some recommendation for lunch and dinner. You will check out (of your hotel) the next day. At 10 am and take the train to Kurashiki. Have lunch on the way to Kurashiki. Visit the old city with the canal (Kurashiki). There is also a very beautiful park. Get all your information from the tourist information. Check into your hotel. Again, get dinner recommendation. Day 15! You go back to Tokyo. Actually you can spent as much time in Tokyo as you want. There are so many day trips from Tokyo. Like Nikko or Kamakura. I will link here my channel. There you
can find day trips from Tokyo. So that’s it for today. I hope you like this
itinerary. In the future I will come up with more itineraries. I will come up with two more, first time itineraries. Another one will be about nature. And another one will cover more the not so major sightseeing spots in Japan. Don’t forget to subscribe. Hit the
little bell button. So you get notified when I upload a new video. I try to upload every Thursday and Tuesday. But recently I do not have the time for
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