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– Okay, here we go. – [Audrey] Good luck, Mom. Ah, I can’t believe this. – Ah!
(laughs) – [Jordan] No! – [Audrey] You just let the rope drop! – Hi, guys welcome back to. – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – Okay, so last time our camera died when we were out
exploring this abandoned bunker fort that we found in the forest. We saw, or Audrey saw,
and then I saw this black. – Shadow. – Thing, shadow, coming down the trail. We weren’t sure what it
was so we started running, but the camera, the
battery was running low, the battery died. We decided to come back and explore the bunkers a different day. We brought all the kids with us this time. – Smart thinking. – So Audrey brought a blaster in case we see the shadow again. That way we can blast
at it and scare it away. Dad brought some tools
so that we can go down into the bunkers and explore them, ’cause we want to see
where these things go too. – And I brought a stick. – Alrighty, so Jake’s
defending himself with a stick. We are at the first bunker guys. Look down in that and
see how far down it goes. I don’t know if we want
to explore this one. It goes pretty straight down. And it’s hard for Dad and I to get into. – That one’s got a lot of garbage, like stuff hanging from
like spider webs and stuff. I don’t wanna go in that one. – [Mom] And where it goes down
deeper, like straight down, I don’t know if we want to go down, and then maybe not get back up. – Yeah, let’s go to the other one.
– Yeah that doesn’t sound fun. – [Mom] ‘Kay, so, we’re gonna go up to this other bunker
we’re going to show you. It’s pretty cool, let’s go guys. Follow Dad. Here is the other bunker. This one has kind of a
ramp that goes down in. And we think it goes into this big bunker underground thing that’s past David. Do we want to go down in that right now, or go up the trail a little bit further and see if we we see anything else? – Well, we went up the
trail a little bit further last time, and we didn’t see any bunkers. – [Mom] We didn’t see
bunkers, but we saw this weird fountain and then
this black thing was coming. – [Audrey] Yeah. – [Mom] So do we want to go
up past where we went before or do you wanna go in here and explore? – I say we go in here and explore. – [Jordan] Go in here? – Jake, you wanna go in? – No.
– I don’t wanna go in. – Ah, sorry. – [Mom] Who’s going in? – Where’d my blaster thing go? It went lock. – I say we have somebody go in. – [Jordan] Okay, Mom’s going in. – I’m gonna go in and see where this goes. I have my phone. I hope that it will work down
in the tunnels, I don’t know. If not, should I take one end
of the rope so we can remain– – Yup, I’m gonna have you take
– Maintain– – Part of the rope. – Ugh, there’s ants. Ugh, what if there’s rats down
here, or something creepy? – Don’t think about it.
– Oh gosh. – Oh wait here, you’re
gonna need this flashlight. – I was gonna say I do need to see. – [Jordan] Oh, Mom’s going in. You’re going in for real.
– I don’t know if I wanna see, oh my gosh. – [Dad] Here, tie this around your waist. – It kind of looks gross. – [Audrey] Good luck, Mom. – [Jordan] Team player. – [Audrey] Call us if you need help. We’ll meet you somewhere. Just keep your GPS on,
you’re going by yourself. – Okay. – Oh, she tied a square knot. – Guys, if I’m not out in 15 minutes, then you come after me, ‘kay? – [Dad] Kay. – [Jordan] I call Dad getting in. – ‘Cause I will be back in 15 minutes. That gives me seven minutes
exploration then get back. I’m not gonna go far this time. – [Jordan] There’s a lot of ants. – Okay, here we go. – [Jordan] Good luck, Mom. Ah, I can’t believe this. – Ah, Mom!
– I’m going down in. – [Jordan] There she goes. – [Mom] Keep sending the rope. – ‘Kay, I’m pulling–
– It goes clear back. – ‘Kay, keep taking it. – [Jordan] Okay, so we’re
setting up the rope right now. – [Jake] I get to look in. – [Jordan] Mom is, she’s in now. She’s in the bunker. – [Audrey] That is crazy, oh my gosh. – Well, she keeps taking the rope. She’s probably right over there now. – What?
– Whoa. – [Jordan] Okay, Mom’s gone really deep. Like, Dad just– – This rope is 300 feet long
and she’s almost to the end. – [Jordan] Wow. – [Audrey] Yeah, Dad just
keeps feeding her the rope because she’s just, she keeps taking it. – I can’t hear her anymore. – [Jordan] Yeah. – I can’t see the light
down there anymore, either. Here, let me check. I don’t see her. She’s still moving though. – [Jordan] Yeah, she’s taking the rope. (gasps)
– Dad? – Dad!
– Whoa, whoa! – [Audrey] No! – [Jordan] You just let the rope drop! – [Dad] Mom, stop! – Mom!
– Bugs! – [Jordan] She just took
all the rope how is she– – [Dad] Stop! – [Jordan] Stop, Mom, stop! – Audrey. – [Audrey] Wait now what are we gonna do? – Audrey, do you have
her on Find my iPhone? – [Audrey] Yeah, does she
have her phone though? – Well, let’s check and see. Do you have your phone? Hello? Mom?
– What are we gonna do? – [Audrey] Guys, we have a problem. – What?
– Can’t connect. I have no service. We can try going somewhere
where we have service. – [Jordan] Yeah, the
rope is long gone by now. She was moving fast. – I know it goes this way, and she’s gone 300 feet at least ’cause that’s how long the rope was. Should we go up there and see
if there’s another opening to see if we can find her? ‘Kay, let me leave this
opening off of this open so in case she comes back she can get out. – [Audrey] What if there
many branches in the tunnels and she hasn’t been keeping track? – Here, let me just yell to her. If you can hear us,
we’re coming to find you but we’re taking the top road. Hello! – [Jordan] I don’t think she can hear us. – I don’t think she can either. Okay, let’s head up, let’s go. – She’s the one who
should’ve took the blaster. – [Jordan] We have to hurry. – Let’s hurry, ’cause
she’s way ahead of us now. – Great.
– Let’s go, boys, go. – Get going guys we gotta run. Go, go! – We’ve been walking for a little while. I do not remember this part last time. Look at this. So there is a bridge here
that goes over the river. – Over the river and to the woods. (laughing) – [Dad] Over the river
and through the woods? So that place that Katie went might be going underneath the river. – What, under the river? – [Dad] I don’t know, I don’t remember crossing on the river, do you Audrey? I don’t either. – [Audrey] How’re we gonna find her? – I don’t know, let’s keep looking. I know up the trail there was a, a pipe that was kind of exposed. Maybe we can bang on the top of the pipe and see if we can hear her. Maybe she went up that way. All right, let’s go. Keep an eye out for
anymore of those bunkers, ’cause if there’s anymore up here maybe she is sitting here in
one of them waiting for us. Look what we found right here, guys. This right here, look. – [Jake] Pipe! – [Dad] There it is. There’s the pipe. So, anybody got a rock
we can pound on the pipe? – [Jake] I got a stick! – [Dad] Okay, let’s see if it makes noise. (tapping) Put your ear to it, can you hear her? – [Boy] Yeah. – [Dad] Is she in there? – I think.
– You think so? – [Jordan] I heard something. Wait, I can feel the vibrations. – [Dad] You can feel the vibrations? – [Jordan] Knock again, Jake. – [Jake] Knock again? (tapping) It stopped. – [Jordan] Oh wait, I feel it again! Okay, somebody, yeah, she’s there. – Well, guys, what if it’s not her? What if it’s the shadow? – [Dad] No, it’s too early in the day. I don’t think there’s a shadow out. – Well, we were out in the
daylight last time too. – ‘Kay, well let’s keep moving. Let’s see if we can find her. I bet you, because there’s
bunkers down there, I feel like there’ll probably
be bunkers up here as well, so let’s just keep going. Look what we found. – Whoa.
– Through those trees. – [Audrey] Yeah, we saw those last time! – [Dad] There’s a fountain. – [Jordan] That’s where
we saw the black shadow! – No, we saw the black shadow up there. But look how sunny it is right now. – But it looks like gets darker,
like shady with the trees. – So, we think that that might be the Fountain of Youth, guys. – [Jordan] Wait, really? – [Dad] Yeah, it’s just
geysing up out of the water. – [Jordan] No way.
– Out of the ground. I don’t know. – [Audrey] Wait, do you
think that really is? – [Dad] There’s only one way to find out. We gotta go drink from it. – [Audrey] I don’t wanna be a baby. – I don’t wanna drink from
it ’cause what if it’s not Fountain of Youth and what
if it’s like river water and has parasites in it. I call not it on going first. Nose goes! – Well, let’s go see if
we can find Mom first. We’ll come back here
as soon as we find her, and then we’ll go explore that. Okay.
– ‘Kay. – Be careful up there, ’cause
this is as far as we’ve gone. We have not gone any further. – I just heard big stomping noises. – What’d you hear? – I’ll use my stick. – Okay guys, keep going, go, go. I heard somebody going (mimics stomping). It was like steps. Go, go, go, go, go.
– Go, let’s go. – [Girl] Are you sure, can
we turn back I can hear it. – [Dad] Guys, look over there. Kinda looks like an old abandoned– – Bunker?
– I don’t know what it is. – [Jordan] Dad, careful,
there’s no trail over there. – [Dad] You think it’s a bunker? You think this might be
where Mom might be at? I can’t tell, it looks man made. Trees just don’t typically fall like that. What do you guys think? – I don’t know. – [Dad] Look at this forest. There’s so many trees in here. It’s kinda spooky, a little bit. – Yeah, and the grass goes
up higher than your knees. Do you see this? – Whatever was back
there that I was allergic to is gone because I’m no longer sneezing and I don’t necessarily have the effects of being allergic to something. Let’s see if we can call Mom. Call her, call her real loud. – [Kids] Mom. – Guys, guys, guys that’s not gonna work. We have to call her all at the same time. Ready, one, two, three. – [Kids] Mom! – [Jordan] Katie! Katie Williams! (distant yelling)
– Wait, shush. (gasps) – Go, go, go. – [Dad] I heard somebody.
– Go, go, go, go, go. – [Dad] Someone said Jordan. – I think, I think that’s actually her. – [Dad] Right up there,
through the trees, I see her. – [Jordan] Wait guys, what if it’s a trap? – [Dad] It looks like Mom. They know our names, it’s Mom. – [Jordan] What if it’s the
shadow mimicking her voice? – [Dad] No, I see her; she’s
right there, in the trees. – [Jordan] Go, go, I see her, guys! – [Dad] There she is. Look.
– Mom. – Jordan.
– We found Mom! Jordan, stay on the path. – [Girl] Where’d you come from? – Mom.
– Where were you? – [Girl] You took all the rope. – Yeah, I know. These tunnels went forever. I thought you guys were gonna hang onto it and then tug me back. – [Dad] You went too fast. – Next thing I knew, it was gone. Over there somewhere is
the exit to this pipe. It’s kind of a little bit
mucky down in the pipes, and there’s these
branches that branches off and there were a few
rats, there were spiders. – Spiders and rats were in the tunnels? – Just a few, it wasn’t that bad. Some parts were really clean, and some parts were really gross, like slimy, mossy, like gross, so I just didn’t touch, like careful. But anyway– – [Dad] Did you stand up in it? – Yeah, in some parts, I could stand up. Some parts, I’m just like
this, hunkering through. It went through these different, they had these different
sections that you could go, like a t-off and then
it’d go around bends– – [Dad] Guys, the trees
are starting to move. Look at that. That wasn’t happening a minute ago. – So how far up are you guys? Like where did I end up? – [Dad] We’re like a
good mile and a half up. – You went far.
– Two miles maybe. – So have we been up this far before? – [Dad] I have never
been up this far before. – Okay, I wasn’t sure where I ended up. – [Dad] The water pipe? – Oh, no. – [Dad] Well, we tapped on the water pipe. We thought we heard you. Jordan was saying that there
was somebody tapping back. – No, there was, where I
went was not full of water. – [Dad] And then we passed the fountain that was shooting up through the air. – Oh, through the pipe. You’re talking about
the pipe in the ground. I probably did go through there. I wonder if I went too fast. – But were you tapping back? ‘Cause we were tapping on it and I felt vibrations
like somebody tapping. – I didn’t tap back, it was not me. – You weren’t tapping, it
was like distinct taps. – I was running through the pipes. I didn’t tap back. – Wait, was the shadow coming after you? – I didn’t see any shadow. I just wanted to hurry through the pipes. – [Dad] Guys, look, those
trees are moving a lot. – [Jordan] Yeah like down
there, do you see that? – [Dad] You see that right there? Those trees are shaking,
and here, nothing. Guys, I think we need to turn back. – [Girl] I wanna turn back. – [Dad] Or, do you wanna go back up there? – I really wanna show
you guys the tunnels, so I say we just keep going. If we see anything crazy,
then we’ll just run. ‘Cause I wanna try show you this. It was pretty cool. – Let’s do it quick, ’cause
it’s gonna get dark soon. Go Audrey, I’ll take the rear. All right, we have never been this far up this canyon before. We don’t know where it goes. We don’t even know why
there’s a trail here, like was this used for something? I heard a long time ago
that there were a lot of gold and silver mines
that were being used here, but I think they’re
all abandoned right now so I don’t think anything’s in use. So we’re not exactly sure where we are. – I’m a little bit
nervous because usually, see these trees how they’re clawed out, and then there’s logs and branches. – [Girl] Look at that
one, that one’s beaten up. – [Mom] I am watching for signs. – [Dad] What makes the bark do that? – [Jordan] It has no leaves, literally. – [Dad] Has been clawed at. – [Mom] Some of these have been clawed and some of the big branches have snapped. – [Dad] Look, there’s a ribbon
on that tree right there. – [Jordan] This one doesn’t
even have bark on it anymore. – Do you think that’s the government marking it for something that they found? – [Dad] You think there
was a government experiment that happened here? Look, there’s more pink things up there. – Maybe it’s a trap.
– Could be a trap. – Wait, but if the government’s marking it don’t you think, I don’t know. Nobody knows about this place; that means that they’re probably hiding something cool up here but I
don’t wanna get in trouble. – [Dad] Well, let’s be
cautious as we go, guys. All right, guys, we’ve been walking for about another quarter of a mile. Look what we found.
– Another bridge. – [Dad] Katie thinks that
that’s another bunker there. She’s going over there to check it out. We’ll see what it is. – I found it; it’s here! This is where I came from. – This is where you came from? Nice, we found where Katie came out. This is crazy. This is it?
– Yeah, it’s right here. It’s kind of deep, though. – [Dad] Do we want everybody to go there? – I don’t know, I don’t know
if this is the best entrance. Do you see, here’s the entrance hole. – [Dad] Here, I’ll come up there. – [Mom] Okay, so that is the entrance that I came out of, right here. But, it’s a little bit of a tricky climb to get down in that one. – Yeah, I say we go up further and see if we can find another one. – [Mom] Yeah, ’cause I don’t know if we wanna go in that entrance. – I don’t want to put
the kids in that one. – [Mom] You kind of have to twist and turn to wiggle through. It’s a little bit tricky. – Let’s go find another one, guys. – ‘Kay, so we’ve been
walking for a long time, and Dad decided to give
the boys and me water, ’cause we water fountain it, because we don’t like to share germs, and Dad got it all over my shirt. – Okay, but we have not seen any signs of the building that we’re looking for, and we haven’t seen anybody else, so we kinda think this might be abandoned. That they are no longer using these forts, but we’re kinda wondering if
it is a science experiment gone wrong and something
happened and they just left it. So I don’t know what we’re getting into, but we should go another day. It’s starting to get dark and
I don’t want to get caught up here ’cause we hiked
pretty far up here. So, I don’t wanna be
caught at night up here with whatever that black thing was, so let’s do this another day. We’ll continue, and maybe
we need to even bring. – Jackets. – Jackets, and a tent,
if we dare camp out here. What do you think? – [Jake] Yeah. – Do you think we could bring a tent? It took us so long; it took
us hours to get to this point. If we’re gonna come
back, what do you think? – [Dad] All right,
let’s take it to a vote. ‘Kay so, would you like to come up here and camp overnight, yes or no? – Yeah, yes! – [Dad] Yes, how ’bout you? – No. – [Dad] No, how ’bout you? – I’m scared to, so I’ll
go with the majority. – I like an adventure and I think as long as we bring supplies, and we stay smart then I say yes ’cause I want to explore where this goes. – [Dad] ‘Kay, Jordan? – I don’t like this idea, no. – All right, so I’m gonna say yes as well, so we’re gonna do it. Comment down below if you guys
wanna see us do it as well. – Yeah, aren’t you curious? I am so curious to where– – Not that curious. – Leads us, those tunnels
were pretty crazy. I kinda wanna show you
guys the tunnels too. I wanna find an entrance
that you can get into that’s not so hard to get out of. – Okay, well– – So, I say we do it. – Okay, yeah.
– Yeah? – Okay, so I guess that we
will come back another day. We gotta get down out of this mountain, out of this canyon,
before it gets too dark. So if you wanna see us come back and try to find the abandoned
military science experiments, I don’t know what we’re
gonna find, honestly. If you wanna see us find the camp, then give it a thumbs up. We’ll come back; we’ll explore and we’ll try to find a tunnel
that everybody can go into so we can show you the tunnels, ’cause they’re pretty crazy. All right thank you guys
so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe and share and. – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure! We’ll see you all next time. – [All] Bye. (upbeat pop music)

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