Exploring Montana – Horses, Videography, and Life – Montana-Wyoming Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range

Exploring Montana – Horses, Videography, and Life – Montana-Wyoming Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range

Fasten your exploration seatbelts because
today we’re back on the Wild Horse Range. Well, sorta — stick around for a little bit
and let’s see where the journey takes us. It’s been about six months since I shot the
initial footage. So I thought I needed to reintroduce it. Explain that maybe sometimes we don’t end
up where we think we might be in the end. And sometimes it’s more about The Journey. Actually, I’m not even towing a trailer right
now. This? This is just water. This trip, my priority was to visit the Pryor
Mountain Wild Mustang Center to better understand how the horses faired over the long winter
and advice on what to look for on my journey. If you plan on taking a trip to the range,
this is an excellent resource for information. The staff has always been friendly and accommodating
to me. If you’re looking for a fully guided tour
by the people that have the most intimate knowledge on the range as well as the vehicles
and skills to navigate the rocky terrain, these are the folks to come see. But today, I’m in search of something special. Something I wasn’t able find last time I visited. It is a beautiful day out there, guys. We’ve already been through the long journey
up the mountain. And to those who haven’t seen it, there will
be a link in the description to last season’s video. So let’s go ahead and skip some of the old
and see what we can capture new. Here we go. We’re about a third of the way up and here
is the first horse I’ve spotted over the left. I’ll leave you alone buddy. We’re climbing in elevation and it’s getting
kinda chilly up here. Ghost Tree. Flowers. Hood. Stud Pile. I love these fields here. They are just full of flowers right now. Everything’s green. This is my favorite part of the journey on
Burnt Timber Ridge Road – along this area. I do believe that is a foal right over there
laying down! [playful music volume increases] A few months have passed since my last visit to the range. I’ve made numerous attempts to journey back
but none of those have really panned out. Now I’m back and in search of the foals I
saw earlier this year. The snow and cold temperatures have arrived. So today, I came in my daily driver to shelter
from the wind and the chill. So far, I haven’ had much luck. I’ve journeyed up from the dry climate below,
all the way up to the snowline – carefully scanning the horizon for our equine friends. Every once in a while I see some tracks from
wild horses or coyotes, and rabbits. There’s quite a bit of human footprints up
here as well. The snow is getting deeper in some of these
shady areas, and I’m trying to be mindful of my unaltered street vehicle. Well guys, I’ve finally reached my limit right
up there and was forced to back down. The conditions are slick and with my open
differentials and less than stellar off-road tires, I may have met my match. Before I take another go at this area up here,
I want to check the snow level and make sure it’s even worth driving up there. I haven’t seen any signs of the horses lately,
so I think that we’re actually going to be having better luck behind us. There’s signs of life everywhere, but these
appear to be a couple days old though. You know, as I continue to drive on, I’m beginning
to feel a bit frustrated. So right now as it stands, I have an incomplete
film and I’m just looking for that last little bit to push me over. I just can’t seem to find what I’m looking
for up here. Uh- now you do you do plan on having horses
on your on your Wild Horse Range film, right? Hello? I’ve really gotta rethink this.
– Right? Where could they be? I planned this. I took advice and researched before I left. I journeyed far up the mountain, and back
down again. Every half mile stopping, getting out the
vehicle, hiking on top of the hills, and the next hill, and then the next. Sometimes seeing signs of life. I know they’re here – they’re all around me. Were they just up the pass where I hiked above? Were they in the next knoll below? I got the feeling that I’m chasing after a
ghost. Just a few months earlier this area was teaming
with life. And as the hours and the miles passed, I became
restless and tired till finally… I realized something. I had been looking for something so specific
and so intently. I had something in mind that I couldn’t seem
to capture. But along the way, I had discovered something
different. What am I chasing after? What is the point of my films, the point of
my creative outlet that I so laboriously pursue? From the beginning, I’ve had a general idea
of what I wanted to film, but then I just sorta let it happen – let it flow in a natural
stream of unplanned events – taking advantage of what’s in front of me, seizing the opportunity,
and then hitting that little record button. I stand here, realizing that this very moment, and this moment, and this moment, and all these moments I’ve photographed and recorded,
this very experience I’m experiencing right now will be streamed to countless others around
the globe. What do you dream of? What do you long to experience? What is it in life that you are chasing? When you see life passing you by, what do
you notice along the way? What is important to me, to my family, to my friends, and to you? What are you after? So I encourage you. Journey down that road. Down that path. Through that gate. And maybe into that building. Look. Then explore. Discover. Observe. Experience. Life is all around us. The seasons cycle. Time passes. In the end, I’m here to share what I love
to do with an audience that loves the same things. I’m here to share with people that love discovery,
to open up their minds for new experiences so they can feel the same feeling, or to get
new ideas where to adventure, or simply to motivate them to get out from behind the computer,
the phone, the tablet. To step outside and journey to the great outdoors. And if you’re not able to – that’s OK. Let us bring it to you so that you may enjoy
the journey with us as well. We’re glad you’re here. So fasten your exploration seatbelts, and
lets’ go! I may not have found what I was looking for,
but I’ve found something else.

5 thoughts on “Exploring Montana – Horses, Videography, and Life – Montana-Wyoming Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range”

  • Good stuff, Rob! You have some really good drone footage here… Is it hard to get while driving in some of these scenes?

  • Matthew Cruz-Nieves says:

    Great video! And a quick FYI, the black foal was Silver bow. Sorcerer was born in february. Sorcerer lives in the lower elevations of the mountain.

  • I sure enjoy your shows..I wish we were closer to each other. It might motivate me to video also. Lord knows I have all the equipment LOL. Peggy is bugging me for a sXs. Supposedly Arctic Cat is introducing their new 4 seater this spring. Keep up the awesome work and we really do need to do an adventure together with our families . And i'll bring my granddaughters

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