Everything is Stoned @ Florissant National Monument  – Travel Guide & Tips

Everything is Stoned @ Florissant National Monument – Travel Guide & Tips

Look at how big this is
compared to those guys that are walking It just goes to show that everything in
Colorado is stoned. Even the frickin trees are stoned. so the florisset national monument
you’ll find petrified giant sequoias they’re amazing and they’re huge
it completely recommend that you take a detour and come to this National
Monument we came from the Cripple Creek area and the monument is up here on the
left so it is $10 a person to go to this
monument so if you have a large family you are better off just buying a pass an
annual pass to the national parks they will get you into the monuments along
with the regular national parks so it’s definitely more economical because there
are only $70 and if you have a family of five it’s gonna cost you 50 bucks to
come here let’s go see the Visitor Center I can’t get over the size of
these they are amazing so they have like straps around them to hold them together wonderful amphitheater these are amazing so just – I mean look at how big this is
compared to those guys that are walking PI just goes to show and everything in
Colorado is stone brick in trees the freaking trees so what happened here is
that a volcano those nearby but a hard which is basically a mud flow
a heated mud flow and it was 15 feet high and what it is in case the bottom
of the trees and then the tops basically deteriorated it away and you can even
see the splintering on top and that is rock these are all petrified meaning
they’ve been mineralized and they are rock so if you get up close you can
really see the splintering on the tops of these and it’s just it’s pretty
amazing to me and then seen a lot of rock like this that this that to me looks like that’s
part of the mud flow that went through here so those are just some of the trees
in the beginning of the trail we’re gonna walk the loop now and see what
else we can find there’s an accessibility trail so when you take the
loop it seems like you walk for quite some time before you start seeing some
more petrified stumps you see them right when you come out of the Visitor Center
but um you walk quite a distance before you on the loop before you start seeing
some of the stumps so the Ranger Earth was telling me that in the springtime
these meadows out there are absolutely beautiful with wildflowers so we look
pretty close here we’ll have to come back and see the beautiful X spring –
the beautiful wildflowers a lot more Ranger programs than won’t work here or
here in the late fall the weather’s actually we’re pretty
bundled it’s really not that cold we came from a place that was very cold
and I just haven’t peeled off the stuff yet but it is chilly to bring lots of
water and we’re layers we are walking the Petrified Forest Luke yes we are and
it’s about a mile you can see there’s even some people walking out there so
again there’s fifteen miles of trails but you can just do this one mile loop
remember you are in altitude so take some water with you but the view is just
marvelous look at that outfit he’s wearing our door or mr. martini has us
lost because he’s the keeper of the map seems like a long time probably because
it’s cold okay so all these little fenced areas
out here in the field he doesn’t have us lost our tree stumps are petrified three
stuffs although he’s looking at his map again because it’s not trusting himself
no yeah I because I’ve usually the keep he drink and you know things so yeah out
here you can see those are where the stumps are okay so he did get us lost
fresno geologic trail and not the loop seems like he totally got us lost the
big stunt walking in this field there are some stuff out here but this is not
the trail we were looking for that’s what I get for giving him the map
the first time ever yeah look at that you didn’t get us lost
there’s a tree stump right there oh how the hell can you get lost on maps
because there’s 15 miles of paths and we’re just on the one-mile loop look at
the size of this one that we’re coming up on oh my god look at this thing
that’s impressive you know it’s a you know it’s really
impressive is that you can almost see the bark like I don’t know I mean I’ve
seen a lot of the Giant Sequoias because of where I grew up and if I didn’t know
this is fossilized I mean it just it still even has the reddish color to it
it’s pretty amazing so in the 1800’s local residents
excavated this stump that had been buried in a thick layer of gray volcanic
mud stone a remnant of an ancient volcano mud flow you can see the mud
stone directly behind the stump today so what’s behind here the lights down oh they’re talking about this they’re
talking about the wall this is a wall of mud here all this is a with the mud flow
pretty impressive dig up an Asian tree Wow
so you can even walk further out into the field to see the Charlotte Hill
homestead it’s way out there so she pretty much became a naturalist to
protect all this and she had boxes and boxes of fossils that she had collected
and protected so that is part of this National Park is that homestead and always remember it is illegal to
collect any of the rocks in these national protected areas so leave it
right there everything here’s a lever a lever right leave it right there
look how beautiful this is here beautiful view of the mountains
snow-capped mountains a highway 24 is just about three miles
north of here and 24 is the highway that you would take in from Colorado Springs
so if you’re coming from Denver you go to Colorado Springs and then come up the
24 but I recommend that you kind of make a weekend of it and go to Cripple Creek
and Victor and it’s only 14 miles from Colorado Springs so there’s a nice
visitor center here and then there’s a nice walk they have a loop right here so
you can go see this redwood stumps that are petrified and there’s 15 miles worth
of hiking trails here and do not bring your dogs dogs are not allowed and it’s
a pretty hefty fine if you take your dogs on these trails remember this is a
National Monument which is just the same as the National Park and there’s a lot
of places that dogs are not allowed and monuments and national parks this
National Monument is awesome you definitely need to come come here flora
scent is how you pronounce it flora scent National Monument make sure you
catch our video on Cripple Creek and the hospitality house in cripple creek we
highly recommend that you stay in Cripple Creek and make your way over to
flora cent make sure to check out the links in the description they help
support this channel and thank you so much for coming by you have no idea how
much we appreciate it

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