Ep. 125: Texas Hill Country | RV travel camping

Ep. 125: Texas Hill Country | RV travel camping

Hey friends, welcome back to Grand
Adventure! I’m your host Marc Guido, and we are in
now in the Texas Hill Country. We are camped right here on Canyon Lake
outside of New Braunfels, and while we’re here we’re going to spend a couple of quick
evenings, one each in New Braunfels and in San Antonio, so stay tuned! So we are in Cranes Mill Park. This is a
US Army Corps of Engineers Park right on the shores of Canyon Lake. This is the
first COE campground that we’ve actually stayed in and we’ve actually
found the sites to be generous, well- spaced with some large asphalt and
concrete pads that can accommodate virtually any size rig. Now, this campground is the perfect
jumping off spot for seeing not only this part of the Texas Hill Country, but
also the charming community of New Braunfels. We’re going to take a ride
over there now to see the historic district called Gruene. This is an area
where German settlers first arrived in the area to plant cotton fields, and a
lot of the architecture and culture from those early settlers still persists
today. Once its own separate town, Gruene is now a restored shopping, dining and
entertainment district within the city of New Braunfels, anchored by Gruene Hall.
This building, the oldest continuously- run dance hall in Texas, was built in
1878 and has helped to jumpstart the careers of Lyle Lovett, Townes Van Zandt,
Hal Ketchum, Nanci Griffith, Lucinda Williams and many others. Just after we shot these last two scenes
in Gruene, we put our camera away for the dusk right as the deer came out. We
couldn’t film them for you, but we’ve never seen a town like New Braunfels
completely overrun with tame deer simply coexisting with the town’s folk in just
about every single yard. It’s a sight to behold. Now we’re situated only about 45 miles
northeast of the city of San Antonio. Now we know there’s a ton of things to see
in San Antonio, and we are limited on time this stop, but we’re going to do our
best to see as much as possible this evening. Mission San José is one of four
Spanish frontier missions preserved by the National Park Service as San Antonio
Missions National Historical Park. These outposts were established by Catholic
religious orders to spread Christianity among the local natives, as part of a
colonization system that stretched across the Spanish Southwest in the
early 1700s. The people of South Texas found their cultures, their very lives
under attack by Apache raids from the north, and disease from the south.
Survival lay in the safety of the fortified missions. By entering a mission
they forswore their traditional life to become Spanish, and accepting a new
religion. Mission San José was designated the San José Mission National Historical
Site in 1941, and joined the other three missions to be incorporated into the
National Historical Park in 1983. The mission was founded in 1720 due to
overcrowding a few miles to the north at what was then known as Mission San
Antonio de Valero, now The Alamo. The church, which is still standing, was
constructed in 1768 and still has an active parish that holds regular mass.
San José, as it became known, was the largest of the missions in the area. At
its height, the community contained about 350 Indian neophytes sustained by
extensive fields and herds of livestock. It was viewed as the model among the
Texas missions, gaining a reputation as a major social and cultural center. It was
an imposing complex of stone walls, bastions, a granary, and a magnificent church. We went to Mission San José first
because it closes at 5:00, whereas the Alamo closes at 5:30. Now we’re here by
5:15 but they aren’t letting anyone else inside the Alamo for the day. As this is
our only evening in San Antonio this visit, the Alamo will have to await our
return, and we’ll instead wander over to River Walk, San Antonio’s beautiful
preeminent dining and entertainment district. So we hope that you’ve enjoyed this
quick visit to the Texas Hill Country as much as we have. There’s so much more to
see and do here, and we weren’t on such limited time. We will definitely be back!
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Our next Grand Adventure will be off into the state of New Mexico, so we’ll
see you then.

53 thoughts on “Ep. 125: Texas Hill Country | RV travel camping”

  • Now to watch it again and catch what I missed while typing. Trying to watch, listen and type at the same time…well I am just not as young as I used to be! Lol!

  • Marc, I loved this adventure. What great footage of the magnificent mission and then River Walk was perfect. I think spring time would be one of the best times to visit the area when everything is green and lush and the flowers and blossoms are coming out.

    I also loved the New Braunfels/Guerne coverage. What a quaint little place. I can see you didn't even have time to kayak the lake at the RV site. You definitely need to do another visit to this location.


  • Sadly, Texas is a little out of our range for the moment. We’re still camping in our county! Gualala Beach in mid December!
    Marc –
    your videos are da Bomb!!

  • I am as a resident Texan learned something about history. The first mission that you named I have not been to and I will definitely get to. The tower that was portrayed in several sections of the video was built during the World's Fair of 1967 along with the Riverwalk and several of the hotels and record time. One of the hotels was under a tremendous timeline to build the hotel. That hotel has become the standard of the way in which to build hotels because of the technique discovered under the pressure.. I am inviting you back to the Texas Hill Country to spend less then one week just to explore San Antonio and 50 miles around it and that would be a whirlwind Adventure

  • These folks are the best at responding to your messages proving that they read them and respond. Absolute Stars the YouTube Community with their research and dedication to their viewers

  • The Missions have been here a couple of hundred years, I'm sure they'll be here when you come back this way! Thanks for the video!

  • Bill Yellowdog Welding says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. It is enjoyable to come along with you. I noticed that you have a slide out on the curb side of your RV. Is that a very common thing. Thinking it isn't. Thanks again for giving a good look at so many places. ATB, Bill

  • Randi's Adventures says:

    Hi! I recently stayed in two Corp of Engineer campgrounds in MN this past summer and was very impressed. Cranes Mill Park looks like a gem! I have watched several of your Texas vids and it looks like you are having a grand adventure!

  • Christina McMillan says:

    You find the best places!!!!!! Loved the music you chose. Fit so well with what I was seeing. Very cool. Safe travels! Can not wait to do the river walk someday.

  • Catholicism is not Christianity. Christians do not worship Mary but Catholics do. They call her the mother of God which is complete and total blasphemy and punishable by death in the Bible. Oh yeah, great video as usual!

  • I didn't realize the Apaches ranged that far east. Sounds like it was not easy being aTexan back then. The Texas series was great!

  • Sorry if it sounds a little silly but when you come to places like this near the water are you typically allowed to go in and swim

  • NednPenny Ontheroad says:

    As always a great video. We are headed out on our first trip since retiring and will be staying @ Potters Creek just across the lake from were you stayed. Our stay will be in February, hopefully not too cold. Guess it will be better than the weather here in Virginia.

  • Marc, another amazing video.
    I told you back when you started this how popular you would become.
    31K subscribers, congrats.

  • Hey Marc, yes New Braunfels is an absolutely gorgeous place. My parents moved there about 35 years ago and are still in love with it! It's amazing watching the deer stroll by the dining room window at any given time of day. I'll be up there in the spring and I can't wait!! Another terrific video thank you.

  • Yes Congratulations on 30K. Been watching for quite awhile now and look forward to the next video every week. San Antonio is definitely on our bucket list.

  • Excellent video once again! We’re enjoying the Fort Worth area right now and you just gave us the idea for our next destination. I’m thinking we don’t want to rush through Texas. Thanks again for sharing. Safe travels!

  • Another awesome video Marc 👍😊❤️😎🚌🎶🎥🎉🌎 Texas is on our must visit list ⛰☀️🏖 thanks for sharing and safe travels

  • Mark, Very nice video and drone footage. You did a great job. At first I thought I found a new RV park I didn't know about but when you said Corps of engineers that told me why I didn't know about. There are several Corps of engineers park that are beautiful BUT…. NO 50 amp, NO sewer. That leaves me out. I don't know why they can't update their parks. But Hey…. keep those videos coming, you're doing a good job.

  • We were at Gruene when Lisa Marie Presley sang one night. We had eaten steak next door at the neat restaurant and she was taking the stage!! Been to some of the missions, The Riverwalk, The Alamo and church where Bowie and others are. Did discover Fredericksburg TX and museum and history of USS Nimitz, along with German food!

  • Life on 12 Wheels says:

    Great video!! We are only on our 15th video and learning so much each week. Can you tell me how you make your moving intro text? Is that in Adobe Premier Pro? I'm using an App called LumaFusion and I actually love it but I'm wondering if the moving text graphics is something that can be purchased.

  • Great job with the video. I lived in San Antonio for over 22 years, and before that lived in the Texas Hill country. It is pretty and HOT! LOL. My husband was the operations manager of the riverboats on the riverwalk!

  • Marc. Another great video! Thanks for sharing Gruene. We go there every New Years. There’s nothing like a cold Shiner Bock at Gruene Hall listening to some great music. We saw Billy Bob Thornton in August. You never know who will be there.

  • The Gimpy Camper says:

    Hey friend! That looks like an awesome site! My wife just informed me while we were talking about our 10 rv question video (that I accidentally deleted the footage from) that apparently Texas is on her must see list (I know that's pretty broad, I mean it's such a small state). I love COE campgrounds. I think its a great deal for the money, especially with a pass. I wish I could find more Boondocking here around us in TN/GA though. I'm mounting my Generator in the rig this weekend and then putting my solar panels on this new rig so we are getting closer to the freedom. But I only know of a few spots. A lot of the ones I know, are way back in the mountain roads where you wouldn't want to take a 50 ft rig! lol

  • Tick_Magnet EdSchaper says:

    I got my class B in New Braunfels. I didn't have much time to explore but stopped in Gruene on my way back north. I would love to back. Thanks so much for showing me a bit of what I missed.

  • FelineGood - Living the Feral Life says:

    Marc your video & audio edits are superb. I always enjoy your commentary which is always well researched and delivered professionally. Your music selections for this segment were spot on and so appropriate. I don't know how you manage to keep up with your production schedule – you are a machine. Thank you for all you do!

  • I tried to order the HOOTOO off of Amazon, and it is unavailable…they are not sure it ever will be again. Do you know whether one of those other alternative option's would work as the HOOTOO?
    Thanks for all of the good tips and adventure that you share with us all :)!

  • https://www.amazon.com/HooToo-Wireless-10400mAh-External-Performance/dp/B074LHG47K/ref=pd_cp_147_2/139-3034748-0235811?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B074LHG47K&pd_rd_r=ae048043-3d1d-42f5-b714-8c2685f2ae0a&pd_rd_w=JACFz&pd_rd_wg=FRzlZ&pf_rd_p=0e5324e1-c848-4872-bbd5-5be6baedf80e&pf_rd_r=WQRH7QG8YR1QN8E359GV&psc=1&refRID=WQRH7QG8YR1QN8E359GV Will this work with the ZTE Android in similar fashion? Multiple devices connected to it?

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