Elon Musk on how Falcon Heavy will change space travel

Elon Musk on how Falcon Heavy will change space travel

(wondrous music) – [Loren] We’ve come to see the launch of SpaceX’s next big
rocket, the Falcon Heavy. This vehicle can create more
than five million pounds of thrust at liftoff,
and is capable of putting around 140,000 pounds
into lower Earth orbit. That’s more than twice the
weight that any other rocket currently on the market can carry. So right now, the Falcon
Heavy holds the title for the most powerful rocket in the world. – I’m very excited about
this launch because I think this is gonna really show that we can do giant rockets again. Most space organizations,
government or commercial, have set their sights too low. They’ve really built
relatively small rockets. And Falcon Heavy is the first time that there’s something that’s arguably even in the super heavy
class or somewhere between heavy and super heavy. Showing that you can launch a giant rocket and have it be commercially viable, carry satellites,
potentially carry people, Falcon Heavy is capable of actually taking a dragon mission of taking
people around the moon. – Is there any update on
that, by the way? (laughs) – Not yet.
– Not yet. – We’re sort of debating
whether to do that on Falcon Heavy or BFR, it
will all sort of depend on how well the BFR development’s going as to whether we focus on BFR
for deep space human flight or whether we do that on Falcon Heavy. – What do you see has
been the biggest challenge for making this rocket fly? – The biggest challenge of
getting to the launch pad has been that we had to fully
redesign the center core. The load going through the center core is much greater than would
normally go through a Falcon 9 rocket. Each of the side boosters is putting in a half million pounds of
thrust into the center core. So you have an incremental
million pounds of force going through that center core, which means we had to really redesign almost the entire stage, all the way through the inner stage had to be redesigned to strengthen it. – Okay, well I have one more question, but I want to know what
you’re most excited about when you’ve launched
this rocket by tomorrow. – I’ll be really proud of the SpaceX team for having accomplished
this incredible task. And hopefully we inspire the public to get excited about space again. – [Loren] But it’s not just the public getting excited about the Falcon Heavy. Some customers, like
the Planetary Society, are planning on using Falcon
Heavy for their next flights, hoping that a successful test launch will spell success for
their missions as well. – We are tied to SpaceX. We wish us the best today.
(Loren laughs) SpaceX is really
visionary, but it really is a fantastic idea. Rockets should be like airplanes where you don’t throw them away, you use them and then reuse them. So it’s visionary. – Now if everything goes well today, how will it feel to see
that Falcon Heavy soar? – Oh it’ll be great. So, we flew the first
LightSail almost two years ago, and it’s a thrill. We’re very excited about it. The idea is to democratize space, to lower the cost of
getting to many destinations in our solar system. The reason you do this everybody, the reason the society does this, there are two questions,
Loren, that we have all asked: Where did we come from? How’d we all get here,
where did we come from? And are we alone in the universe? And if you want to answer
those two questions, you have to explore space. (upbeat music) – We’re finally here at NASA’s press site. After all of the hype, after so many years of
waiting, and it is intense. I’ve been to a couple
of launches here before, but I’ve never seen it this packed. Just getting in here today,
there was a huge traffic jam. And the vibe here? Everybody is super anxious, we’re really ready to see
this thing get off the ground. Originally the launch was
set for 1:30 p.m. Eastern. Then it got pushed back to two. Then 2:20, then 2:50. It turned out upper
level winds in the area were too high for flight, and SpaceX was trying to
wait for them to die down. People started worrying
that they’d have to come back the next day. So we’ve all been on edge today, SpaceX kept pushing the launch time back, and back, and back. Now we have a new T-minus
zero which is 3:45 p.m., but our launch window
only lasts until four p.m. However, the rocket is
loaded with propellant, so I think it might actually go up today. – [Man] The center core
locks look complete. – [Woman] Tropic lower has ended, Strombeck’s at 88.2 degrees. – [Man] Falcon Heavy
gas loads are complete and Heavy is configured for flight. – [Woman] T-minus 15,
stand by for general count. (crowd cheers and applauds) – [Man] Launch to red code. – [Woman] 10, nine, eight. – [Man] Side base to ignition.
(crowd counts down) – [Woman] Six, five, four, three, two, one, zero, ignition. – [Loren] Oh my god.
(crowd cheers) – [Man] Holy shit. – Ooh, it’s hitting us. Wow, that is a beast.
(rocket roars) Oh my god, you feel it. (rocket roars) Oh my god. We can still see it clear as day. It’s supersonic, bitches. Oh my god. I’m gonna go. – [Man] I’m gonna keep rolling. Hold on Loren, we’re gonna go together. – [Man] Side boosters begin. (crowd yells and cheers) The center. Side boosters’ landing legs are deployed. (crowd yells and cheers) – [Woman] And the Falcon has landed. – We’re gonna hear six sonic booms. (yells and laughs) Oh my god. (laughs) Oh, man.

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  • Wow ! Loren Grush speaking with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, a great lead-in to a flawless FH launch ! Wishing I was there with you near the VAB. Thank you for great footage of the launch .. 🙂

  • Honestly, what I love about Elon is he just truly seems like a down to earth guy and I know people say don’t meet your heroes but I feel like he wouldn’t let me down. He’s a human being, you can tell he’s nervous in front of crowds just as we all would be and that sense of passion is something I have been searching for to reinvigorate a new space race.

    I see so many bitter comments which is disheartening, how do you think you are able to stream videos, listen to music, travel and survive crashes, live in a high rise that can survive massive earthquakes, be warned of various natural disasters? The innovators, the teams of people throughout human history that sought to find answers that no one else ever had and they did it through trial and error. Every experiment leads to a new dataset to be studied that adds another puzzle piece that eventually becomes something that can be stable and improved upon from a basic blueprint that expands throughout the entirety of mathematics and the sciences that make the modern world such a fantastic place.

  • We need to take Congress out of the NASA equation, they have ruined NASA. The federal government is allowing these bloodsuckers to ruin American. Let NASA run NASA

  • Zachary Bishop says:

    Elon Musk is the greatest humanitarian perhaps that has ever lived. I think people should stop bashing what he is doing and look in the mirror. Here is a guy who puts millions of Dollars of his own money into green cars that you can drive for free for life. Satellites so people can have free internet rockets that can revolutionize the way we look at travel in our own solar system and advance our entire species to an interplanetary one. There’s no one else in history who has ever even come close to this kind of achievement i think that what he is doing is selfless and as someone recently commented undeserved by a species of selfish greedy and demoralized people. Think about this he could be using all these advances to just make himself richer he could take all the funding that the government has been offering him for years now which he has refused .he could use all of this to his own end and he would be justified in doing so but instead he chooses to share it and as a result has almost lead to his own financial ruin. This doesn’t seem like the work of a globalist to me more like a saint.

  • João de Carvalho says:

    Where did we come from? I don't know what kind of answer he is expecting, but this seems to be a question for evolutionary biology, paleontology and similar sciences. Actually, we already have a pretty good idea about the answer to this question.

  • "Everything is impossible , until some one does it" money , pride , race , country, religion all just illusions and learned behavior once machines can do everything for us it will free us to purse our true passions without limits, our differences will fade away as we work together as one species helping each other becoming what God truly meant for us to become and finally discovering intelligent life together as the human race

  • 6:52 Everytime I watch this scene it makes me believe that Yes, we are living in 21st century and living the dream like never before….

  • yasser jimenez el wisieh says:

    Elon Musk is a more intelligent people , i not speak English , Elon Musk es la persona mas admirable e inteligente , gracias por todo lo que hace por la ciencia y la humanidad ,hace mis sueños realidad

  • Why is it called "Heavy"? I know its heavy af, but thats not supposed to be a good thing in space travel and travel in general. The lighter the better. I would prefer a light Falcon.

  • Tammy Leeder Whitaker says:

    True Visionary. So proud of Elon. I get so excited thinking of Space Exploration. MARS…. Elon🤗👐🌹🌱🌲🌾🌀🔥

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