Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas XL Suspension Strap

When you have got two trees that are really
far apart or if you have a really wide tree, Eagles Nest Outfitters has got you covered
with the Atlas XL suspension straps. The special thing to know about these straps
is that they are a lot longer than the regular Atlas straps. So you have got 54 inches of
extra length and that way, again, if you have got two trees that are farther apart or we
have got like a really wide tree right here, you have that extra length that can go all
the way around. So these allow you to set up your hammock virtually anywhere.
The webbing here is poly filament webbing. It is very durable and each strap is going
to support the weight of up to 200 pounds. So it will comfortably support 400 pounds
when used together. The straps are stitched. They are triple stitched. You have got really
good durability there. They are super easy to use and they are tree friendly. So when
you wrap the strap around the tree and make it tight and put weight in the hammock, it
is not going to damage the bark of the tree. They are really easy to use, so you don’t
have to tie any cumbersome knots. And then af-ter you get out of the hammock and when
you want to take everything down, you don’t have to untie really tight knots. All you
have to do is pull it out of the webbing loop at the end, pack it up and take it away. The straps each weigh about a half a pound
and they come in an included stuff sack. So together they weigh about a pound. You can
tuck them away in your backpack. This would be great for around the campsite. You could
take them backpacking if you need to. They are a little heavier than some of the other
straps, so they would be great for pic-nics, in the backyard, concerts, anywhere where
you want to set up your Eagles Nest hammock and have the confidence that these are going
to be able to be used anywhere. As you can see, we have got an Eagles Nest
hammock strung up here. And there are many attachment points here. So when you have set
it up, you can really dial in exactly where you want the hammock to be. There are 20 different
attachment points. So it makes it really easy to set up. It makes it really fast to make
quick adjustments. And to-gether these are 13 and a half feet each. So, again, you have
got that extra length on there. These can be set up virtually anywhere. While they are meant to be used with Eagles
Nest Outfitters hammocks, you can use these with virtually any hammock that has got a
carabineer loop on the end of it. Overall the Atlas XL suspension straps are
perfect for your next adventure.

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