Driving RV On Beach & Dogsitting

Driving RV On Beach & Dogsitting

well good afternoon everybody you knew I
had to bring Miranda down here because this particular spot has a lot of
memories every RV I’ve had has Park right here in this spot with this view
of the Wishkah River out here and not necessarily good memories but not bad
memories either things were not always as comfortable and easy for me living on
the road certainly prior to YouTube so i will say this spot does not have signage
that says no overnight parking anymore so as far as I know it’s still city of
Aberdeen and still 72 hours tops or just one night if you’re like me because
we’re leaving today and it’s gonna be a rare day here in
western Washington we’re gonna hit 80 in June so I say we go to the ocean yeah
right I do have the leveling jacks up on this side because it slopes so much so
it’s kind of cool to get level on the curb still can’t get jacks to come
outside here his his memories are a little different than mine poor guy
hey let’s go to the ocean it’s gonna be a nice day at the ocean and there we go
welcome to the city of Ocean Shores Washington which only comes alive when
it’s crazy hot and Olympia Tacoma in Seattle and everybody comes here
now they do more or less have one of the shortest windows of being open for
season in the entire country hey I’ve been to three oceans in the
last year Pacific Ocean yeah I’ve been to all three this year Wow well in the
last year I’ve been escaping the heat my whole life by coming to Ocean Shores
this McDonald’s off to the right dad used to take us there back in the day
when you could get orange sherbert ice cream on a cone remember the old orange
ice cream soft-serve on a cone then we switched to chocolate dip cones yep
there certainly aren’t too many beaches that you can literally drive your
vehicle or your RV up onto in the country Ocean Shores is one of them we
got some gravel right now and then it kind of morphs into this
sandy mix of soft and hard and you just got to be careful
you just got to be careful I like to stay on the dark brown wets and I
actually don’t like this soft step that I’m going through right now so don’t
slow down in this at all don’t even take your foot off the gas until you get to
the other side here okay now I will turn this way this is the sand I like this
dark stuff is safe that light stuff off to the right not so much okay look out little seagull I’m gonna park
right here for a little bit we should be safe and yes is crazy windy and chilly
and I regret wearing a sleeveless shirt right now but it’s the ocean
welcome to Ocean Shores so because of the blowing wind and sand and salt in
the air I’m not gonna pop the slides out today just to kind of keep the the
motors and track clean but yep this is what we’re driving on you know it’s it’s
pretty hard pack as long as it stays moist from the tides coming in and out
everybody’s over there in long pants and Seahawks jackets I’m out here in a
sleeveless shirt and shorts yeah ah Pacific Ocean all kinds of shells that’s
that’s a crab leg there oh and there’s the rest of mr. crabby dude what
happened oh okay oh my gosh I’m so cold that windchill 84 degrees an hour away
in Olympia 53 degrees here at Ocean Shores I’m going to turn the heater on legals like lying around there we go
we’re on the beach oh yeah you excited to go play in the sand jacks man yeah
okay we will first off I’m not gonna turn the heater on I preheated the oven
and I’m gonna put a health pie in the oven
that way it’ll kind of help keep us warm through the vents you wanna go outside
okay let’s put your harness on all right buddy where’s your harness what do you
mean you know no show me what do you think is it too windy you could try it
you gotta try everything once buddy you can’t always be a sourpuss Jack’s you
got to get your paws in the sand I know it’s cold I know man but it’s sand I’ll
try it I’m gonna flop in it and get all dirty
paste flop good flapjacks good flop oh man get all dirty in this sand you look
at those bars are so dirty oh yeah yeah yeah no no see I knew you’d like it
you just like the water and the wind but the sands cool you funny boy you funny
boy want to come inside get some treats yeah you’re hungry come and get some
treats all right buddy oh yeah ocean pizzas the best kind of pizza pie we also still a little warm yep yep
actually I’m gonna eat inside you know the ocean shores here though one thing
and I think I mentioned this before you can’t stay here overnight unless you are
awake all night so that’s why they say you know camping but if you’re awake
outside if State Patrol rolls by and they see a campfire on the beach right
here or something and they see you outside or they can see you through the
window with the light on you can stay here overnight at the beach as well you
know just got to be mindful and that’s why that rules there’s a Titan come in
and people don’t pay attention they put tents out here and everything and it’s
for safety after I eat and after Jackson I hang out with a little bit for a
little bit I will show you what we’ll do for the night but I do want to test out
these meaty tires on the bike you know it’s windy let me first get
back to you this is what it looks like in here without the slide out Jax’s got
his seat we got some Netflix going on I’m on season three of Breaking Bad and
I did close all the curtains just to make it a little more dark in here so
that I can see the screen better but I would be outside if it were nice and
sunny and warm and not so windy and cold so we’ll do this instead and then we’ll
hop on the bike all right buddy I’m gonna go ride around you’d be good keep
an eye on the rvk don’t we put some birds on the screen for you all right
have fun I’ll be back people are starting to
leave I’m not sure if they know something I don’t know but yeah it’s got
my hat cinch dog we’re switched to super wide just so I can capture a little more
of this excited to try the bike hour it won’t be like I’m gonna film all the
time while I’m riding this thing cuz it’s a little more work to carry the
camera and I kind of want to hands-on on the handlebars all the time but you know
what she feels really good on the sand I mean really good wow she likes the
sand if I lose my hat out here it’s gonna
blow away somewhere for sure whoa awesome Mike is ridiculously fun maybe I
need to invest in a kite perhaps I do go to a lot of windy places excuse me what
are you doing you’re not batting the TV are you no you
need to keep your little paws ease off the TV though okay Oh butts so I have no
intention of staying awake all night at the beach I’m gonna head on over to the
Quinault Beach Resort and Casino over here because they have overnight parking
with some perks they made some changes that used to be free in the offseason
and then $10 on season and now I believe it’s $10 just flat rate weekdays any
time of the year and $15 a night on the weekends to dry camp on the beach
but like I said there are some other perks you get to stay in Ocean Shores so
that’s cool so I head over there alright and here’s
the entrance to the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino / RV park they do
still offer the $2.99 Olympics special early bird eggs breakfast I may try that
in the moanin all right now I won’t get parked and get comfortable I got a lot
of editing to do I still have not edited the wynoochee stuff the video that you
will have already seen by now basically yeah speed limit 21 get it cuz blackjack
yeah not too busy at all it is tough to get level here you can see you can you
can kind of see what’s going on that slopes to the middle here kind of like
one of the worst RV parks ever I’m gonna back in because these sites over here a
little more level then I’m gonna unhook the ebike again then I got to go to the
office and pay and I will let you know how that goes actually walked up there
to register it I’m not going to take the ebike off this time
yeah so $15 and this is what you get I know a lot of people have been griping
about it a lot lately but it’s a secure approved spot to park put your thing up
in the window and then this is what you get but it’s better than you might think
we actually have our own private access to the beach down here it’s about a 1/2
mile trail through here sorry just realized I still had it on
super why you’re getting part of the microphone in my previous shots that’s
funny so you know the sand and everything caked and covered in the RV
that’s all just extras just part of the experience I didn’t bring an extra
battery anyway go spend a little more time with the beach they’ll be back in
the RV tonight and good morning I slept super super well last night I’m
surprised maybe the sound of the wind and the waves just reminded
so much at home that I slept like a baby just fed Jax I haven’t even made any
coffee yet I’m gonna walk up to the casino restaurant up here make sure they
still got the Olympics special going on cuz I’m sterve and starving mmm
what a deal right man yeah time to leave Grays Harbor County you do get sunshine
and solar here like I was getting like 40 amps of solar in this overcast
because the sun’s there it’s very very filtered so I do have to get back into
Thurston County tomorrow for an important appointment but I want to
check out this one DNR campsite recreation area before and
spend the night there because I can’t boondock in the city
right okay we’ll get out of here it’s starting to
clear up it gets really congested and Hoquiam in Aberdeen just like
bottlenecks but now it’s opening up two lanes highway 8 going east here we go
yeah I’ve been here before it’s been a few years but I have I’ve never actually
tried to overnight park here at this little area you do need a Discover Pass
it’s a fee area but it doesn’t say you can’t overnight it doesn’t say it’s only
day use so in this case I’m I’m gonna give it a shot it is right next to the
highway but I can’t park in any other Walmart’s nearby and actually it
probably is mostly just day use because of the boat launch into the SATs op
River which is quite low the boat launch ends here the waters yeah yeesh
somebody got scary right out of their sandals Hey these parts here in
Washington State mostly got to worry about mountain lions there can be
Cougars and bears out here especially along the river those are those are the
things I worry about some of the reasons why I don’t wear headphones when I’m
near a nice river or something I’ve got all my videos edited just need to get
them uploaded today you’re taking this pretty well Jax what do you think you
think it’s okay what’s going on are we are we dog sitting Oh timber what’d you
think of my big kitty hims a big boy huh yeah you pretty chill with this puppy
okay you guys just keep your distance and everybody’s cool okay what a kook
girl can I have this we’re using that Kinect I have it you weren’t using it
well you wanted that one actually oh yeah okay I’ll keep it let’s see if Jax
wants it it smells like do gee dad it smells like no I don’t want it guess what everybody wouldn’t be honest
with you it was not a good idea to attempt to overnight at that location
even though it doesn’t say no overnight parking my instinct was right it is a
day use area and I had a sheriff come by to remind me even though it’s fish and
wildlife a great Harbor sheriff came by it’s he told me it’s his job to notify
people so he does this a lot he comes to that place at night and tells people you
got to move on you got to get out of here he woke me up I was like man it’s
gonna take me about an hour to have a cup of coffee and put all the slides in
and get ready to go he’s like yeah that’s ok manage letting you know so I
am passing that information on to you that little spot and SATs ought Brady
yeah it’s not good for overnight so many of you have noticed and pointed out the
blank spot where I ever move decals on parts of the RV and you probably want to
know more about that and I’m gonna leave you in suspense you don’t have to wait
long check out my very next video also I gave
the other ebike to a friend who could use it and I’m gonna keep the folding
bike that I like back here so that is my duties for the day I’m gonna be editing
here and I’m dog sitting for some friends who were watching a movie over
here and Lacey look at this – didn’t she cute she’s a
precious and Jackson likes ya yeah you know you gotta stay in though I can’t
lose you I’ll get in big trouble so guys uh I take care and I shall see you very
soon bad

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