DPRK: The Land Of Whispers (North Korea Travel Documentary) (2013)

100 thoughts on “DPRK: The Land Of Whispers (North Korea Travel Documentary) (2013)”

  • I have recently read several books on North Korea and viewed many utube films. I find the whole concept of North Korea utterly fascinating but I must say that your film is by far the best of all. You are an excellent film maker and your edit was far superior than that of BBC, RT corporations who obviously operate on vast budgets and for that you should in all sincereity be proud!

  • It just goes to show that when you turn your leader into God Himself, you become a slave. I hope the North Korean people wake up one day and see that their Dear Leader is made of crumbling clay. Most of all I pray they come to know who God actually is and step into freedom.

  • Cristero Warrior says:

    Hey Jeremy Corbin, North Korea invaded the south and there is no armistice!
    The Korean War is still going on.

  • If I go on vacation to any country, I want to go to all the great places not a slum. That's what normal people do when they go on vacation. If you there for political reasons to try to say bad about the country, any country, I think the citizens will be angered as well. If someone go to my country or America to make a video demoralising my country I would be angered too.

  • I've watched a lot of NK documentaries and you don't get to see the real NK, they limit what you see so much. I notice they show the games to every tourist and I wonder if it is an act. Jim seemed very open, and the notes on the MP3 are sweet. Funny that he got scared by a Rammstein song, I love Rammstein. I just hope his actions haven't got him in any trouble and that he is okay.

  • those tour guides were in a tough position when you get mad at them- on the one hand they have to be friendly to show a good side of NK on the other they can be in serious trouble for allowing you to film…i don't know if you realize how serious a danger that is for them ?? why put them in such a situation ? that is their lives being endangered – you don't seem to be concerned about that at all either ! unreal.

  • North Korea/ DPRK: The purest form of communism in real life…a snake is still with its old skin unlike china and vietnam: They both are the same snakes still but with a new set of skin…Snakes are snakes in nature and everything else. Snake cannot be anything different than itself.

  • Kim's regime put on a big bulshit show because they're are nothing but a big Act they are all insecure of themselves that's why they put up bulshit shows like this! Fuck you Kim Jong troll Pig monkey face baboon, you're nothing but a chickenshit weasel you, your fucked up father and your fucked up grandfather you all are fucked up dictators!!

  • Wow…The population looks into the camera and they act like abused and scared animals locked in old rusty Soviet made cage.
    The only thing those people in North Korea are allowed to eat is Kim Small-Dong's lies, fear and propaganda.🤦‍♂️😕

  • ThatF*ckingPanda says:

    This video was great. I think you did your best not to demonize the country but you also didn’t accept the negative aspects. Very well balanced and informative

  • All because of this ignorant journalists not doing their research before coming into this country, yall have killed so many innocent native koreans. good fucking job white people🙄

  • This guy has a lot of footage that the big networks couldnt get. It is likely because the big networks are watched like a hawk and can not get footage like this. As far as independent journalists, this guy obviously was either the dumbest or had the biggest balls.


    Man !!!! I watched most of North Korean documentaries on YouTube, your documentary showed me the beautiful soul of the North Koreans. Thank you 🙏

  • Cant imagine someone going to Africa or someplace and being so disrespectful of their culture. Juche makes perfect sense, you're just smug.

  • clintinterface says:

    12:05 , just look it up on google or youtube, there re even videos about it what is on that floor… full of propaganda posters on the wall.

  • Howard Johnson says:

    Such a beautiful country. Too bad the government is in such an oppressive state. Seeing N Korea is like taking a trip back in time into the 1950s. Such a backward country.

  • Juche Gang Juche Gang Juche Gang

    What a beautiful, clean, tidy country full of well-behaved and educated people without degeneracy, homelessnes or drug abuse. A national-socialist paradise.

  • What is striking to me, is, the filmmaker asks questions he knows could bring his  'minders' who accompany the group, into trouble. Why pushing it? Do you really expect it is going to change one bit? You even make it worse for these people. Why ask questions everybody in the west already knows the answer to? ofcourse this is not a free country, but that doesn't mean you have to put the normal people of dprk in trouble even more..Everybody knows, when you visit north  Korea, you're going to see what the regime wants you to see. i've seen it in every documetary about north Korea, that tourists and journalists keep asking the same lame ass questions over and over again. What do you want to prove here is beyond me. Was this some kind of hipster bucket list thingy? well, congratulations, but not really.now i totally understand, why 'Jim' didn't like you at all.And i am sure, with that hair, they already thought you were some kind of alien. The regime is evil, but you at least could show some respect to the people who live and suffer there every day, while you are enjoying your freedom. why challenging a man who was born inside this system and doesnt know nything else, why didn't you show balls and asked the great leader despot himself?

  • Everyone sad everyone about Jim,but im sad about girl Which saw first time a tablet of her life.
    She can be killed or Send labor camp for see that.

  • After watching unit 731 from the Japanese, I don't blame any nation in the east for wanting to attack them so many war crimes not brought to justice ,no wonder they got a suicide forest, I could not live what my ancestors did.

  • Mathilde Wesendonck says:

    Your documentary is really good, but I feel so bad for your tour guides. Why do you make their job (and life) more difficult than it already is. Coming from Germany, I know how restricted East German tourist guides were in terms of what they were allowed to do and what to say to Western tourists. And East Germany was a kindergarten compared to North Korea. These guides probably lost their jobs (in the best case) just for not managing to stop critical conversations or keep you from wandering around on yourself.
    Maybe for you it’s just an adventure, but for them it’s hard life

  • SURFACES for Mural Visionaries says:

    I love how there’s no cars. North Korea’s pollution footprint has to be the smallest in the world. I’d love to walk or ride on roads in North Korea. When my country and North Korea become friends, things will be so cool. I’d love to visit there or start a travel angency focusing on DPRK.

  • SURFACES for Mural Visionaries says:

    You know what. I’ve seen a lot of documentaries about North Korea and this has to be the best one yet. Way more info in this one. And it’s awesomely edited. This video is inspiring and makes me really want to go as I watch each minute of this.

  • Brent Barnhart says:

    "Because of our dear leaders… TIS ZITY HAAZ BECUM MODURN ZITY… (meanwhile it looks like "Bible times") How precious….. those poor, poor people. THANK YOU for an OUTSTANDING documentary of your trip. I live throughout Asia,,, wife is Asian and daugher, Japanese….. but I travel as an engineer and am very educated on Asian thought and culture… many different. I thought at first I wasn't going to like this and probably end up taking you to task….. BUT GREAT JOB. And OUTSTANDING photography AND editing. And you also were very funny. God Bless you for sharing the plight of these poor people.

  • I would almost guarantee by now 60-70% of the population smells bullshit. I know being korean myself that majority of Koreans are very intellectual thinkers. Even though their suppressed they are extremely smart people I know when the twins com even though they’re suppressed they are extremely smart people. I know when they see tourists come and when they are bragging about for example their big bronze statue of the kim il sung and telling the toursits they ended up filling in the bronze statue because it was once hollow to show more “power” im sure when they see the reactions of the tourists faces while they take them around and see how nobody ever gets excited about their “accomplishments” im sure they read body language and pick up things fairly quickly.” I’m sure they think their selves that all these tours come from places with better technology because they never get excited about any of our stuff we show them. But instead they are always frowning as if it’s stupid and I know they can pick this up without having to engage in conversation that’s a universal body language.

  • Many north Korean people seems happy and cheerful,yet,some defectors talked bad all about nk ,this must not happen in future.

  • Many north Korean people seems happy and cheerful,yet,some defectors talked bad all about nk ,this must not happen in future.

  • Many north Korean people seems happy and cheerful,yet,some defectors talked bad all about nk ,this must not happen in future.

  • This guy who made a video on North Korea is one Dumb FUCK. We're happy you did, remember ass hole, all countries habe their rules. Just like your country. You don't make any sense dumb fuck.

  • Anyone know what sounds like "Tuesday is Hong Kong curry" when someone is speaking in Korean? I swear I kept hearing it in their songs

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