DON’T BUY My Fun Life by Dan Edwards – My Fun Life Review

DON’T BUY My Fun Life by Dan Edwards – My Fun Life Review

Hi Folks, this is Michael Murray and that’s
a photo of me in the lower right corner, enjoying a nice dinner with my family, knowing that
even when I’m not in front of my computer, my internet business is making money for me.
It’s a great feeling, after years in the corporate world when I had to be on the job in order
to generate income. Today I’m going to be doing a review on My Fun Life by Dan Edwards.
This is an honest, no-hype neutral review and believe it or not, I am not going to be
asking you for any money, so sit back and enjoy the video and the information.
First, a little about me…I have been doing online marketing for about ten years, and
I have had my share of successes but have also had my share of flops and scams, which
suckered me in with lots of false promises and just plain out and out lies– there is
really no polite way of saying that. The creators of those programs were looking to sell as
many of their programs as possible, and then disappear until the next program they created,
and repeating their little routine all over again. It was very frustrating, and in the
beginning of my internet career, I got to where I didn’t know what to believe. I have
had some successes and some failures, so I know how you may be feeling right now as you
watch this video. Now I’m not going to tell you that My Fun Life by Dan Edwards is one
of those scams, but you need to know that 90% or more of the programs out there are
phonies, and 90% or more of the people who get talked into making a purchase have never
made money online, and it’s little wonder. They don’t know what to believe anymore. I
am simply going to present my unbiased review of My Fun Life and let you make an intelligent
decision on your own. So put away your credit card and listen to this presentation, and
I hope this will save you time and money in the process.
MyFunLIFE by Dan Edwards, founded in March 2013, offers lifestyle products, starting
with travel. The mission of MyFunLIFE is ”to provide a global network of positive people,
life changing products, and an unparalleled opportunity for our Members, our communities
and the world we live in.” It was created by CEO and Owner Dan Edwards.
Because it is brand new, there are many future plans and offerings in the works, but right
now there is just one app –it is a new phone/tablet app in the 6 trillion dollar travel industry.
The app allows you to book discount vacations right from your phone through Travelocity,
and you get cash back on the travel that you book. MyFunLIFE’s CHA-CHING booking engine
works with a top travel search engine to find Members the best deals on flights, hotels,
car rentals, cruises, and more. MyFunLIFE Members earn cash-back on personal travel,
and get paid when friends book through their CHA-CHING booking engine through MyFunLIFE
as well. MyFunLIFE uses the power of buying in bulk
to offer exclusive vacation packages, called FunTRIPS, at a fraction of what non-Members
would pay. Members also have access to FunCONDOS, luxury condos in resort destinations, at discounted
rates. Enrollment Options
It costs $21 a month to be a Member of MyFunLIFE and receive full access to the CHA-CHING Booking
Engine, FunTRIPS and FunCONDOS packages, as well as a full back office with business building
tools, videos, contact management, matrix tracking, and more. Customers can use MyFunLIFE’s
CHA-CHING Booking Engine for free. Compensation Plan
MyFunLIFE has a 3×10 forced matrix compensation plan. Members can earn commissions up to 7
levels of pay without sponsoring anyone, or can earn commissions up to 10 levels of monthly
Membership purchases, plus qualify for up to 50% Check Matching and weekly Coded bonuses.
Members receive cash back on all the travel purchases made through their own CHA-CHING
Booking Engine, and can also earn an override on their referred customers and receive a
commission on all their bookings as well, including all of their free customer’s bookings.
My Fun Life Review Summary As of now, this is not a moneymaker, but more
of a discount service for those people who like to travel and are looking for discounts,
and a convenient way to find those discounts, rather than having to do all the research
themselves. However, if you’re a big time recruiter and have the ability to build a
team of 1000s of people, then you should be able to do well with MyFunLIFE in time, especially
with the coded bonus feature of the comp plan. This business may appeal to many new marketers
because of the low price point, but keep in mind that your compensation will be minimal,
and you will be paying a monthly fee for the travel discount opportunity. You need to ask
yourself if a monthly fee will offset the discounts on travel that you receive, especially
in the beginning before you have built up your sponsored members. Will you ever make
a decent income with this program? Who knows…

4 thoughts on “DON’T BUY My Fun Life by Dan Edwards – My Fun Life Review”

  • the compensation pays really high. You can be making 180k within your first ten weeks, and because the start up is such a small price and the training is easy it makes it a great start for newbies. PLUS the residual The fast track club they give you the money back within the first week. Everything is completely automated with my fun life. You would know this if you really looked into the program. I am part of the number one team in the U.S.. My fun life is WORLD WIDE. Instant payday network is limited to only the U.S., CANADA, AND THE U.K… My team teaches you to generate warm leads that COME TO YOU!!  It is free to join and to start. You don't have to pay to be a member and earn commission.With instant payday network it is free to do the starter, but there are only a couple of free offers. To make 50 a sale you need to spend money. You will have to pay for your ads. For anyone to say you are making money without paying money is a lie. Its a business, and I was a member of this company, but it's free to join My Fun Life… which is probably how he got most of this information in the first place, because i can clearly hear him reading our Q&A section if you just want to look at the back office and have someone Give you an educated answer on what my fun life really is then check out the link below it is free for you to join and take advantage of the all the awesome benefits, and the completely AUTOMATED SYSTEM will answer all your questions that he isn't covering. You will never know the truth until you try and who gives you a completely FREE chance to really see what's behind the curtain…

  • Jimmy Victoria says:

    Unfortunately many reviews are done with the intent of switching to another company or one of his interests. "No, I'm not trying to sell you anything" that's what this guy says in all of his reviews. If what he is saying were true, he would never mention his own company. I agree with Suzie instead.

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