Does David Look Like Mr. Shue? How to Interview Assange’s Lawyer Not About Assange

Does David Look Like Mr. Shue? How to Interview Assange’s Lawyer Not About Assange

here’s something interesting last week i
mentioned that we got a couple of a rather one email
from a listener saying that i look like mister shoe from the
show glina say i’d never seen the show i have no idea what what mister she looks like an alex
wicker shelf because our captions in transcriptions actually decide by side
of me and mister chirac and even though the actor’s name and here it is and i don’t really see
the resemblance there’s a resemblance you think there is there i mean the pictures are both black and
white but that’s the only resemblance i see i’ve seen the shareholders i think
there’s a resemblance the other one that people tell me is joseph gordon levitt you know that is he’s an actor in uh… you know i can
actually name any movies as he’s been in juneau any movies that he’s been yet ten sings i think about you inception that’s right i don’t know if the summer
the inception guy that’s right i’ve got to see more of that resemblance
in a way than mister shoup n but we’ll keep an eye on and report back
as a a new information is presented here’s a we actually need the audience’s
input on this we’ve made contact with one of julius on jazz lawyers i’m not
going to say which one as you know he has multiple lawyers in different
countries suite in england obviously want to talk about something
related to doing this on jenny’s basically he’s been really nice he says they’ll come on the show but he just
can’t really talk about julian assigned at least not what i was proposing if our audience members who i know her very astute have any ideas for how we could have one of julius on just lawyers on the
show and have a discussion that will be
relevant but still not be i don’t know
technically talking about julian assigned please email me perhaps we
could uh… talk about like a hypothetical situation that is exactly
like involving a company like with you weeks san on a hypothetical planet yeah now do
you know i don’t think that they’ll go for that but really it would be great to
have a montage don’t know if if i have a mon we just don’t even broach the topic it wouldn’t make any sense right i mean
we just we can’t do that we need to be able to talk about are going to be very
interesting there’s gotta be some angle where we
could get a lawyer to agree they are now maybe we could do it like
they can’t believe the republicans were hypothetically going to reduce spending
but that in reality maybe we could do a hypothetical
discussion about which he leaks and not one in
reality i don’t know maybe but please email me you have any ideas david david packed
them dot com let’s take a break we’ll come back we’ll
talk about yet another poll that proves this country is progressive the people their progress at all of the
politicians are running it but at the center right country david packing dot com we’ll be back and
david packing dot com slash tickets for the new getaway david adventure david packard dot com

8 thoughts on “Does David Look Like Mr. Shue? How to Interview Assange’s Lawyer Not About Assange”

  • I thought it was the hair but I think it's the eyes and mouth that resemble Matthew Morrison (Mr. Shue). BTW–Morrison is an excellent musical theatre actor–he was in the original Broadway casts of Hairspray and Light in the Piazza as well as the wonderful revival of South Pacific.

  • Can you ask the lawyer(s) about their opinion on Nick Davies, the guy from Guardian who published the complete account of allegations against Assange on Dec 17? Can he clarify who alleged rape (I'm guessing Ms. A) and who alleged molestation (I'm guessing Ms. W) in the original charge on Aug 20?

  • More questions! I know that the charge was re-opened by Borgstrom and Ny on Sept 1 and then they upped the allegations to rape, coersion, and molestation – can he clarify who's allegating what? (Probably rape and coersion from Ms. A and molestation from Ms. W, though I find it strange because the rape allegation got dropped on Aug 21, so I assumed that Ms. A's allegations were easily dismissable, which it wasn't according to the Guardian paper by Davies)

  • Sorry for the multiple post, but the word limit is killing me – oh man, that's such a cool opportunity for you guys – you know that really famous laywers are working for Assange (and Ms. A and Ms. W, of course), right? Uh, hmm, maybe a question about the identities of Ms. A and Ms. W? I thought that their identities were supposed to be hidden, but I could easily find their names through google, via past reports from various news sources.

  • Ask him about the legality of re-publication of illegally obtained information, public interest privilege as possible defense to such republication, etc. These would be general legal questions and would not deal directly with the case.

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