Do I Ride Regular or Goofy? || REI

Do I Ride Regular or Goofy? || REI

– Hey everyone, Katie with REI here, and today we’re gonna
talk about snowboarding. How to tell if you’re regular or goofy, and we’re not talking about
personality, just your stance. (upbeat music) All right, so what does regular
versus goofy actually mean? It has to do with what foot is in front most of the time while
you’re snowboarding. Snowboards have a tip and a tail, and although you can ride them either way, most of the time the tip is going to be leading you downhill, so one foot will be on the
downhill side most of the time. If you’re regular, it means
that your left foot is forward, this is usually the case for
people who are right footed. If you’re goofy, it’s the opposite. Your right foot is
forward, usually the case for people who are left footed. There are three ways you can
tell what your stance is. Number one, is to grab a friend, close your eyes and let them
gently push you forward. Whatever stance you catch yourself in, for me, left foot forward, will tell you if you’re
regular versus goofy. Option two is to find a ball or a conveniently located camp pillow, put it on the ground and give it a kick. Whatever foot you kick
with is your dominant foot, so that’s the foot that
will go in the back. Option three is to find some snow or a slippery floor in
your favorite pair of socks and give it a running start. Whatever stance you land in is likely the stance that you’ll
have on your snowboard. After you’ve figured out your stance, the next step is to figure out how to set up your bindings. We’ve got videos on
that if you’re curious, or as always you can go and visit the experts at your local REI. See ya later.

6 thoughts on “Do I Ride Regular or Goofy? || REI”

  • Which foot do you keep on a shopping cart when riding it down the aisle vs kick with to get more speed. The leg on cart is typically the lead leg.

  • William Schwartz says:

    According to this video I’m just screwed up. I kick right footed. Sock slide right foot forward. I think what happened in my case is when I was a teen I used to Jet Ski (old school before there was a seat on jet skiis and you stood in a tray). To make the days last longer without getting tired and to get better at tricks I’d switch back and forth and right equal time with each foot forward. Also, doing martial arts i tried to switch my stance up as much as possible to mess with the other person. So I’ve spent 50 years training in one way or another to be switch footed.

  • Miranda sighting at 0:51 the legend is real! Although scientists speculate her feet are not that big.
    I always step forward with my left, unless I'm wearing a cartoon dog costume.

  • Hmmm… I kick with my right foot, but also have my right foot forward when I slide on the floor. I guess I will have to have someone push me and take two out of three of the tests. 🙂

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