Divi Theme Vs Beaver Builder – Which Is The Best WordPress Page Builder For You

I was recently asked what is the better theme
framework or page builder between Beaver Builder and it Divi and I want to answer that in this
video on this video might be a little longer then most people would want but if you’re
looking to maybe purchase and make an investment into Beaver Builder or Divi this this video
to be worth it to you to just a watch and get some perspective on it now on the surface
there are similar their page builders and they have themes available but in life as
in most things of life it’s not so simple and it can be a little complicated because
they’re both even though they are page builders there actually very very difference in the
differences in just the price of friends and sell Beaver Builder’s obit more expensive
if I on their site right now there are there their package that’s comparable to what you
get with Divi is going to cost you hundred and $99 and what that introduces can give
you their theme and their plug-in $99 just get you there plug-in only with the year of
support and updates they don’t have a lifetime option when you look at Divi it’s five years
or three options you can get Divi for $69 for the first year if you look there on the
bottom right there’s a 10% they always have this 10% off and from time to time it’s like
20% off I’ve seen different discounts you look here $69 get you the duty which is their
page builder and the theme 89 is if you want to the plug-ins that the company makes and
for 249 which is an unbelievable value you’re getting a once a one-time fee in there to
give you support are going to give you updates and you can really get that anywhere so it’s
a really good value what you get with Divi now on the surface one of the main differences
between Divi and the difference between Beaver Builder is the way you create your content
and so for instance big Divi’s has was called a back and page builder and with Beaver Builder
it’s a front end page builder so let me show you what I mean by that here’s a divvied them
off I go to pages and I go ahead and click on this page right here that’s his home do
you use the Divi builder I’d have to click on this purple button right here and I can
start building my page now by creating columns and rows and in dropping in elements and this
is pretty much how works there some templates with it as well so I clicked on loan from
library right here there’s a library of templates they don’t really let you see a thumbnail
of it or anything like that and you can have your own predefined library so let me just
choose that the town let’s just choose a homepage right here creative agency that’s fine I click
on load and this is what your typical Divi page and builder pages can look like and you
don’t even know what bank you’re looking at its it’s not it’s kind of liking the intuitiveness
because of this back end page builder now with Beaver Builder the experiences totally
different so if I go to pages and I have just like on the other side about this homepage
to get into Beaver Builder I would click on this tab here this is page builder and it’s
going to take me instead to the front end of the website where everything is visual
it’s just loading will give it hear a moment so it does everything visual so let me start
with the template real quick and so here’s their layout templates you get this nice thumb
now and unfortunately the time of making this video these are the only templates available
but I do know what then maybe a month or so there you have a whole bunch of new templates
that are really going to take the design up a few notches but anyways you’ve got these
here so let’s just go ahead and select one lets us go and suck this one why not is it
to take everything in his can put it in here so now you can see it’s a totally different
experience I can see things in just it’s completely visual so I can say I might want to change
this text and then all you have to do is take your mouse and click in a cassette would you
intuitively want to do is click on it and then right here I can change whatever I wanted
it to say a just like this and then click on save you see how it’s intuitive I can scroll
down and I would intuitively fire wanted to change this image I would just click on it
and this is the intuitive nature of Beaver Builder which allows you to create a site
much faster because you’re doing it visually back to Divi I can’t really see what I want
to edit I can see that this is text but I don’t know what the text says and I would
intuitively want to click on it but when I click there that’s not where you want where
you need to click you need to click on this out three lines there and then when I click
on it then I got this panel that pops up and then I got a whole bunch of options you see
the difference there it’s it it’s kind of lacking in intuitiveness when you compare
it to Beaver Builder so let’s just call this a win for Beaver Builder it might cost a little
bit more but you’re having a much more intuitive whether building experience because of it
and a Beaver Builder you have on all these tabs here with different settings it is kind
of easy to understand what these settings mean when you look at Divi and you you do
this you got settings that sometimes are not as intuitive to a do-it-yourselfer or a non-developer
so that’s one of your main difference is when you compare Beaver Builder to Divi the theme
options are allotted to be the same like the fonts you use in the menu styles and all that
a lot of those are to be pretty much the same little bit and Divi defense you know you have
the front-end page billing experience yet this kind about a quasi-page fronted page
builder let me show you what I mean so Sam working on the section here I can go ahead
and click right here and I conclude this little I and it’s good to show me it’s good to generate
a preview of what this row looks like see right there at generating a preview of what
it looks on a desktop or mobile or whatever it’s generating this nice preview for me also
if I’m working on this little text box right here even though I I’m I’m sending it all
off I have no idea what it looks like I can click on this little I it is good to generate
a preview so I mean it’s not quite the front and page builder experience of Beaver Builder
but you do get some of it at least some of that feel now I do want to preface this is
to be 2.7 and Divi or elegant themes the maker of this theme Divi has already said that version
3.0 of the Divi builder is going to be a complete front end page building experience so that’s
important to me to mention okay so let me get out of here now here’s the thing that
people complain about with Divi you can’t really see what Divi’s doing behind-the-scenes
acacias doing what it does but if you were to ever stop using the Divi page builder your
content and how pretty it was and how looked out it’s not to look like that is starting
to resemble that even in the slightest if you were to stop using Divi, like once you’re
in your in Beaver Builder if you were to stop using Beaver Builder you would still have
all your text and some of the layout the formatting as you can reformat it however I never really
saw that is a big deal because most websites might be 5 to 10 pages of content if you’re
switching to a new theme or new framework or knew anything you have to redo all that
stuff anyway so I don’t really see that as a big problem so that’s one of the biggest
differences between the two different themes and of the page building experience now one
thing that Divi has that Beaver Builder does have and this is a big win for Divi is they
recently added a split testing option feature set into the builder into me in my mind I
don’t expect to ever see this built into Beaver Builder but in my mind it’s actually pretty
huge huge huge huge feature and what what this does is it allows you to implement something
called CRO conversion rate optimization and that’s the process of when song comes your
website your split testing different colors in different text combinations different layout
you’re just you’re able to split test to see which lay which options are which configuration
is going to get you to your visitors to take the outlet to the desired action and outcome
that you want so basically if you want someone to buy something you can try so many different
things to see what’s can get them to click on the buy button and actually buy is it the
color of the button is at the headline what is it best to leave them to take the action
that you want in the reality is you mean anyone building a website we have no clue what’s
can get someone to take the action that we want we might think hey let me say this is
the greatest company on earth you need this service and that’s can get someone to take
the action you want but the reality is you have no clue what you need to say to someone
in order to get the action you want that’s why you need to be able to test it and when
you look at where we are with the Internet and websites of web development really in
the infancy of it every couple of years the technology gets more and more advanced every
couple years there’s more and more off-line businesses getting online and so you want
to have the best tools available to you and this split testing engine I think is really
a game changer in my mind and it might be more important and more valuable to you then
an easier front page building experience so you can do the most amazing thing so say this
is a spot right here I wanted to split test that all you would have to do is scroll to
the very top click on this little icon here with the three lines it’s the settings and
we get this little pop up here in we can click right here to enable split testing and we
start getting all these different options to invent enable this a split testing on the
theme once I click this proceed button I need to selected the element of this page that
I want to split tests are click on proceed and let’s just say I want to split test this
little bit of text right here so click on it right there and now it’s telling me to
go ahead and set a goal so what are we going to measure this against to see if it’s a successful
test are not so you go ahead and click on okay and say the goal is this call to action
and this called action is saying click on this button to view the portfolio so we can
soon so essentially this test is goodness were in a split test this headline to see
if what the headline says can get someone to view your more people to view your preferably
also go ahead and click here and this is going to be the other goal some click on okay and
what it is it created a second variation and so we got variation one and we got variation
to an you can have more variations if you want and so what is going to do is now I can
go and change the text in variation to some set of our latest work we can say our very
best work or something like that and what can happen is as people visit your site the
randomly going to be chosen as shown this variation and then there be randomly shown
this variation and it’s going to track based upon the variation only people that saw variation
one clicked on the see portfolio button how many people that’s all variation to collect
on the see portfolio button in which one is the winner and then you can automatically
only use the winner and and your test and you can split test colors of buttons you can
you can split test anything that you want and I really think that this is such a game
changer because what can happen is conversion rate and optimization of your website is can
end up being everything I as time moves a foreword in all sales start to migrate onto
being web-based is so you can’t diminish the value of a split testing engine built into
your word press theme and so that is a another big difference in this is a Divi winner all
the way and you can I’m not really given this feature justice you can go ahead and head
over to elegant themes blog where they talk about this feature called Divi leads now there’s
another thing that might get some difference to both of them Beaver Builder and to be there
different in and we we need to look at code quality and page load speeds and stuff like
that and I don’t have any tests in front of me but I write a lot of tests and Beaver Builder
is going to give you faster page load times which is an important aspect for CRO and that’s
Google taking your website in showing it hi on their search engine rankings based upon
page load speed now I will say though I don’t know how relevant page load speed is because
you’re going to have to use something called caching on both side sites so your nephews
cashing on your Divi site or your Beaver Builder site and we might be only talking like a fraction
of a second so I’ll be a fraction of a second makes that much of a difference in ashes the
personal opinion and I’m sure a lot of people may agree or disagree with me but I don’t
really think that the page loads be differences that big of a deal so anywhere as these are
my three big differences between Beaver Builder into the and if I was asked that answer the
question should you use this one or that one my answers could be it depends if you want
a more intuitive faster enjoyable website builder building experience and you don’t
mind paying just a little bit more get Beaver Builder urinate love it okay but if you have
more time on your hands you’re willing to get a little bit more technical and figure
out how something works in a in a might not be quite as intuitive but you know that the
front end page brothers coming but if you have less money to invest and that the AB
split testing Divi leads feature is important to you go Divi all the way and you’ll get
the front and page builder eventually and 66 or nine months probably so you’ll you’ll
eventually get that so I really can’t answer the question for you I know for me I building
an agency website right now I’m using day before that however when I’m in Beaver Builder
I just enjoy the experience a whole lot more so we’ll see what happens when the becomes
out the front and page builder that will be a good time to reevaluate this video but the
answer is its depends now if you want Divi or Beaver Builder I do have links down below
and I appreciate if you use my links to go and visit those sites if you’re reviewing
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