Dive into Arizona’s West Coast

Dive into Arizona’s West Coast

(upbeat music) – What’s up guys, I am Kelly. – My name is Kati and we
are traveling film makers and right now we are
in Lake Havasu Arizona. We’re going to give you guys
some travel tips along the way. Whatever we don’t cover you always look up on golakehavasu.com What?! So I’ve done a lot of stand up and paddle but I’ve never done it in
front of the London Bridge. – Am I late? – No. Just a little bit. This is part of the Colorado River. It’s the mini Grand Canyon
right outside of Havasu. It’s Topock Gorge. They look like they’re
having fun over there. – I’m going to go for a dip – [Kati] You’re going to go for a dip? Second one of the day. Once you get through the
gorge there’s a bar and grill on the other side. It’s right next to historic Route 66 so it’s appropriately named Topock 66. It’s pretty cool because it’s one of four on the water bar and
restaurants in the area. Lake Havasu is one of the
top bass fishing lakes in the nation. – There’s a ton of
different fish in this lake. We have large mouth bass
and small mouth bass. Huge redear sunfish. We have catfish. What was that? – Oh I’ve got it up top. – [Kati] Oh yes. I caught something! How many pounds is that do you think? – Four pounder. – [Kati] That’s got to be
heavier than four pounds. My dog’s smaller than that. Namaste. I just found out that
Havasu is actually home to the World Final for jet skiing. – Get me on a jet ski. – Where’s Kelly? – We’re at Bridgewater Channel. It’s kinda the local spot
to just grab your boat dock up, have some beers,
enjoy some sunshine. – Can we get on some dry land? – I would be so down. – [Kelly] 1800 miles of trails. – All this is just right
outside of Havasu City. There are several different
places to find rentals. We’re gonna get our mountain
bike on out here in Sara Park. There’s a BMX park. – If you’re not down for
all the extreme sports there’s definitely some chill hikes. – [Kati] So Lake Havasu is home to a National Wildlife Refuge which protects hundreds of species of
birds, bighorn sheep. It’s a really beautiful place, definitely worth checking out. I’m actually at Mudshark Brewery right now and they produce all of their
beer using solar power energy. – We’re 80% solar so we try
to use recycled materials like our snap tabs that
are on top of the cans. They’re made of recycled milk jugs. So this is our shark beer sampler. Alright so we always
have 18 different styles on tap at all times. How you feeling? (laughs) – I’m feeling extra happy. – Yeah. So tonights line up is hanging
out with some locals we met. They’re going to take us to the Flying X. (country music) – Alright guys we are wrapping
up our little Havasu trip. Absolute blast. – We had a ton of fun and we
hope some of our travel tips gave you guys some good info
but for more information you can always go to golakehavasu.com.

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  • Forrest Flanagan says:

    Why did you two use the nightmare fast forward effect? That's like a horror movie only thing because it's unsettling to the viewer. I kept watching because I kept expecting this to be a viral ad for a horror movie where two vapid blowhards get kidnapped by some kind of route 66 squaredancing cannibal cult.

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