DEER HUNTING with a 97 Year Old .32 WINCHESTER SPECIAL Model 1894 SELF-FILMED HUNT Pa Whitetail 2019

DEER HUNTING with a 97 Year Old .32 WINCHESTER SPECIAL Model 1894 SELF-FILMED HUNT Pa Whitetail 2019

well it’s the first Saturday the
Pennsylvania rifle season and doe season comes in today so this morning I film
draw and shoot a doe with his 308 but today I’m gonna be using he’s 32 special
this is actually Iran’s a grandfather’s gun that he won at a carnival in 1922 so
that’s how old this gun is pretty cool it has this rear sight and folding
Buckhorn sight and saddle ring carbine here so I’m gonna take this and take a
walk through the Pennsylvania woods I know a lot of people use the 32 special
today for deer hunting it’s a one of these historical deer hunting calibers
especially in Pennsylvania and I’m just gonna take a walk around and you know
follow me and gonna shoot we’re gonna sneak around through the woods look for
some dead falls and stuff like that but before we get into the huntin I’m gonna
let Ron tell you more about 32 special in this gun in particular we just
finished up our den hunt for 2019 and Jon’s gonna continue his series on
classic rifles on classic hunts when we’re gonna take a look at now is the
Winchester 32 special this one happens to be my grandfather’s gun that he won
at a carnival in 1922 and it’s a saddle ring carbine a lot of times when you
were riding and your rifle was in the saddle and the horse was bucking up and
down the rifle could pop up so they had this saddle ring you could tie to your
saddle and if the rifle would pop out of the case it wouldn’t come flying out
this 32 special if you look at a barrel it says nickel steel barrel especially
for smokeless powder well the 3030 I believe was the first
cartridge we had that use smokeless powder and that went on since 1894 but
shortly after they came out with the 32 special then the thinkin was hey 32
caliber bullet instead of a 30 caliber bullet it’s going to make a bigger hole
bigger blood trail and I think if you look at the ballistic
charts they believe it’s 10 to 15% more energy when it strikes than a 30 30 but
the 30 30 has better sectional density penetration and we’ll shoot a little
flatter so they’re really kissing cousins you can tell that this is an
early one because the barrel band is in front of the front sight
later on they moved the barrel band behind the front sight and this also
shot smokeless powder they had Nichols steel he had the
marbles folding rear sight and then if you wanted you could get the long-range
Tang sight with the lock it would load through a loading gate and had a nice
crescent-shaped buck plate so when you put it up to your shoulder it wouldn’t
move it would just fit right in there I mean it John Browning he was a genius
when he developed this and here’s the thing a lot of people call this a
Winchester rifle no it’s a winchester carbine the Winchester rifles had much
longer barrels so the winchester carbine I mean it’s probably killed more deer in
the Pennsylvania woods than anything and it is truly a classic Johnny’s gonna
hunt with it here on a doe hunt and we’ll let the results speak for
themselves but this is truly a classic everybody should have one I have thirty
thirty and thirty two specials I load for them both he wanted in a carnival in
Ambridge in 1922 he was a fireman and I guess he bought a raffle ticket and he
won now here’s something I want to point out a lot of people hated this saddle
ring because it would be noisy and it would flop Iran and they took them off
and you’ll see a lot of them at gun shows you’ll get what they call the
figure eight because of all the years of this thing flopping back and forth it
actually made a figure eight on the side of the receiver so a lot of people did
they would take a piece of leather and they’d just put a piece of leather so
this ring put in contact aside but a lot of people
found it annoying when I guess my grandfather did this isn’t the original
saddle ring he took it off and we put on another shadow ring to kind of restore
it but the original ring would probably be half of that diameter not truly an
American classic and John’s gonna give it another hug there’s the bullet flat
nose bullet right there we just push that in there and there you go then when
you’re ready pushes that one in in there up half-cock safety so there we go
let’s go hunt I don’t know if he heard me the leaves
are extremely crunchy right now so he may have heard something he just snuck
out there but or he’s following a doe and I just caught it behind him that was a year lien and I would have
taken that year lien its head was behind a tree and I snuck up all away
I tried bleeding it wouldn’t move just slowly walking away
I kept the trees in between me and the deer just peeking out now and then and
just walk it straight away never gave me that good broadside shot and but then he
dropped down over this Bank and I thought good I’ll be able to get get up
on it real quick and there was three or four other doe there so that’s why that
doe was feeling safe it thought the other doe would you know snort and well
they were a little bit out of range I think that doe just was a little bit
lost and she knew that I think she ended up finding there’s doe obviously and I
bumped him so boy I thought it was gonna happen man man I came up here on the hill snuck up
on these dough I actually chased him down they were
right on this road they came out and the balanced I could not stay steady and
that was 150 yard shot open sights you know it takes up the whole deer s so I’m
gonna keep hunting it’s getting really windy I think somebody else bump those
doe my battery camera is getting low and it doesn’t look like it this can’t fix
up a long life and get a lot of light so not much more time to see if I can make
it happen here last light well almost made it happen a couple
times a day I had opportunities you know maybe if I was you know using a gun with
a scope on it a little bit be a little bit more precise and but you know it’s
just a little bit difficult with open sights you don’t have the zoomed in shot
there and especially when everything’s so dark in the woods and all sort of
grey it’s hard to it’s hard past a hundred yards to really put a sight on
on a deer accurately and I’ve been walking around I’ve walked a couple
miles today and I only saw one little buck lots of dough and they’re holding
tight and they’re bedded and they’re not really moving too much so tomorrow is
gonna be colder maybe the deer will move a little bit
more and we’ll see what happened mayor like the last day I’m gonna be able to
try to shoot a deer with this 32 special I’m just running out of time just had
several days of rain and we got two more days of rain that looks like the last
day it’s gonna be nothing but rain Friday evening afternoon could be
nothing but rain and today it’s Thursday I got a little bit of time to hunt
morning then I’m filming a friend in the evening I took a shot at one and I only shot at
it because it looked like it was injured looked like a small deer but I can take
it an injured deer I’d take it we’ll see where it looked like it was limping on
the front leg I know I hated on the first shot I don’t know if I got on the
second shot it came running right up here but I wanted to make sure it was
the same deer before I shot and when it took off I could see that leg limping
again and I took another shot when it was running just to make sure but I
think I heard it crashed on here there’s a big doe that come up behind me and
it’s crazy cuz I just walked around here but we’ll see what we got right there it is I was just looking
down looks like I lost blood and found it laying right here small deer I don’t
know where it was shot but let’s check it out 40 yards from where I shot at
that deer and let’s see here little doe and it’s got a bulge
oh there’s bones sticking out right here that’s why it was limping it’s healed
over though but this definitely has a which is odd because it’s already healed
over that might not have been from rifle season and these would both be exit
holes no those would be entrance holes so it looks like I hit her once right
there and I possibly hit it again right there on the run so I hit it both times see what the eggs that looks like right
out both right out both right behind the shoulder and through the front leg is
where the exits are I got it done I really honestly didn’t think I was gonna
be able to take a deer with this just because of the time the short time I
have and it’s gonna rain tomorrow and it’s gonna rain Saturday the last two
days of the rifle season I thought man this might be a year I just don’t film a
deer hunt but hey right there towards the last I literally was going to get
out of the woods here in about a half an hour cuz I’m gonna go film a hunt friend
of mine and so I thought well this is this is it if I don’t standing on the
way back to the truck this little guy stepped out little doe and you know I
saw it limping and I saw this one yesterday I thought and I thought you
know what I don’t really want to shoot a small one unless it’s last minute just
to get some meat I really don’t like going into the muzzle
underseasoned flintlock season with no tags filled at all so I still have a
buck tag and another doe tag and this is a good one to take out I can see where
the front leg was broke and REE healed it was limping I didn’t know that it had
already healed but when I you know that’s even more to take a deer like
that out just so it’s not hobbling around all the time and having stressed
going into the winter and so this is awesome I want to thank Ron for allowing
me to use this 32 special I mean just adds more history to this gun now being
that I got it on film it’s just awesome awesome awesome a good
little shooter I mean just man you can carry this thing around and it’s it’s
light I like the fact that it has these extra rear sight you know it’s like well
how do I want to shoot it do I want to throw the front side up or do I want to
use the rear side I thought that it’s kind of cool I want to shoot you know
through the peep sight there and that’s what I used in like Ron said this thing
is dead accurate in it is I mean I hit right Roz aimin it was probably maybe a
50-yard shot maybe maybe 40-yard shot wasn’t that far the deer run right up to
me I wasn’t sure if it was the same one but when it got up I could see that it
dropped its one leg I’m like that’s definitely it and it took off I took
another shot at it and only Rand another 20 30 yards and expired right here so
that’s awesome so hopefully you guys enjoy this video a lot more videos yet
to come you

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    If only that rifle could talk..the stories it could tell!!
    Awesome video,great backstory and as always great film work on a nice harvest!!

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    A camera on your back,filming u climb hills and hollers,while carrying a camera,stand and rifle up front…and then have to haul all that AND a deer back out!
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    So cool showing old guns still getting it done. I got my biggest buck ever this year with my now passed dads 101 year old sporterized Springfield 1903 in 30-06.

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    The brass for this caliber was $1 per piece, so be sure you pick up that 32 Special brass!!
    This rifle actually has the patented Savage rotary mag which is priceless in my opinion. I'd give anything to have this old rifle especially since I put so much time into it. Maybe uncle Danny will leave it to me? I'm alot like you, I would Definitely carry it during deer season and take a deer with it. Great video!

  • John, great hunting with a great rifle! I really enjoy your channel. looking forward to watching the flintlock hunts. I also have a Winchester model 94 in 32 special, mine is as far as I can tell from the 1950's. My dad had one from sometime in the 30's, my brother has that one, I shot my first buck with that one, long time ago. I appreciate you taking us along with you.

  • I got a old 32special. It was my dad's first rifle at 12 and he put it in my hands at 12. Beautiful shooting gun. I finally got my buck over in Jefferson county right before dark Friday night half rack 4pt

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  • Awesome video! I love the history you guys throw in. And you sir are dedicated to getting it done on film. Without the camera, you probably would have been done much quicker. However, keep the camera with you please. Love watching it! My Dads rifle is an old 8mm Mauser 98. It’s been sporterized, he has a scope on it, in fact he said some time in the 60s it got dropped and a piece of stock cracked off the “pistol grip” part. He glued it back on and put a finishing nail in it. That repair is still there. That rifle will be mine someday, but only under 1 circumstance, so I hope he has it at least another 20 years or so. He had a hip replacement this season and I’m battling cancer so our yearly hunt got canceled. God willing, next season we will share a blind again, and maybe he’ll let me shoot one with it. Most beautiful rifle I’ve ever seen though, beat up stock and all!

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  • I still use my great grandfathers .32 win spcl model 64. Started using the Hornady lever revolution. I'm 47 and have used that gun since I was 12 yrs old. I'm partial to the model 64 over the 94. I just cant see carrying anything else!!

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  • Hi buddy my dad said that my grandpa had a 32 Special when he was growing up can you tell me if Marlin made one too my dad said he thinks it was a Marlin maybe it was not maybe it was a Winchester Maybe you would know

  • That's a nice old gun. They also built the 32 for when they shot the barrel out they could rebore to 32. Black powder was hard on a barrel, when people didn't clean them right. If you reload just put a 3030 brass through a 32 die and you have a new casing for the 32. Just paint the end so you don"t mix with 3030.

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    First elk I ever killed was with a .32 Spec and a 170gr Silvertip bullet, blew my mind the size of the wound channel , been hooked ever since , brought home a pile of steaks over the years , new guns are boring.

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