Deception Falls, Bigfoot’s Home, End of Cascade Loop

Deception Falls, Bigfoot’s Home, End of Cascade Loop

good morning everybody
from the cascade loop I’m wearing my new cascade loop shirt
it’s a little loud out here we’ve got a massive waterfall yeah you can actually
get a little closer though walk down this trail here wait you didn’t know the cascade loop
has its own little mini Niagara Falls frickin gorgeous I had my breakfast with this view right
here really really loud but we turn around and look up the hill there’s my
RV with this view pretty stinking nights
as I hinted at in my last video this is the final day of the Cascade loop trip
I’m kind of sad it has just been absolutely epically beautiful and
amazing here in Washington this summer but all things must come to an end
there’s always an ending point we’ll make the most of it I’ll show you on the
map where we’re at right now I’ve got to go back over the Cascade Mountains again
to get back to civilization so maybe there’ll be more stuff like this it’s
also interesting I haven’t really been keeping tally or noting all of the rest
areas like this on this loop I would say is either my fifth or sixth a rest area
for cars and RVs with a free dump station I’m waiting in line so a dump
station and then drinking water up far ahead and free coffee inside that’s just
kind of one of the nice things about most Washington state highway and
interstate rest areas that I really like and maybe you don’t even have to ever
pay for a resort on the entire loop if you can calculate getting your fresh
water dumped in your tanks and and you can stock up on groceries I’ll wait my
turn here get everything taken care of and then I’ll be good to go we are getting some rain showers off and
on here not a downpour it looks like it did rain pretty hard through here though
hey better than snow right I am taking it
extremely careful and easy up these mountains Cascades because it’s also
really windy today we got a red flag warning type thing where it’s 45 mile an
hour gusts potentially so let everybody take off and do 80 I am going to just
take it easy up the mountains at least once we get to the other side of the
Cascades then I’ll be feeling better but right now it’s all about being careful
okay all right you know it’s funny I’ve actually been
up here and when it’s fully snow this is a really popular recreation center this
is Stevens Pass up here great snow skiing place looks all safe here I’m
going to downshift and we’re going to go down the grade the rain stopped I think it’s gonna dry
out eventually remember when we were at Deception Pass between Whidbey Island
and Fidalgo Island to start this trip now we have something called deception
Falls trailhead which is something totally different so we’re gonna go on a
little hiking trail underneath the cedar trees here and probably find some water
whoa I’ll seize water see how moist
everything still is come Aussie and green this trail is I
feel like I’m in a different country here man that’s cool this may be the
highlight of my last video on the Cascade loop let’s check out the main
Falls up here section Falls nothing is weaker than
water but when it attacks something hard or resistant and nothing withstands it right here this park the RV right there
I have been trying for years to tell my viewers why I keep coming back to
Washington State although I took two years off this time I may take three
years off next time on the road chefs see oh we’re getting some sunshine
that’s good let’s go get down this mountain the rest of the way all right
guess what we’re at now index Washington we are officially in Bigfoot country no
I mean like legitimately Bigfoot country it’s a coffee stand to have a trailer
it’s really cool they put souvenirs and stuff anybody remember the classic
Bigfoot movie Harry and the Hendersons see his face do you remember this happy
Bigfoot this happy Sam squinch Harry and the Hendersons was filmed here in the
Northwest here in index Washington in these woods they even used to have a
Harry in the Hendersons Museum but it has closed that would have been fun to
see and another smiling Bigfoot welcome to Cascade Mountains Bigfoot
country the 1986 movie uh-huh I’m just gonna have to watch it tonight with Jax
because I do have it we got Bigfoot crossing in the next four miles I’m
gonna check out their magnetic collection over here
well here’s their map you know they really do have some cool
ones and really big magnets – if I already have quite a few that are like
this they could have four big foot magnets this one is an acrylic the
three-dimensional one that shows the shop and Harry there I think that’s the
one I got again I like my color magnet that’s cool man I got me a double mocha
here just to kind of help support since they did have to close down the museum
maybe we can put more money back into this and it’ll get big again I don’t
know wishful thinking that’s a cool a sunscreen I like that get the mossy roof
up here you can get your hair in the Hendersons ten sign and of course a
Harry and the Hendersons t-shirt all right Harry you’d be good and get back
on the road cascade loop here we come finish it up we’re here in the Mount Baker Snoqualmie
national forest campground are these four tents I keep seeing these is like
sand pits perhaps that’s like where you put your tent I guess but no nice big
sites back here it has a very large tree that’s fell down a long time ago I guess
I have to stand next to us you can see how big this tree is cascade loop has
been really nice to me and we’re camping on the Beckley River we have access over
here yeah our own little walking trail behind
the campsite my god hello Beck near River it warms up today I may put myself
in yet today right penny right this is right though this is how I want to
remember the cascade loop what a good little campground eighteen bucks a night
no bad not terrible no hookups and no solar cuz I’m in the trees I’m gonna
have to run my generator for about three hours today
no biggie does my little tiny kitty need to come outside and stretch his Kitty
paws there he is you once put your cat paws go sniff around alright man hims a
good boy you’re not gonna do it are you he’s gonna do it and he did it you did
it we all knew you were gonna do it hims a happy kitty that were parks now
no more hills and curves and elevation you know make the kitty Tony upset who
came in okay we’ll be done I really want to thank each and every one of you for
following me on this cascade loop this has been one of the best summers that I
can remember and pretty much 99% all new so this was really exciting now you know
about the Cascade loop it’s 440 mile to national parks you got to go on an
island to do it and you can start anywhere you want I just chose Everett
and I’m about 20 miles back to where I started there in in Everett right now or
I’m parked right now so this is a we’re gonna we’re gonna call it quits tear gas
Jax and I are gonna enjoy our night make some pizza have a few barley pops some
kiddy barley pops some catnip maybe catnip for sure to celebrate the loop
yeah and then we’ll be back here soon with some more news about what’s what’s
to come I’ve got a few more things I got to take care of here in Washington State
before we head out officially you guys take care checks now see you later

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