Death Stranding Is Doing Something Incredible

Death Stranding Is Doing Something Incredible

A new trailer for Death Stranding just dropped
and I still have no FREAKING idea what this game is about… And I don’t think many other people do either. The amazing thing about this is that we’re
all still incredibly excited about this game. And this is what I find particularly fascinating
about it. Hideo Kojima is no doubt a powerhouse in this
industry. His name attached to a title can be the difference
between success and failure for a game teetering on the edge. But is this all that’s going on? Is Death Stranding only being hyped because
of the creative director who’s behind it? Well I’ve got some ideas, so let’s jump
in. As always, I love reading your comments as
well, so make sure to leave your thoughts on this below. ACT 1 – Keep Your Enemies Closer
To understand why people are so excited by anything that Kojima does, we need to understand
who Hideo Kojima is, and what he represents. Kojima’s career in the industry is long
and illustrious. He initially wanted to make movies but found
himself fascinated by the video game industry and medium in the mid 1980’s, which led
to repeated attempts to get into the industry without much success. However, after a few years of trying, Kojima
was able to get into Konami, a large software development company, as a designer within
the home computer division. Kojima, at the time, was frustrated by this
because he felt that these systems were too constricting and wouldn’t allow him to make
the games that he want to make, but alas, he kept his head down and worked away, eventually
being placed in charge of a game titled Metal Gear after another designer dropped the project. Kojima worked his butt off and established
Metal Gear as a classic game in addition to one of the first games ever that prioritized
an avoidance of combat and confrontation over direct combat. As the decades went by, he continued working
on games such as snatcher, and multiple games within the Metal Gear series, which slowly
grew into an industry monolith. But everything grew to a head in 2011 when
he was promoted to Executive Vice President and Corporate Officer for Konami Digital Entertainment. And then, in 2012, Kojima stated that he was
interested in making a game in the Silent Hills universe. Soon after this, Konami gave him approval
and the rights, and Kojima began work on the game. Eventually releasing PT as a “playable teaser”
for the game in August of 2014, but the demo was removed abruptly in April of 2015 and
the Silent Hills game was cancelled without much of an explanation (by the way I made
a video discussing the recent remake, and if you want to see it I’ll link it in the
description). It’s still fairly unclear what exactly happened. Whatever it was, it was not amicable. Metal Gear Solid V won multiple awards at
the Game Awards in 2015, but Kojima, the game’s director, was not allowed by Konami to attend. Several versions of this whole tale have circulated,
by some accounts, Kojima realized that he did not need Konami anymore to be successful
in the industry, told them this and that he was planning on leaving, and like a bitter
ex-girlfriend decided to make the break up as public and dramatic as possible. Another version of events is that Kojima voiced
his frustrations with the way that Konami treated their employees and managers, which
resulted in more strict and negative treatment, at which point Kojima decided to leave and
Konami, feeling betrayed by the very man they had created, decided to kick and scream all
the way down. Regardless of what actually happened, I would
argue it doesn’t matter what the true story is. As the old saying goes: perception is more
powerful than reality, and here, it stands true. No matter the reason behind the split, Kojima
was looked at as the victim of a greedy and megalomaniacal corporation which allowed a
simple separation due to creative differences result in a years long display of bitterness
and immaturity. Even if Kojima were Satan himself, Konami
still handled the situation so bafflingly poorly that they would have lost the PR battle
against the prince of darkness. Now, don’t get me wrong, it seems to me
that Konami was in fact in the wrong and Kojima was right to want to leave, but the point
stands that Konami handled this in the worst possible way which made them the villain and
made Kojima the martyr. ACT 2 – The Martyr’s Life For Me
Now that he was separated from the corporate behemoth, Kojima was able to start looking
for his own path. He was able to legally separate Kojima Productions
from Konami Publishing thanks to some legal loopholes which made the studio, as an entity
incomplete without Kojima at the helm, which makes sense because, you know, it wouldn’t
make sense to have Kojima Productions run by anyone other than Kojima… And so, with his studio now separate and having
signed a new exclusivity deal with Sony, Kojima began work on his come-back title: Death Stranding. By the way, the term Come-back title is not
mine. This has been circulated by IGN, Gamespot,
and many others including a lot of YouTubers. How is this a comeback title? He just made MGS5 which was very successful. This is only a comeback insofar as Death Stranding
represents a middle-finger to the evil and villainous corporation that is Konami. It’s as much as a comeback as Kim Kardashian
had. *Parks and Recreation Blooper Real Clip* This
processed involved Kojima travelling the world, going to multiple different studios to research
and license a new game engine to be used in Death Stranding. They visited a plethora of Sony exclusive
studios, eventually travelling to Guerilla Games, the studio behind Horizon Zero Dawn. And, famously, upon arrival, the Guerrilla
Game’s staff didn’t force Kojima to sit in a room while they went through a stat sheet
and explained what percentage of the game’s sales they would want to take. Instead, they handed Kojima a small wooden
box, inside it? A thumb drive with the Decima Engine’s code
in it. It was a sign of unity between two creative
entities who had never worked together, had no reason to be so kind to one another, yet,
were. This has only furthered the narrative that
Kojima was a Martyr for the industry and that all of these great studios were helping him
any way that they could. He became a gaming Saint who deserved any
and all support and assistance. And again, this isn’t to say that he doesn’t
deserve this, in my opinion he does, he’s a brilliant developer and without a doubt
one of the most important in our time. But the point still stands: perception is
more powerful than reality. ACT 3 – Redemption
Kojima’s work on Death Stranding has been largely shrouded in mystery. No one really knows what the game is or how
it works. Is it an action game or stealth focused? Is it a walking simulator or something more
fast paced with a lot of cut scenes? No one really knows, yet the hype is through
the roof. Kojima Productions just revealed a new trailer
for the game and it has left many of us more excited than we expected to be, including
myself. And this is what triggered the creation of
this video, the fact that I’m so excited for Death Stranding without having any idea
of what it even is has left me baffled. I mean, I’ve almost complete my bachelor’s
degree in Corporate Finance, I make videos on video games all day, all week, all year,
and at this point I’m pretty good at deciphering what’s going on behind the curtain. And to be honest, Death Stranding seems like
a unique phenomenon. It’s primarily being sold on its mystique
and the fact that it’s Kojima’s comeback game (or at least it’s perceived that way),
but that’s about it. Sure the game is pretty, but what we’ve
seen is no where near as clear a showcase of what game we are going to receive in November
as the trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn for example, or Days Gone’s E3 presentation. Those gave players a clear idea of what they
were going to be doing in the game and why they should be excited. But Death Stranding’s trailers leave us
all more confused than when we first heard of the game, yet we’re more excited than
ever. It’s a fascinating example of the power
of a man’s name and the potency of mystery. I can’t wait to play Death Stranding, and
it’s not in spite of but rather because of the game’s mystique. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please consider
subscribing and liking the video so that YouTube get’s off its lazy ass and starts promoting
the video. If you have any thoughts you’d like to contribute
to the discussion, please leave them in the comments and I’ll respond if I’m able. Thank you again, I love you all, and I’ll
see you in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Death Stranding Is Doing Something Incredible”

  • “His name attached to a title can be the difference between success and failure of a game teetering on the edge”

    Huh? Examples?…… (great video, love your channel) 🙂 👍

  • Zefram Cochrane says:

    Let's be honest, it's Kojima, we all know it's gonna be fucking awesome regardless.
    Kojima's always been a little fuckey with his games.

    Just…a little phallic obsessed too, is all.

  • I dont understand what Kojima did though, he had some cool design ideas, but he's also had some bad ones. I feel like he's a little overrated.

  • So overrated and conceited…… Watching the MSG Kojima credits after every game play level … Almost made me quit playing the game.

  • Friday the 13th addict says:

    Just pre ordered ultimate , and I feel the same exact way that you do, was hyped like this when HZD came out and it has same engine like you said , it looks amazing ! Can’t wait to check it out

  • What an amazing story you've told. This video is a work of art, at least as worthy as a bio on Kojima should be.
    Please don't go into finance. 🙁 The world needs more poetry like this, friend. Just brilliant.

  • I don't believe Kojima was seen as a martyr but rather as the influencial creator he is that required new resources. The Decima Engine was more a gift-like favor than anything. Kojima would have had no problem calling Sony for something like homemade engine or had one done. But instead he did his job in accomplishing his vision and went to another studio that showed their capabilities. It's more of a partnership rather than looking down at him as a martyr. What they did is just a confirmation of everyone's role – Guerilla Games is a capable studio, Kojima is still as powerful, if not more, now he's working on his own terms. And that shows, the last trailer was terrific. I can't wait to see what Death Stranding offers.

  • It’s about a dimensional tear that integrates two worlds into one. An explosion created the tear and beings have crossed over. Time fall (rain) is toxic and there is also another disease or allergy people catch. Bridges are a delivery team that takes bridge babies around to reunite America/humanity in this post apocalyptic world. That’s what the game is about, now we have to find out how it will be delivered.

  • Johnny Protagonist says:

    Why say the game is doing something incredible when you have no idea what it’s about. Literally just explaining Kojima and that the game is obviously mysterious

  • Screw The Net says:

    Its obviously on an alien world or in the future where creatures are sucking our souls out. And we need to use the devices to see where they are, then we stay nice and quiet and still. But thats TOO MUCH LIKE THAT Crap movie with no dialogue that came out last year with the blind monsters. FFS….I hope the game is far better than that turd of a movie. >,;,<

  • Meh, I'm not huge on Hideo Kojima's nonsense plots. They're engaging, but man is it a clusterfuck of random ideas just thrown together. Not sure if he does it because that's just the style he enjoys, it's become his trademark and he feels trapped or if he just can't write a coherent story so always goes the "I'm tripping on acid" route of storytelling. Haha I'm sure it'll have solid gameplay though. And I'll certainly buy it just to middle finger Konami and support Playstation exclusives. I mean, hell, the only exclusive I've played on my Xbox is Halo 5, and it was a huge disappointment. My PS4 Pro I've played like a half dozen exclusives or more and enjoyed every single one.

  • Death Stranding is a linear cinematic "horror"adventure story, with a lot of stealth gameplay to make the game last longer. The rest is just visuals with a lot of prerecorded real time animations. If you play it, play for the visuals, and to find out the end of story, but not for the game itself.

  • What a lovely video, I especially enjoyed the first half.
    I also loved the keen observation that Death Stranding is marketed very differently than most games. We don't need to know what exactly it is, because even the inexact is fascinating and different. Gotta give mad respect to Kojima Productions and Sony (I'm not sure how involved they are, but my guess is quite a bit) for that feat alone.

    Here's what I think what is causing the confusion about the game: Maybe thinking Death Stranding is a game which is similar to something already made, something we're already familiar with is a mistake. Maybe it's not a genre game in the way we're used to seeing, but instead it's an amalgam, a mix of multiple styles of games. Yes, sure there are games like that already, but as far as I know nothing rivals Death Stranding, and I'm super excited about that, because I've been waiting for that fresh breeze for a while.

    So if you stop thinking about genres per say, and instead look and listen to what the trailers are, and what Hideo Kojima himself says in interviews, it isn't that confusing any longer.

    This is all conjecture, based on part my own limited experience and seeing how complex even simpler large scale games are to produce, but I think Death Stranding is a game which has likely had a much longer development time than most other games of this scale. Or they're building it as they go, which would also make for an usual production process at least. To me this world and it's logic seems far too complex to have been developed in the time since MGS V and the Konami drama. But what do I know.

    Keep up the great video work!

  • SORRY. Great insight that you may have, I had to put a stop to it when he was PULLING HIS TOENAIL OUT (or putting it back on. I really couldn't stop it long enough to hone in and make sure). T'was too much. By the way, if you wish to learn how to say "megalomaniacal" with proper ease and diction then I highly recommend that you learn Greek. Such a WONDERFUL language that we have. Anyhoo good luck and thank you so much for MOST of this video as well as your erudited opinions…

  • Dude! It’s obvious! It’s about a future where babies are taken like pills and actually in big pill capsules to give people super powers and immortality.

    But the pills turn out to be to big to swallow so they turn to the last and greatest scientist on earth and beg him to finish his work on transmuting human consciousness in to camels. He resists because everybody pulled his funding because they said it was stupid but now everybody realises if they were camels they could swallow their baby pills! So this dude is sent to offer the scientist a whole big bunch of tentacle porn to try to convince him to help.

    It’s about mankind’s quest to become super powered immortal camels. Damn you’re not too smart dude! It’s right there!

  • Excellent video. This applies to so much like games, movies and musical artists. It all comes down to mystique and doing something far fetched and not giving too much away.

  • My theory is that the whole thing actualy takes place within brigettes mind, and sam is actualy re wiring her brain after a stroke

  • Your perception thesis is half baked imo and idk why you kept referencing perception and perspective to describe Kojima’s reputation

  • If gorilla game company is involved could there be a mix between metal gear solid and killzone and silent hill my 3 favorite game series, the thought is a pleasant one miss every single one of those titles so i need my fix

  • I mean this idea is so powerful that I, someone who’s never played a game of his, am SUPER excited about Death Stranding. I mean, mostly it’s that I’m super hopeful it’s thought-provoking game, or at least is a interesting yet complicated story to experience. Man I hope it’s good.

  • Actually I lost interest in what Kojima is doing and Death Stranding because of his constant deception and mind games.
    You know the corporate world, do you really believe his Konami stories? Seriously? I don't especially as Konami still holds the name Kojima Studios.

  • The story about Guerilla Games is amazing, I loved Horizon Zero Dawn and this just makes me so much more excited for this game. Also god bless Sony; sorry to Xbox owners

  • The Hype is there because most games are shit, and this is still clouded in mystery. Gamers haven't had a really good game in a long time, and this is one of the few games that still hasn't blown its cover and might possibly be good.

  • I'm sick of getting hyped for massive AAA titles only to be left shafted & disappointed. Why can't devs just do their jobs.

  • Gurjinder Singh says:

    I am excited about Death Stranding because it looks Revolutionary. Is it an Action-Adventure Game? Is it Platformer? Is it a Survival Horror? It could None or All of the Above. No longer are you seeing a Hero that can compete against everyone and everything. No more are you seeing a Combat System with some Simple Attacks and Special Abilities. No Trailer has made you feel like this World and Characters do not interest you. It's Different and it looks Brilliant.

  • The final Metal Gear Kojima worked on was totally incomplete (thanks Konami) yet what we got to play was just outstanding, regardless of what Dead Stranding is or who is for it has to be experienced at least once

  • Skinned, fried and cut up potatoes says:

    Wouldn’t it have been awesome if Konami wasn’t a big poopie head and let kojima do everything he wanted?

  • Minolta Collector says:

    I dont understand how you cant see this is a comeback title. MGS V was successful but was still an incomplete game with practically no ending.

  • Cluckery Duckery says:

    Death Stranding looks like it's going to be a great game. I hope it is. I'm gonna buy it on launch.

    But can we stop trying to make it some crazy mythical world changing event? It looks to be a good game. Isn't that enough?

  • "I hAvE nO fReAkInG iDeA WhAt ThIs GaMe Is AbOuT" – Every youtuber or game journo to ever watch a death stranding trailer. Fun fact, trailers aren't supposed to tell you the in-depth mechanics and full story line of the coming product. Either be patient or look at the clues already presented.

  • The message is clear. As humans, we need eachother to survive in this beautiful world we live on, mother earth. because if we dont we will destroy her.
    First trailer, look at the fish and how we destroyed our oceans.

  • Meistro Shine says:

    There’s been a lot of quotes stating how brilliant the game is but I’ve never heard someone say it was fun…

  • Kukipett Kelbozob says:

    Now it's "wow!!!" and when it's out it will be "What!!??" then "mehh!" and finaly " heeeee… yes but i don't get it"

  • Kevin Antunes says:

    Man, my congratulations, i'm from Brazil, I stopped here coming from Reddit and loved this video, course i have subscribe your channel.

  • Brady Patterson says:

    I doubt you'll ever see this comment, but, a while back I found your video on The Last of Us and it is still my favorite video on this platform. Your views on The Last of Us really mirrored my own, and you stated everything in such a way, I found it amazing. I'm incredibly glad I stumbled on this video, you're doing amazing work for commentary about games. Keep doing this phenomenal content!

  • I have NOT been paying ANY attention to the fact that Kojima is doing this. I've never been a big fan of Metal Gear. I prefer Manhunt. It wasn't until Rockstar stepped up to 'stealth' plate that I started liking stealth. It was far more interesting. Does that make me a sick bastard? Manhunt was also FAR MORE bloody and violent also – to the point of being banned in some countries. It was just the fact that Rockstar created a game that was playable! With Metal Gear, I kept getting killed! It was very frustrating! With Manhunt, I was able to advance enough to get into it. That being said..this game's premise is what's driving me. It's subject matter hasn't really been done before. Technology hasn't allowed it. You have to admit, a game that does not have limited lives, in a surrounding such as death, is something new. It just plain looks kick ass! It's open end world in this type of apocalyptic timeline, looks very cool. There's alot more to this than we have yet to see. It took 5 different demos just to get some idea of what it concerns. Kojima has nothing to do with my attraction to this game and today's technology is going to make it lifelike! If ever there was a game that would drive me to buy a system, it's this one..and, Sony knows it! They know when they've got something good. They haven't always..but, Sony learns quick from their multi-million dollar mistakes. Of course, they're going to let him do his thing. He is a good developer – no doubt there. Just because I didn't care for a different series, doesn't mean the potential's not there. Here, it shines right through!

  • Tinnitusthenight says:

    Its incredibly obvious what this game is about at this point, ppl keep acting like its to wacky to comprehend but the concept is typical Kojima Territory just at the next level. This trailer really spells out the beginning of the plot tbh.

  • LordSoundWave 1984 says:

    It looks boring and trying too hard to be “new and thought provoking” over hyping a game based on its creators passed success and silence on the narrative is dumb just ask bungie

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