Cross Country Olympic Athlete Vs E Bike | Can An E-MTB Beat A World Cup Pro?

Cross Country Olympic Athlete Vs E Bike | Can An E-MTB Beat A World Cup Pro?

– Some people say that the e-bike can give you the exact same fitness and the power of an Olympic athlete purely by pressing a
button on your handlebars. Well I’m here today at Dalby
Forest to race Grant Ferguson, he’s a six time national champion. He’s a ex-Olympic rider. He’s really got a lotta skill and a lotta fitness on the bike. So I’m gonna see if he’s
a match for the e-bike. (soft techno music) (electronic dinging) So we’re here today in Dalby Forest. This course was actually last used in 2010 as a World Cup cross country track. Names like Nino Schurter and
Julien Absalon raced here, and they actually finished with a one second sprint between ’em, Nino Schurter taking the win. But we’re here today to meet someone just as fast as those guys. This is Grant Ferguson. Super excited to meet you. How you doin’ Grant, you right? – I’m good, thanks Chris, how are you? – Nice, yeah, all good. Been doin’ a bit of research, Grant, and I can see you’re a pretty
fast guy on a bike, right? – Yeah, thanks, yeah. – [Chris] How many times national champ? – [Grant] Six times, so, yeah. – [Chris] Sun Cross national champ. – [Grant] And Sun Cross as well so, yeah. No, I’ve done a few races in my time. – Damn, I’m startin’ to sweat a bit here. I reckon I’ve really got my
work cut out for me today. And the other thing you’ve
done is the Olympics, right? – Yeah in 2016, raced Olympics
cross country mountain bikes, so, done a few races,
and I’ve also raced here. – Yeah, yeah. – The track you’re on about,
I raced here as a junior, so I watched that race so you mentioned. – Yeah, so you’re a local as well? – I’m not a local, but
I’ve definitely spent – Spent some time.
– at least one race here a year or so since then, so. – Cool, this machine looks
pretty trick as well. – Yeah.
– Super light. You’re looking pretty trim as well. (Grant laughs) Definitely gonna be a hard race today. Be interesting to see how the e-bike goes against this machine. But yeah, let’s take a look
at the different bikes. (upbeat rock music) – [Grant] This is my race bike this year. So it’s a Scott Spark RC 900
Carbon Frame, 29 inch wheels, and then we’ve got 100 mil
front and rear suspension on it. – [Chris] So pretty minimal? – [Grant] Yeah, pretty minimal. I’ve got the new SRAM Eagle
12 speed groupset down there, with some Hope chainset, Hope brakes, and I’m runnin’ 2.35 inch tires. – [Chris] Pretty skinny tires,
pretty light weight tires. – [Grant] Yeah. – [Chris] And I notice
you’re not running a dropper. What’s the reason for that? – [Grant] No I’m not. I have got a dropper at home, but for now I’m just on the current set, mainly for a weight point of view, – [Chris] Weight point. – [Grant] but I might look
at a dropper at some point. – What’s your guessing’s
on weight, you think? – 10 kilos-ish
– At 10 kilos. – Literally a little
finger under the saddle, and I can pick this thing up. This is a super lightweight machine. It’s a little bit lighter
than my e-bike, actually. – [Grant] Just a little bit. – [Chris] Well Grant, this
is my Canyon Spectral On 8.0. It’s obviously an e-bike. It’s got 29 at front wheel, 27.5 rear. SRAM Eagle is powered by
a Shimano E8000 motor, 250 watts of power, it’s probably way more
than what you got, right? – [Grant] Mm-hmm. (laughs) – 500 watt-hour battery,
size large, aluminium frame and this thing weighs
in at about 23.1 kilos, and you’re more than welcome to pick it up with your little finger, just like we did with your bike. – So that’s double mine. – Yeah, double the weight of
your bike. You got that or no? – That’s not happenin’, no, but, yeah that’s a weighty one, good luck. (energetic dramatic music) – [Chris] So the course that we are gonna be using here today is the Dalby Forest World
Cup cross country track. It’s four miles long, it’s a
black-graded trail, man-made, but you know little bit more
about this track, right Grant? – [Grant] Yeah, there’s
a couple of steep climbs and some technical descents
and it’s bit muddy today, so it’s gonna be a, yeah,
it’ll be an interestin’ test. – Definitely, so the format
that we’re gonna use here today is one lap, starting here,
racing around the trail, first one back here
wins, man versus machine. (swooshing) So here we are at the start, my first race against an Olympic athlete, four miles of black terrain comin’ up, e-bike versus cross country pro. You ready Grant?
– Yeah, I’m ready. – Count of five. Five, four, three, two, one. Let’s go, see you at the finish. – [Grant] Not if I see you first. – [Chris] Aw, me liver! (gasps) (energetic rock music) (gravel rattling) – [Chris] Good on us, eh. (laughs) (Chris gasps) (snappy rock music) ♪ Don’t even go in with
me, you know I can change ♪ ♪ I got a spell on you ♪ ♪ I wanna tell you things
right to your face ♪ ♪ You know you know I do ♪ ♪ It’s in your blood and
it’s making a power ♪ ♪ I treat it like a drug ♪ ♪ Livin’ the dream when
I’m tryin’ to stargaze ♪ ♪ No need to make a star ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Uh-huh ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Uh-huh ♪ ♪ I’m out of my mind and
I’m fed up with you ♪ ♪ Stoned ♪ ♪ I got high on this
city, this city is in me ♪ (energetic guitar riff) ♪ We will be leaving these flats on you ♪ ♪ That all you want, you want ♪ – Oh my god, that was
intense! (breaths deeply) I’ve never dug so deep, for such a long time, in my life.
(deep mouth exhalation) He is super fast. So quick downhill, so
quick across the hill. This part where it’s him, the limiter was the restricting factor. 16 mile an hour, down where
you could dig in and get 20. But he’s an amazing rider, up and downhill. Nice one Grant. You look a bit fresher than me. (Grant gasps) – [Grant] Well done. – You look fresh.
– [Grant] I am, I am. – I felt a bit sick.
(Grant exhales) I guess the training
plan’s different. (gasps) I didn’t think I was gonna
get it, halfway round. – [Grant] And it hurt, that hill there. – [Chris] Yeah, the hill. (Grant gasps) – [Grant] Oh and I tried
to come with you a bit on that climb and I was
like, oh no. (gasps) – [Chris] You know on the downhills, you were flying down those, and this thing’s on a limiter,
I couldn’t go any quicker, and a couple of wrong turns as well. – [Grant] Yeah that wrong
turn there, as you said, I wouldn’t have probably
got back in front. – I thing that is the hardest road, the hardest race I’ve done. What was that four miles?
(Grant chuckles) That was pretty intense. I wouldn’t like to do a load
of that without you guys. – [Grant] Yeah, six miles. (both laugh) – Good work, oh yeah, hell of a workout, and I wanna go back to the
shed to analyze all the details of where Grant was faster
and where I was faster. So overall Grant did a 17
minutes and four seconds for the whole lap, and
then the e-bike did it in a 16 minutes 24 seconds, so Grant was 40 seconds
slower than the e-bike around the whole lap. But where was that time
made, where was it lost? Where was e-bike faster,
where was Grant faster? Okay for the first segment I wanna take a look at is the start leap. Basically, we had a sprint
start into the woods, a short leap which is fairly
flat, flowy downhill sections, a little tech downhill, followed
by a short, punchy climb. And this is actually
where Grant overtook me for the first time. He unleashed that awesome
climbing power and shot past me, slingshot me out of the berm
from the downhill before. Long climb, but I managed
just to catch him up, right at the end of the section, and overtake him right
at the top of the climb. Times for that session
were me on two minutes 50, and Grant was on a 2:51,
so really, really close. This led us into a flat field sprint. Just as I overtook Grant, I managed to hold the lead
across the field section. I was right on the limiter
so I was going 25 kph, and I thought Grant would shut me down. Again it was super close,
with only one second in it. 33 seconds for me, 34 seconds for Grant. Then I nearly threw my lead by taking a wrong turn into
the next section of trail, but I knew something
special was coming up, it was the infamous Dalby rock garden. I come to this full speed. I managed to smash through it, 23 seconds. The e-bike really held it’s speed. Whereas Grant managed to go in 25 seconds, so I made a couple of seconds up. I was slowly reigning Grant in, but I knew my favorite part of trail was coming up, the gully. I again fluffed this section up. I had to do a wrong turn, drop back into the trail from a dead stop. So lost a bit speed there,
and a lotta time as well. I managed to do a 52 seconds, smashing through there on the e-bike. Whereas, Grant still flew down there really impressively with 54 seconds, so again, another couple
of seconds made up. The famous Medusa’s climbing was coming up and I knew this was my chance to finally get on Grant’s back wheel. I couldn’t catch him. Grant had held a load in the tank from the previous downhill section and then just smashed up this climb in a really impressive
one minute 13 seconds. I come in, really tired
from the downhill before, where I’d made some time up, and I didn’t have
anything left in the tank, and I was four seconds slower
up the climb than Grant. But I knew something really
special was coming up, where the e-bike would really shine. It was a really steep uphill climb. Bit rocky, but if I put my work in here, this was where I pull up some big time. Grant managed to do in a one minute, 30, and I managed to do in a
one minute and nine seconds, so 21 seconds was made up by the e-bike. After a short descent, a flat fire road connected
the next part of the trail. A flat fire on road on a restricted e-bike is never gonna be much fun. Straightaway I was on the 25 kph limit. He managed to do a 54 seconds along there, whereas I managed to do a
one minute and three seconds. So he managed to pull nine seconds back along that fire road alone. After that we come into a wooded section with a really short,
steep, technical climb, really greasy with a lotta rocks, load a different lines there too. Grant managed to it in a 14 seconds, whereas the e-bike managed to
powered up it in 11 seconds, so three seconds difference there. From then on it was the
final push to the finish. On a sighting lap, this
is where Grant told me this is where you really need to dig deep and make that effort, if
you’re behind and lagging. It’s a flat, wooded section, e-bike again was right on the limiter, and I was really fearing Grant would be holding some in the tank and would pull me back
right at the finish. So I managed to do that section
in one minute 35 seconds, whereas Grant managed to
do one minute 44 seconds. So a little bit slower for Grant. But then I come into that
final finish section, looked over and Grant wasn’t there. Race was won. So we go, we’ve just shown that an e-bike can actually beat an Olympic
athlete in a head-to-head race. I know what you guys are thinking, you’re thinking what can an
Olympic athlete do on an e-bike? And this is what is what is capable. Go on Grant. Give us something to see. (swooshing) So Grant’s time on the
e-bike was really impressive. Yeah he beat me, but not quite as badly as what I thought he would. He managed to smash a whole lap out in 15 minutes 11 seconds, beating me by one minute 13. Here at Dalby the course is quite flat, meaning that the e-bike
isn’t at a super advantage. For the e-bike to be
at a massive advantage, it needs to be steep, tech downhills, with steep, tech uphills as
well, then it would really smash at a cross country racer. But vice-versa, if the course was flatter and a bit more flowing, then the cross country
racer would probably win. So many variables, but today here at Dalby we proved that machine can beat man. But if you’ve enjoyed today’s video, be sure to check out Steve racing himself on a downhill bike versus an e-bike. That’s a real cool video that Steve done. Don’t forget, drop us some
comments in the box below, give us a thumbs-up if
enjoyed today’s video. Don’t forget to subscribe to EMBN by clicking the globe in the middle, and we’re off to the pub, right? – Yep.
– Mineral water? – Probably, yeah.
– Let’s get some pints. (both laugh)

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