Credit Card Concierge Service | Underrated Benefit That’s Useful for Both Travel & Daily Life

Credit Card Concierge Service | Underrated Benefit That’s Useful for Both Travel & Daily Life

I am ashamed to admit that I’ve had the
Chase Sapphire Reserve for over three years but have never used one of it’s listed benefits
— the concierge service. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I got
a chance to try it out and see how well it works. Hey, how’s it going everyone? It’s Ernest from Trip Astute. In this video, I want to explore the concierge
benefit found on several premium travel cards, and how you might be able to use it during
your travels and everyday life. Whenever I heard about the concierge benefits,
I always use to laugh and wonder who actually uses the service. I would hear stories of people using it to
get restaurant or activity recommendations, and it just seemed like an outdated service. I mean, with apps like Yelp or Tripadvisor,
do we really need help finding things to do or places to eat? So, I had a chance to use the concierge service
on my Chase Sapphire Reserve a few weeks ago and I have to say, I was impressed. I didn’t ask the concierge to recommend
anything to me. Instead, I was trying to get an earlier dinner
reservation for a special occasion, and the only options were 5:30 PM or 9 PM. I made the reservation for 9 PM on OpenTable
but then tried calling the restaurant to see if they could accommodate us for a time closer
to 7 PM. They said that all their tables were booked
and that there were no available tables other than what’s shown on OpenTable. I was going to try to find another place,
but then I an idea … why not try Visa Infinite Concierge service on my Chase Sapphire Reserve. So I called the Sapphire Reserve customer
service line, and they transferred me to the Visa Infinite Concierge. And I thought I would share my experience. But first, welcome to our channel. Trip Astute is a travel channel that is focused
on sharing ways to make travel easier, affordable, and more enjoyable. Traveling can be stressful and expensive,
so we’re looking for ways to help you maximize your experience through travel tips, points
and miles, and innovative gear. If that sounds interesting to you, please
consider subscribing. One to thing to keep in mind is that the concierge
services for non-American Express cards is handled by either Visa or Mastercard, and
not the issuer. The Chase rep transferred me over to the Visa
Infinite concierge, and I was on hold for less than a minute. After speaking to the rep at the Visa Infinite
concierge and providing all the details of what I was looking to do, they told me that
they would follow-up within a few hours. However, within 30 minutes of me calling them,
I received an email confirming that my reservation had been changed and that I was now booked
for 7:15 pm instead. It actually worked! And it didn’t cost me anything extra. Needless to say, the whole experience got
me thinking about concierge services and how I might be able to use them in the future. To start off, there are many cards that offer
concierge services. The most popular ones are those found on premium
travel cards like the American Express Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve, Citi Prestige, US
Bank Altitude Reserve, and Barclaycard Arrival Plus. Though you don’t have to have an American
Express Platinum, Visa Infinite, or Mastercard Elite card to get concierge services. In fact, when I was researching this topic,
I found that even most Visa Signature cards have access to concierge services. So, for example, if you have a Chase Sapphire
Preferred, you should have this benefit as well. In terms of the differences between the Visa
Infinite and Visa Signature concierge services, I wasn’t able to get a straight answer when
researching it. I called Visa and was told that the Visa Infinite
program has a more premium concierge service, but when pressed on what that means, I didn’t
get a concrete answer. I even called the Visa Signature concierge
desk, and it seemed absolutely the same as the Visa Inifitinite line. My guess is that the service is actually the
same, but perhaps Visa Infinite customers get priority handling over Visa Signature
customers if there are two similar requests. I imagine it’s the same with the World Mastercard
vs World Mastercard Elite concierge service. Though if you all have any additional data
points, please let me know. If you look online, you’ll see that people
have mixed results when it comes to using a concierge service. I think it depends on your expectations and
the type of request. For example, getting a reservation on a Saturday
night in a popular restaurant seems like a reasonable concierge request. Whereas, getting last-minute tickets to a
sold-out event is going to be a more difficult task, especially if you’re not willing to
pay a premium price for the tickets. I think the key is having low expectations
so you’re pleasantly surprised if they are able to deliver. The type of requests that you ask the concierge
ranges from basic recommendations and research to more complex and challenging tasks. However, I think there are valuable ways to
use the service. So let’s review specific situations and
scenarios where using your card’s concierge service can help you, not just in your daily
life, but even when traveling. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list,
but more ways that I’m planning to use the service the next time I am away from home. 1. Getting dinner reservations: We’ve often
struggled with getting a dinner reservation when traveling. This has always been the case whenever we’ve
been to Sedona, Arizona. It seems the restaurants in the area get booked
up quickly unless you plan way in advance. Seeing if the concierge can negotiate a reservation
at a popular location is something I may try in the future, especially if I haven’t had
a chance to plan ahead. Also, we’ve had situations where we struggled
to make an appointment at a local restaurant due to language barriers when traveling. I think that using a concierge service for
this situation would be extremely helpful since they can link to representatives that
speak the local language. For example, this happened to us in a small
town near Lake Como, Italy. Luckily, we were able to ask our Airbnb host
to help out, but in the event that there isn’t anyone to help, your card’s concierge can
be extremely useful. 2. Getting event tickets and bookings: This is
an obvious use of the concierge service. However, I think it’s one that I may try
in the future. If you’re visiting a city like New York
or Las Vegas, seeing a show can be a very popular thing to do. Though getting tickets to popular shows can
be tough, and trying to find secondary market tickets can be a pain. So I’ll definitely be using this service
in the future, especially if we’ve decided to take a last-minute trip somewhere. 3. Making appointments: A few years ago, I was
traveling for work and did a CrossFit workout in one morning. Yeah, I used to be a crazy crossfitter … don’t
judge me! I ended up straining my back in the workout,
and by the time I left the gym, I was barely able to walk. I ended up getting a last-minute massage therapy
session to loosen up my back. However, had I been in a foreign country,
I might have struggled to book a therapist. That’s where a concierge service can really
help out. Another situation where I wished I had used
my concierge service was when I was traveling in Costa Rica and asked my hotel to arrange
transportation to the airport. I was surprised when the hotel quoted me a
price that was double the rate that I expected. I ended up researching online and finding
a few tour operators that offered shuttle services to the airport for the price that
I expected. Though it took a while, and in retrospect,
it would have been smarter to ask a concierge service to book the transportation within
a specific price. So whether it’s booking a chiropractor appointment,
private transport to the airport, or even a haircut, it’s worth leaning on a concierge
service, especially if you don’t have access to one in your hotel or if there are any language
barriers. 4. Locating difficult items: Maybe you’re looking
for something specific to purchase, but don’t want to have to call every store in the area
to see if they have it. This is a perfect task to outsource to your
concierge service. You can even ask them to get the prices for
each store so you can make a decision on which ones to check out first. 5. General location information and requests
when you’re not staying at a hotel: Most of us are probably used to using the concierge
or front desk when traveling. Though since Airbnbs are getting more popular,
it can be tough since you often lose the convenience of having a staff that can help you guide
you in the area unless your host happens to be present. In this type of situation, I think using your
card’s concierge service makes a lot of sense, especially if it can save you time
and effort for basic requests. In summary, I would avoid using the concierge
service for tasks that can easily be performed by you, like looking up restaurants or things
to do in the area. Basically, anything that I can easily do on
my own through a Google search or through an app is probably not worth engaging the
concierge team. However, for more difficult tasks where there
may be language barriers or just a shortage of time and space, I wouldn’t hesitate to
ask your credit card’s concierge for help. And if it lets you spend more time enjoying
your trip than worrying about the logistics, then it’s invaluable. Have you tried using your credit card’s
concierge? If so, what has been your experience? Let me know in the comment section below. I’m curious to hear whether you all are
using this benefit. If you’re interested in applying for a card
with concierge service, or any other card for that matter, we would love it if you used
our link in the video description or on our website. It’s an easy way to support our channel,
especially if you’ve found our content to be valuable and helpful. Also, if you need any help with picking the
right credit card or developing a card strategy, sign-up for our free card consultation service. You basically fill out a questionnaire and
schedule a 15-minute video or audio call with me to review your recommendation. We hope you enjoyed the video and found it
useful. If so, please give us a thumbs up and consider
sharing the video with others. As always, we appreciate you checking out
our channel and video. Until next time, travel safe and travel smart.

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  • I have not. Haven't really had a use case yet since I can find a lot via apps. But in saying that, may be good to try out in a couple of situations; ie: traveling and getting a better time at a heavily booked restaurant.

  • Nate & Jess - Epic Travels, Frugal Living says:

    Has anyone ever used the CSR Infinity concierge service to book reservations at a Walt Disney World restaurant?

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