14 thoughts on “Coronavirus: United Airlines Suspends Flight, U.S. Mulls Suspending Chinese Travel”

  • Somebody needs to explain to health officials that you can't tell if someone is infected, and they are infectious during incubation. If you fly, wear an N95 mask.

  • The Chinese keep eating things that are not meant for human consumption they are to blame 100% for this. All flights should've been banned from the beginning, not wait for it to spread like it has.

  • Close the borders. ~ nobody in nobody out ~ suspend all air travel to and from China and joining flights.
    Be like Mongolia

    I find it interesting that they had a level 4 laboratory in Wahun
    It looks like Abby was just recycling her antifa mask.

  • Good thing we finally closed the flights down they can figure it out for themselves that's what happens when you feed people in your country rat

  • Kathryn Contreras says:

    Stop air travel everywhere before we repeat history in 1918 I believe 3% of the world population died from spread of Spanish flu and they were on foot mostly . We have airplanes it could be everywhere on the planet if we don’t act right now !!!! It’s not 6000 infected it’s more like 90000 people n China says for each person sick they will infect 14 more at least . The world needs to break up withChina at least from airplane business

  • Never believe China official number. China just proudly refuse US proposed expert helps. It seems to me that they know their own shit better than anyone else.

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