Colaboración con Puerto Rico. Cruce de canales, con “José Méndez y Juan Méndez”. #jandrolion

What’s wrong, trunks ?! Here we are again in the channel To show another collaboration A roll similar to what we did with “Julio KF” … Card! And I put you here so that you spend on your channel This time, here you see to Puerto Rico But let’s do it in full, fijaros, does that sound familiar, eh? José Méndez and Juan The twin brothers of Puerto Rico And I put them here too a little wink He was not anything like the island so I put the “Prehistoric Isle” I present José Méndez and Juan Méndez! Hello Spain, Jandro, Morán, Tronca, Rony … We are excited to share with you This video super special, and we know that it is also for you. Before we begin to thank “Jandro Lion” for this initiative was to invite us to your channel And especially to all its “trunk-Subscribers” Well … we’re here! … somo all ears What do you want to know? As in the previous video we will make 5 questions to bring a little Puerto Rico to Spain Conversely on your channel, so I recommend you also come over for its canal Because we will cross the channels with two videos At the same time, in the same place and in the same place. Give her cane, Mendez brothers … First question!: Please be if you are able to show Have something special “Puerto Rico” That ye think that makes a Spanish feel to reach your island It is really in paradise Something very special … it all Whether you drink, whether it be food, whether an object Whatever Something that you really think that Puerto Rico has special Well … “Puerto Rico” … It is an island that measures 100 by 35 square miles Making it easy we can reach the beaches in no time Because we are literally surrounded by them But you knew that 100 refers to 35 nautical miles Actually “Puerto Rico” is about 110-40 statute miles In addition Puerto Rico is an archipelago Also it has islands municipalities “Vieques and Culebra” (the island municipalities) Oh look, did not know that nautical miles! Anyway we are still the smallest of the Greater Antilles Besides the beautiful beaches, lush vegetation caves mountains forests Water bodies and much more Puerto Rico really is a paradise But if we ask What is a paradise for us? Well, I would say it was something like … What if instead of saying we do, give … Was it? … of course, well … Hi guys! Puerto Rico is famous for sightings of the “UFO” And I wanted to ask if that is true If you’ve ever seen one, or directly you are aliens because you are Majis ¿Extraterrestrials? Well … Puerto Rico has always had an aura of mystery that it is one of the vertices of the triangle of Bermuda and stuff towns like Adjuntas, Cabo Rojo, Luquillo, Lajas They are famous because they claimed to have constantly been sightings of unidentified flying objects In “Lajas” There is a well-known extraterrestrial path where we talk about UFO-ports and suchlike Some people think it’s crazy, but the truth is that attracts tourist movement for people interested in this topic to this area Not you … But I know a place Where we can see a flying saucer No problem And we can teach And it is near where we live This is not the same to say that show, so let’s do it come on! It’s just … you’re here so cool Come on, that Tronca wait! … All right … come on! We are in the town of “Juana Díaz” Where a man named “Roberto Sánchez” came up with the wonderful idea To make your home in the form of flying saucer If the house is completely habitable, and details of the interiors were made with recycled material If the house is so spectacular that it seems that only missing off Roooooony! Hey! Hey! WHAT were smoking ?! That I’ve seen you! Do not! Dude, that’s weird you look like! Already in the jaleos your metes me and the berenjenales Forgive me! Hey dude! Have you heard that I’m doing the East with Puerto Ricans, with José Méndez and his brother Juan vlog? Ah me, nope, but you’re telling me and like the idea Make him a question because surely you would like to participate Of course, if you wait a minute … I will turn first to a Puerto Rican really … Take this Cone! Fito y los Fitipaldis … Woe is, and now the pennant! … Give it to me! Hit it! Come on, this is me! Question! … I’ll make a very serious question … What would you rather be, a magician making clown or a clown doing magic? Easy! … A magician who makes the clown! A clown doing magic! Why do you believe it’s more fun than a magician clown done? Well … Because it would be something like … Who do you like magic? I would love magic, especially the “card magic” Here I have a deck that can get in any store. Any of you need to check the cards To see that no trick … check it. Carefully Take your time because I’m going to use it Hey! We shuffle the cards Jaja … that’s “Joke” (kidding) lol Come on, check it. This is what we use, carefully inspect Take your time because … What we will do is really a trick with money Does anyone of you have a ticket? A bill of any denomination Are you? … Ah, a $ 20 bill! Here we have a $ 20 bill! If it smells like ticket Then let’s make a simple trick Watch it right! Let’s bend So we turned again So we turned again … we doubled it again And again And the magic begins Now they see And now … do not see it. Thank you very much. And you why you think it’s more fun to do a clown magic? Jaja … why … Hello ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen My name is Clown “Máyico” And I will present a magic trick First I’ll show you here in my house colander … what’s here in my sieve! There is a piece of paper, there is nothing in the colander And now what we will do … you can hold me here What we will do is we will break this piece of paper It is here, and we will break into pieces Let’s see Aaaah! I drop a piece No matter … we are here Aaaaquí is, here it is … a moment Here it is, I have it … and now let’s get him inside the strainer And now, let’s make some magical passes Will you give me magical passes volunteers? That’s And now we’re going to do … one … two … three … And now do everything in colander A piece of paper … to see … and here … There’s nothing … How it will be a piece of paper ?! And the piece of paper It has been recomposed ladies and gentlemen Thank you very much Definitely We agree that the most fun is A magician who makes the clown … a clown who does magic Well … I think definitely we agree on one thing And there are things that we will never agree. Juan José … José Juan … Since you are twins, Tell us some anecdote about it. Have you copied some kind of test? Have ye exchanged girls? You know … that sort of thing Come, hug … “until Achievement” And what if we look for a place to sit down and talk about it? Do you think? … I think Well … if we tell stories so many that we have passed and by the fact that we are twins As there are several East… We both are teachers and have worked in different schools Then we had several students who sometimes do not know they’re twins And sometimes many students find in shops or on the streets And one begins to shout: “Mister” Of course there are students who do not know because I do not give class And when they say, “Mister” I know you are confusing me with him. If … and often, well … now I’m thinner, my brother’s a little … … a little more plump than me, I also have a beard But I’ve grown a beard sometimes He has also been thinner And it’s when these things Have occurred more frequently occurred more frequently … … exact There are anecdotes such as a mother of a student it … mine. We found the two In a supermarket, we were both but she had not realized that we were both. She saw me. And he tells me: “Hey, Mister How is she?” But I was with my brother And I was looking at him because I do not know him And he told me: “Mister … Do not you remember me?” And what I did was do so (pointing aside) And she looks there and says, “Ah!” “Oh, what a shock!” “Oh, they are twins!” If … an exaggeration but because I knew that … I did not know he had a twin brother and was frightened. Then let the fifth and final question … Hey, what are you doing ?! Acoplarme, come, give Damn, Tronca … well … Do you want to transform into a real Puerto Rican? Yeah, cool … come, hahahaha Joseph, this is for you Juan … with all due respect José and I have a bet Since we met on the channel’s next If we got a million subscribers We will send an amusement machine So the fifth question asks: Where are you going to put that slot machine you are going to give away in celebration of one million subscribers? Where? Where I will put recreational? Well look I move a lot And I do not know where I’ll be when you get to a million subscribers But most likely you have a space that is where I have my computer is where I make my edits, where I write Where I have my book ideas Where I have a piece of furniture to sit quietly and have a coffee And with my laptop writing scripts That space will be in every house where I live And there in that creative space that I love Which it is where I breathe deep And I vent, in that place It is where I will place the recreation you regales me when you get to a million subscribers. How about? Well, thank you very much for viewing video or more We invite you to subscribe to this channel if you like this kind of collaborative videos And of course, if you have desire to show your country And while we show ours in us our channel. Then we can make another crossing channels I’ve put it there, in comments Leave him if you want, okay? And nothing … thank José Méndez and Juan All their effort, “Rony Begood” too, and Moran, and “Tronca Incognita” who they participated. And nothing else, “Tronquis” … as always I say: Ah, before saying the final sentence! I mean some last words for the dedicated two Puerto Rican brothers They are as follows: … For me personally, and I say this as a personal outlet for all of you. Personally for me, the channel and Juan José Méndez Mendez It is a personal relief, a total disconnect from the madding crowd in which I live It is a true light in the darkness of my way. And with these words of truth, now if we parted, so … … As always we say: The problems for you, that we are going to take a good habit to recreational Talue! Jandro thank you very much for letting us participate in this super special video Great joy to share on your channel Jandro channel Lion of Spain Jandro hug If a hug rompecostillas The Chao! … And … See you soon!

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