CO2 Coalition “What if” 30 Second Ad

CO2 Coalition “What if” 30 Second Ad

What if there was something that can make plants grow bigger? And something that can make the whole world greener? All those plants could feed the world! What if it was invisible? And we would never run out of it. WOW! Look at that! C. O. 2. CO2, who knew!

2 thoughts on “CO2 Coalition “What if” 30 Second Ad”

  • Sepanta Jafari Jozani says:

    For beginners, plants grow using multiple things not just CO2. CO2 is not invisible. You actually can see CO2 if you reduce the space between the molecules. Carbon cycle, just like water cycle, is a thing and will kill almost everything, including humanity, on the planet if we continue putting the stored carbon into the atmosphear.
    This video is clearly pseudoscience (false science) designed by someone who hates his/her childeren and does not want a future for humanity.

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