Choose to Live

Choose to Live

My dad was always my athletic hero–the
basketball, football, baseball athlete who I looked up to and could never beat, so
when he was diagnosed with lung cancer I was hit hard. The non-smoker was retired for just nine months when he got the news but the amazing thing is he chose
to live my dad returned to section- hiking the Appalachian Trail, traveled to
Paris to take in the sights he returned to swimming and even became a lifeguard at a local pool because that’s totally normal for people dying of cancer, right? I love my Dad, and the miles I’ve shared with him and the miles we’ll share again soon.

One thought on “Choose to Live”

  • Baz, you're an inspiration to the rest of us mere mortals who wouldn't know what the hell to do. Hang tough brother. Yeah, I think it is time for another old fudd get together. Hang tough.

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