Chicago Park District March 2014: Summer Camp

[music] [Announcer]
Building partnerships
that invest in world class facilities. Welcome to Chicago at
Play [music] [Announcer]
Yes, it’s that time of year
again-time to start thinking about summer day camp! [Instructor]Last time we were
here we saw a snapping turtle about that big, so we’ll keep
an eye where we’re walking. [Vaughn Bryant]
Residents should
look into day camp because it’s the
best deal in town. You get swimming, you get
nature play, you get a lot of recreation and sports, so you
get a lot of bang for your buck. [Announcer]
Starting March 24th you can
view camps and create wish list on line, and April 7th is the
first day of online registration for parks west of
California Avenue. April 8th for parks east of California Avenue
[Vaughn Bryant]
Registration on the website
requires you to create a profile with us so you have an account. And then you just follow the
prompts and options based on your location, what type of camp you’re looking
for, what age group. [Instructor]Keep your head
straight, kick your feet, arms straight in front of you. [Vaughn Bryant]
We have summer day camps in
230 locations across the city. No matter what camp you go to,
we do offer financial assistance so that we can make
it affordable and accessible to the public. [Announcer]
In addition to being
affordable, summer day camp also offers
many different activities for youth of all ages. [Vaughn Bryant]
Whether it’s Tiny Tots or
our play camps for the three or four year olds, we
have five year old camp, and for six to twelve
year olds really go to the general day camp where
you get a variety of options. [Whistle Blowing, Kids
Cheering] [Vaughn Bryant]
We also have opportunities
for teens, whether it’s our Jr. Guards
program, our counselor in training program,
you can be a lifeguard where you actually
work in the summertime. [Peggy Stewart]
You learn to swim, you might
get the chance to learn a sport that you’ve never done before,
you definitely get a chance to take a nature hike, do some
arts and crafts-we do arts and culture programs and
some dancing-so we try to have a little bit of
something for everyone. [Vaughn Bryant]
Some of our specialty
camps include our Learn to Sail program that we
put on in the summertime, we also have several specialty
camps that are sports related, whether it’s tennis, gymnastics,
basketball, baseball. [Peggy Stewart]
So our special rec programs are
city wide in the summertime just like they are year round,
and so children and adults of all abilities can sign
up for any of our camps. We do have a sports
camp that works for everybody of all abilities. So we’re always happy to take
kids fishing, take kids camping, the same experiences that
we offer are available to everybody, no matter
what their abilities. [Announcer]
Check out our website, or
visit your local park to find out what camp memories you
can create for your child. [Peggy Stewart]
The Chicago Park
District is very proud of our summer day camp. We have over 30,000 kids come
and enjoy summer in our parks. [Vaughn Bryant]
So no matter where you live
in the city, you’ll be able to find a quality camp
that’s at an affordable rate, no matter what age range-we have
a quality opportunity for you. [music]

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