Celebrating the Joys of Technology

Celebrating the Joys of Technology

Hey, this is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today, let’s celebrate the joys of
technology! Okay, so let me introduce you to my new
look. From now on, I’m just wearing orange, orange forever! That’s what – that’s
what I’m gonna wear. I know you, guys, you’re thinking – you’re looking at
me right now and you’re thinking Eric you look fantastic!
Well, you know, my plan was to wear like a lumberjack shirt, kind of walk
through the woods and be like that brawny guy and speak in a deeper voice
and say, “You know, so today, we’re gonna talk about AdMob and all that kind of
stuff..” but you know.. So, here’s the thing. So, we’re walking through the
woods here at the land behind my dad’s house and there’s a few things
that I didn’t think about that apparently I’m supposed to be afraid of.
First of all, I have to be fearful of ticks, have to be fearful of getting lost,
be fearful of bears and also because hunting season just started like a week
ago, have to be fearful of like getting shot by a hunter. So, this is why you have
to wear orange and a day cool colors and I might be overdoing a little
bit, but you know, I think it looks kind of cool. So, anyway, of those four fears,
you know, the ticks which could manifest themselves in the warmest
darkest crevices of your body, I’ll give you an update if you want. I’ll take you
tomorrow if I have them like in, you know where they shouldn’t be, but I’m kind of
nervous about that. Of those four fears, the one that we don’t have to worry
about so much is getting lost, because we have the iPhone now, we have GPS
and this is something that when I’m in a city and I don’t know the way to get
someplace, I think that’s great. But I don’t think about it as being out in the
woods because I think even when internet connection’s not very good, with
GPS really helped and it works everywhere. It’s one of these things
where you’re gonna talk about 10 or 20 years ago.
I mean, we had GPS like back in the 80s but it was like super expensive.
We all didn’t have it. And this was one of the things that we just take for
granted. And we don’t have to worry so much about getting lost as I do
about bears so you know, it’s really great to think about the
technology. One of the things I hope Apple adds soon is like a bear-fighting
device and a tick locator and a what was the other thing? Oh yeah, an alert for
hunters, I guess, whatever. So anyway, today I know it’s not very much about apps. I
apologize about that. Today, take a minute to appreciate the technology around you.
I know there’s not much technology around me, but there’s enough and it keeps us all safe and all this kind of stuff.
And it’s really fantastic. Today, I just wanted to check in with you, guys, let you
know I’m okay at least so far. And that’s it for today! I’ll talk to you, guys,

6 thoughts on “Celebrating the Joys of Technology”

  • Man i dont get u , are u passionate about making vlogs and entertaining people ? then go ahead do a lifestyle channel , i dont mind that ! People like me come here expecting juicy scoops and insiders and lights in the dark Business of earning money with apps , where u basically need to be superior to the audience when it comes to information ! U get a yellow card , u upload more other silly empty videos , i am out body and i will wish you luck ! Make up ur mind man , youtube is full of everything to watch ! And viewers time is very valuable )

  • arnab chatterjee says:

    hello i have learnt a lot from your channel, i have a question though . i have published a game just last day but am not getting any downloads. WHY?? any suggestions on what i am doing wrong or shud i do better? PLEASE HELP!!

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