HOW ON EARTH We Afford to Travel FULL TIME (2020 Update)

Welcome back, Tangerineys. My name is Jordan. This is Maddie and we are Tangerine Travels. Today, we are answering one of the most frequently asked questions on our Channel, and also on our social media, and our inbox, and that is “How on earth do we afford to travel full-time and have this lifestyle where we’re constantly traveling […]

$1 Bushcraft Kayak

hello friends this video is about how to build a transparent kayak using fir tree branches and packing plastic wrap the idea is simple you can build a fully functional kayak in the wilderness if you have a knife plastic wrap and scotch tape it weighs less than 10 pounds (4 kilos) is absolutely waterproof and will cost […]

Google Fi Review After 11 Months of Travel 📱 Google Fi International Service

In this video, I share my thoughts on Google Fi after 11 months of international travel. Spoiler alert they shut down my international data what is going on YouTube greetings from Valencia Spain this is my eleventh remote year country and the seventeenth country I’ve traveled to this year. This is my third Google Fi video the first […]

Dr. Michael Mulvaney, Department of Recreation Administration

[no dialogue]. Hello, my name is Mike Mulvaney, and I’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Recreation Administration here at Eastern Illinois University. As I think about my researach, really my experiences as a practitioner and academic have provided me with an opportunity to develop a range of interests and activities in leisure service management. In particular, […]