Learning Arabic (73) Travel | تعلم العربية – السفر5

genitive genitive genitive genitive confirmation reservation reservation confirmation Passports Passports travel travel Passports travel Passports visa Enter Entry visa Exit Exit visa ticket I My ticket Plane he His plane ticket Wife I my wife’s ticket son my son’s ticket daughter my daughter’s ticket number flight he his flight number The vowel of the last consonant in a […]

RoadTripOK: Ep 23 – Norman OK | Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department | TravelOK

– Hey guys! We just showed up in Norman at the Sam Noble Museum. Then we’re gonna go to Midway Market, and we’re gonna finish the day off with a cool little art gallery right here in Norman. – Let’s go! – Let’s do it! (intense upbeat music) – [Narrator] This is the Oklahoma Road Trip. From Welltown […]

Key West Vacation

Key West. A faraway mellow and tropical paradise. A perfect escape from reality. Margaritas, Cuban sandwiches… body painting? Bob are you ready to get crazy? I don’t think you want that roaming gnome. This zany little island at the southernmost point in the continental United States is where I got engaged to my wife Ali, just over a […]

[ EP:77] SAD NEWS!! Georgia rejected My Entry //corona കാരണം യാത്ര മുടങ്ങുമോ!

Time now is 4.30 PM and I’m now in Georgia. I’ve not entered Georgia, but in border. They’re not allowing me in. They didn’t tell any reason. Asked me to leave to Azerbaijan. I think it might be due to Corona problems. Hi guys, greetings to everyone! Today is last day in Qabala, Azerbaijan. Today we’re going to […]

North Korea Travel Vlog – Rozz Recommends Season 3: EP4

North Korea’s been on my bucket list for years now. Its painted by traditional media to be a dystopian state of hard labour camps, large scale military parades, and starving people ruled by decades of brutal dictatorship. Naturally it got me interested. Now, I’ve visited many terribly misunderstood countries like Iran, for example, and cuba. But both turned […]

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