Careers on Vacation Review: Travel Agency Owner Se’Error

Hey guys, Cyndi Williams here. I am your
host from Careers on I have the most amazing guest today
Se’Error Minor from Lucid Dreams Vacations Se’Error, how are you this morning? I’m doing really well, I’m doing great! I’m so glad I spent some time with you Se’Error, recently went through our Mastermind in
Careers on Vacation and have become a glowing case study and I just wanted to
share your inspiring story with everyone. So, tell us a little bit about where your
business was or if you had a business before you started and where it is now as a result of going through the program. Well, basically in the start of
this program my business was just a dream it was not even a reality yet I
had the passion I had the motivation I just didn’t have the direction
so basically when I started this program I was starting from ground zero Which a lot of people in it’s overwhelming cause it’s like how do I be
an agent of how do I do all this stuff so but you had that dream early on when
we talked I remember you were very clear on what you wanted to create for your
family I remember we talked about your girls and how much you travel so that’s amazing! What would you say has been your biggest win since going through the program? Well, my absolute biggest win would be that I was able to create a package
present it and now I have a 16 room group cruise booked for later on this
year and I would not have had the confidence to do that before doing this
program so that’s the biggest win for me! I love it and this is a brand new
business to have one of your you know one sail basically cover your investment
for the program and you’re just getting started like that’s just one there’s
gonna be so many future I love that so much! How good does that feel to just go oh my gosh and then to kind of see those Commission amounts and know oh my gosh this really is a viable business It was almost surreal I was like I knew that I could
do it but just to be in that space and feel that moment where you are actually
doing it making your dream you know come alive it’s it’s it’s mind-blowing! It feels like magic, its not, its hard work, in your case to like and I always say like I encourage you to
follow their bliss but to have that reassurance from the universe to go yeah
you’re on the right path I’m gonna give you this giant sale because you’re
expecting to have it you’ve made this you know this decision to move forward
right yes exactly So you mentioned a little bit like you wouldn’t have had
the confidence and that kind of leads into our mindset we do a lot of mindset
work in the program how did that impact either your life or business that aspect
of the program? I would say it just see it was like a synchronicity for
everything that I was going when I first started this program I already was
working on my mindset so when I entered it was like everything was aligning for
me I was already decluttering I was already trying to prepare myself for
organize yeah and so it was just everything just flow for me when it came
to getting in this program starting and you know graduating to my business I love that you said synchronicity you know I am universal person another thing I really firmly believe in
is when the student is ready the teacher appears so it’s kind of like how did you
find me where did you find me I actually found you on YouTube and the the part
about it is that I was in a space where I was getting ready to try to start
doing this on my own and I had no idea where to even begin and so I was like
well let me look on YouTube and see if someone’s made a video of their journey
of how they began and what steps did they
take and I ran across your video and you were talking about it didn’t take me
long after seeing that video because I already had this you know planned that I
was going to start moving forward so here we are today and you’ve birthed this beautiful business in less than 12 weeks with and you do that process you know the logo
creation the branding you did an amazing job on your website pulling all this
together it can be overwhelming but when you have that step by step you know I
always say if I could just go back in time and give myself my own program it wouldn’t have taken me so many years so that is such a beautiful journey and just being open I think to
like let me make and I think a lot of people sit in that place no matter what
kind of business they want to start like how do I go about this what do I do and
so that’s amazing I’m so happy we’re kind of at this place where you come so
far in such a short amount of time. Se’Error, knowing what you know now having that
feeling of overwhelm and then going through our program where we kind of
step you through and help you through the whole process, would you
recommend Careers on Vacation to other people who are in your exact same
position right now? I would certainly recommend Careers on Vacation it is just
what this program does is provide you with the tools to be able to present
yourself as an expert in the industry and who doesn’t want to work with an
expert right, I was able to sell a cruise to someone that has this large social
media following by just knowing okay this is the ins and outs of how to go
about presenting the package and these are things that I would not have known
how to do before this program so I would definitely recommend. It yeah and an expert positioning is everything and a lot of times people don’t give
themselves credit for life experience just because you
haven’t booked a package as an agent maybe yet you still have been places
you’ve traveled all over the place so a lot of times people don’t know how to
convert that experience into what here’s why I’m the best person to collaborate
with you because I love and care so much about travel and I’m gonna have amazing
customer service so that’s beautiful I’ve actually haven’t had that answer
before but it is true it’s not just the whole mindset of having it but kind of
understanding the whole presentation process how to how to foster your leads
how to walk them through the process how to give a quote to close the sale it’s a
lot of stuff condensed in that time but we do for someone who hasn’t booked in
you know if you’ve never sold a boat before I wouldn’t know how to sell a
boat or if you have never sold a Lamborghini, I would have no idea how to sell that but travel I can teach you how to sell all day long. So Se’Error, you know obviously to participate you have your first of all
we hand-picked the people to go through our mastermind we can only accept a few
people every month and it is an investment right so when you were there
any roadblocks you had to overcome to kind of say you know let me make this
decision or what would you say to that person who’s kind of sitting on the
fence going I know I need help but do i you know am I confident enough am i you
know to invest in myself in my business what would you say to that person? Well I would say it is an investment and I’m a single mom
but I know every year for the past four years before I started this program I
was planning our family vacations for the entire family my parents my sister
and her kids my kids and each year the trips kept getting better and we were
getting more benefits and it was like a constant tug at me like this is what you
should be doing this is what you have a passion for and once you realize that
your passion for this is so great if the investment
becomes easy because you want to set yourself up with the tools and the
skills to be able to make this a success you know you have to believe in yourself
you have to invest in yourself if you want others to invest in you and so I
would say yeah I would just say this is the choice this is the way for you even
if you’ve had experience and you’re just having some issues you know with your
success of your business this is the route for you you will be
able to learn tools from years worth of experience and expertise in such a short
amount of time and you will be able to apply that to your business and set
yourself up for success yeah really leaning into your purpose I
always say like that thing that nags at you it doesn’t go away it’s gonna keep
following you around so either you have to do something about it or just you
know keep burying it and be unhappy and you know that’s not good for anyone
follow your bliss into abundance and you know that’s I in my core I love being a
teacher, I love being a coach and we packed the program with so much stuff
but well we really pride ourselves on is results like this we work for you I work
for you in that period which is why we can only take a couple you know new
clients every single month because you really do get to work with not only me
personally but in this mastermind format which is amazing because you get to
learn you were in the mastermind with people who are running huge agencies
alongside people who are also doing what you were doing where they’re launching
and having that step-by-step and stuff changes fast so to know the right now
what’s the best way to optimize social media set up your marketing how to close
this all that good stuff I mean there’s so much we can’t that’s a whole other
live stream but I am you know again not surprised because when we talked I knew
you know from the beginning like you had that
vision and that purpose and you were ready to go and this is just the
beginning for you Se’Error, I’m so excited for your success you’re a total rock star
beautiful case study I love when people pay their entire investment back and
more before they even graduate the program which is crazy awesome and
that’s just one sale now you’re gonna take everything you’ve learned you’re
gonna turn it into thousands of sales as you move forward into the industry I
could not be happier for you my friend I wish you so much love so much abundance
and listen guys I’m we’re gonna put Se’Error’s logo into so you can kind of
see how cool her branding turned out but if you are thinking about starting or
growing or supersizing your travel industry in the travel industry with
your own agency if you want to run your own portable profitable travel business
that is what I do all day long I teach people how to do that from their homes
or why they travel so reach out to us at and you can apply for the program and we would love to learn more
about your goals and if nothing else get you some clarity on your business and
talk to your that would be a mutual fit to work together but Se’Error thank you
for joining us and sharing your inspiring story with our whole community
today we’re gonna keep watching you and look this is not goodbye you’re gonna go
over to our grad group and I know you’re thinking about popping over to one of
our gold digger retreats we’ll probably see you there too so this is not goodbye
it’s just until until you email me next week with your next big, I love getting emails every week.

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